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  1. Hello everyone, I seem to be having an issue with the mod and I am sure that it is probably something im doing wrong. I was looking to use the Nerve Engine in the LH2 configuration, but it puts out less Dv than the LF option even though it says it has a higher ISP in LH2 mode. In LF mode with two tanks I am getting 5,405 Dv while the LH2 is getting 938 Dv. The LH2 has better TWR at 1.46 weighing in at 5,333kg, while the LF is weighing in at 13,313kg with a TWR of 0.46. Shouldn't the better TWR, ISP and lighter weight results in the LH2 being a better option? They have the exact same Thrust of 60 KN as well. I'm just not understanding why the LH2 is such a worse choice and seems worse in every metric. Maybe I have the mod installed wrong? I would be doing much better using the OG Nerve stats of 800isp over the way this mod has this engine setup it seems like. The mod is cool and I would love to continue to play with it, but It seems like in some ways I'm handicapping myself when I'm already a crap ship designer.
  2. @RoverDude, Having some problems with recovering a part from the USI mod. When I recover the part the game charges me 31million funds vs giving me money back. Is there some way for me to fix this? I was going through the part files but was not smart enough to figure out what part it was exactly or if this will happen with other parts. Thank you in advance for looking at this!
  3. So I justs installed this mod, and I don't think I fully understand how some interactions work. So with Mouse and Keyboard I can hit the SAS and have some stability while flying. With the mod and a controller I lose all control of the craft if the SAS is turned on. Is there some sort of setting that I am missing, or is that just a feature of SAS.
  4. I'm Having the same problem actually. Hope someone smarter than us can help.
  5. This might be a silly question, and this might be the wrong place to ask. But, If I am using this, as well as Eve Redux, Astronomer's, Scatter, and such. I assume that I need to install all of those with their own configs and then Parallax with it's configs, and then I also need Kopernicus to boot, right? Or am I misunderstanding how all of this works together?
  6. Thanks! I love this mod, and check up every so often to see if something new has come along. I appreciate you taking the time to fix it for others!
  7. Ok, So am I understanding this properly? With the new Wolf system if I take ranger parts to build a base, I would just land the ship and click on something and the whole ship just winks out of existence? Kerbals and all? Or do the structures still exists? I'm mildly confused as to what sticks around and what doesn't.
  8. I did, It restarted the whole computer and now it shows up. Not sure what happened the first time. Thank you!
  9. I did this, but I still don't see the actual mod in the game for some reason. Any suggestions? Do you need to do something inside that file maybe?
  10. Currently it seem like none of the science experiments are currently working. Are they all through Dmagic?
  11. I was trying to find out some answers through google search, but I might just be asking the wrong questions. I started a career mode and I am noticing that while I have ground scatter turned on in my settings I dont seem to be getting any ground scatter around kerbin. I have SVE, Eve, and scatter installed with the SVE high res textures. My 2nd question, would be if I can add some sort of high res sky box with this mod as well, and if so where would I put it? Thank you in advance for any help
  12. I just want to thank you for your work and dedication, this is dang near a required mod for me at this point and I can thank you enough for keeping up with it
  13. Do great work and you will be recognized for i, and you guys have done some amazing work!
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