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  1. I personally would say this mod is a "dead" one, since the dev (who is my friend) is seemingly not working on this mod any more. You might wanna check THIS POST, also a work of Chinese spacecrafts.
  2. Well, I've finished this craft for about two months, but I just made up my mind to put it up here. As the name suggests, It's a replica(kinda) of the Boeing 737-NG, with most aerodynamic structures present:Flaps, Spoilers,Wingtip and ailerons. Mods Used: SXT, AdjustableLandingGear,B9(Lights and struts),B9PW,Tweakscale. FAR is strongly recommended due to the settings are done under FAR. The Main Gears are not side-retracted due to the limit of ALG. Also the flaps and elevons are one-piece design and needed angle adjustments. Here are some pictures: DL[MEGA]:https://mega.nz/#!RRZhmQKI!o-pQQl8CNQSJsqLBoBYjEAxG5RvuZZQDdZrvyDZuVFo Enjoy!
  3. Thrust reversing on APR-4000 turboprop is not functioning. Maybe there's problem with alternateThrustTransform...?
  4. Sign me up! Can't wait to put my hands on 1.1
  5. Ah Fantastic. Currently working on CZ-7 fuel tanks and other stuff. @01010101lzy FINISH THOSE YF115 TEXTURES WILL YOU
  6. Mmm, interesting and supercalisomethingdocious. Gonna keep an eye on it.
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