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  1. Good to hear, sadly wont be able to get pushed up to 105 yet due to Konstructs not compatible. So to confirm, 1.0.5 adds bi-propellent capability to the RCS?
  2. Ive had KSC switcher this whole time. Really didn’t know it could allow you to place KSC anywhere other than being a requirement for RSS. Well thanks , enjoy some rep!
  3. my launch sites are all gone, but in the statics.cfg files of the instances they are all still listed there. Im running 1.0.4 btw. This seriously should not be happening. help ! UPDATE ! Found something in the ksp.log that said KK could not find Kerbin,,, the game was renaming all the "CelestialBody = Kerbin" fields to "CelestialBody = Earth" . Can I write a MM patch to fix all those?
  4. If your first thought was for me to use Kerbal Konstructs let me be the first to slap you hard across the face. As of 1.0.5 that mod is confirmed by the dev to be broken by the new release. So I was wondering if there was a way I can trick the game into launching me to get in a good polar orbit in the poles somewhere?
  5. not all the nozzles will fire . Roll control is null and void. Forward and backward linear thrusts fail. Only the rotation nozzle will fire. Its so damn wierd lol
  6. seems fairly simple....so no matter what fuels im using (ex. Kerosene) I must still use "resourceName = LiquidFuel?
  7. Im trying to make a bi-propellant RCS. Im having no luck as the thrusters do not fire or I should say they only fire on certian nozzles. Translation controls are blocked but I get all rotation except for roll. Im thinking this has to do with my bi-propellant config. Now Ive heard of RCSfx , but this is not an option as it will block fuel flow indefinatley. My ships need fuel flow and cannot node stack every little thing (which causes eye sore ships) Here is what I left off with..... @PART[FASALM_RCS] { @MODULE[ModuleRCS] { @thrusterPower = 1.5 @resourceName = AEROZINE50_Refined+N2O4_Refined %resourceFlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW @atmosphereCurve { @key,0 = 0 440 @key,1 = 1 250 } !PROPELLANT[MonoPropellant] {} PROPELLANT { name = Aerozine50_Refined // refined fuels mean turbo pumps not needed, so this can be a non-strict flow mode! ratio = 56 %ResourceFlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } PROPELLANT { name = N2O4_Refined ratio = 44 %ResourceFlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } } }
  8. the fix for getting rid of boiloffs is really easy actually. Just go inside the resource config and delete the lines that say hsp and vsp.
  9. sorry for the confusion guys, I looked on reddit and they said something had to be ticked on in the menu settings before you load the game. It was called "orient camera to kerbal in eva". Sal V. I could not find what you said was "eva rotate on move" So im afraid no cookie , but thanks for trying your best to help out. I now am enjoying some George Clooney style jetpacking
  10. I have an issue with a fuel. Its called Nitrogen. When I fill up a tank with it wants to exceed the tank size (1000L) to 2000000L or some wacky high number like that. The problem begins when I fill up the tank to 500L with Nitrogen and when im in flight the resource panel says I have 0 liters. I checked the community resource config and saw a change in that fuel with the line called utilization = 200 ....yet all the fuels in that config have a utilization of 1 except for Xe and EC. This has got to be it. But why does that high utilization number make my tank still empty of Nitrogen?
  11. If im out on an EVA I will press the "R" key to activate the jets. The problem is ALL the directional jets start firing forever and ever and they wont stop. This makes the kerbal unable to control or go any direction. This is very frustrating.
  12. Its in some of RaiderNIcks parts. Its a MODULE with brackets and a name = TankPriorityModule. Its believed to cause a bug where a fuel tank that has a built engine will fire on the launch pad for no reason even though it is way up in the staging order. I have no clue what that is :/
  13. ok good info pingopete. I really love your work. Just saw SWdennis show off your new water shaders Ok im running Linux x64...does this change anything what I said earlier?
  14. Hello and greetings! I am trying out this for my RSS and I understand this is beta? Well my only issues are the ALT-E does now function. It just sits there and freezes. And the Venus clouds are not there. Your latest config from github.... If im not mistaken should that not say Venus instead of the planet Eve? Well I swapped out the name in the config to change planet name to Venus, but that did not work. What gives?
  15. Trying out EVA finally and its a nightmare. The kerbal has a bad COM (center of mass) causing him to spin out of control once the jet packs are turned. And as soon as I make my first thrust ALL 8 jets fire like it has SAS. Kerbals dont have SAS but sure enuff the EVA has it and he spins toward a false direction due to the bad center of mass. Is this going to get fixed in 1.1 ? I tried an old .90 install and it was really fluid and responsive. I could get the kerbal to go forward with only the forward jets firing. But in the version 1.0.2 - 1.0.5 the mechanics were change so that all the jets fire no matter what direction your going? Please tell me this is a cruel joke Squad is sneaking in.
  16. oh that was a lousy attempt at trying to shut off the boiling. Found out I need to delete the hsp and vsp lines. Some day ill manage getting boiloffs , but for now im still learning the fuels.
  17. what do these 4 values mean? wallThickness = 1.0 wallConduction = 205 insulationThickness = 1.0 insulationConduction = 0.014 and do they all contribute to the boil off rate?
  18. What parts does this mod support? Just stock? Id like my Apollo capsule from FASA and other mods to make use of this IVA mod.
  19. also double check "running_closed" against what the original parts moduleEngineFX is calling for
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