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  1. Thank you for the replies. I continued playing and eventually the first chunk of science arrived to Kerbin. About the signal strength, I see that it says "Comm first hop distance: 46.4 Mm": just noticed this is the Kerbin-Minmus distance. Looks like my communication sats are not working. I have three of these in orbit, with HG-5 relay antennae and there is a connection to Kerbin according to the communication lines. Why is the deployed experiment using direct connection to Kerbin then?
  2. Hello I have deployed a mystery goo monitor which seems to be collecting science data, but it is not being transmitted. There are relay satellites there around Minmus and they seem to have a connection. Any idea to why the science is not being transmitted back to Kerbin? Thanks a lot!
  3. This new look is way better! Still as you say the SRB are a bit narrow and I also find the "Vulcain" engine somewhat large, but now it definitely looks like an Ariane 5. Good job improving it!
  4. I am getting some strange behavior on the walk controls for my Kerbals. I am using an Xbox game controller on KSP with pitch, roll and yaw axes mapped to the mini sticks. When I get my Kerbal to perform an EVA walking e.g. on Kerbin, I can control it with the standard WSAD keys. But if I move one of the ministicks with the pitch, roll or yaw axes mapped, then all four WSAD key will only move my Kerbal forward; he will not turn anymore, not even moving the view with the mouse. The only fix I have found is pressing Alt to toggle movement mode, where the Kerbal will be able to move sideways. Once in that mode, I need to jump (spacebar) and the standard movement mode is restored with all WSAD keys working again as usual.
  5. I tried disabling all mods except for SVT and its two requisites according to CKAN: Kopernicus and another module that this one needed (Flight Integrator maybe?). Had the same problem in the tutorial mission, but then I tried in a sandbox and could see the Mun all the way from Kerbin to the surface. With Kopernicus installed and SVT not installed, I can see the Mun in the tutorial mission. I came back to KSP after a year of inactivity and that is why I started with that tutorial as a refreshment. I will report back if I see any other problem out of the tutorials. Do you want me to do any more test? PS: Is there a date already for that KSP 1.8 update? Thanks for your help
  6. Hello I am having the same issue not seeing the Mun with SVT installed. It only starts to appear when very close to the surface. This is a Steam KSP 1.7.3 release without any of the two official addons. The mods are installed with CKAN. Already tried uninstalling all mods, made a Steam repair and reinstalled the mods. I am using the training mission "The Mun, Part 2" for the screenshots an log: Without SVT, I can see the Mun: With SVT, I cannot see the Mun from orbit: GameData: Log file: Thanks for the help
  7. I have read that there is a trim function in KSP with Alt + W, S, A, D key combos. I am currently using an Xbox controller in my PC for KSP and I would like to map at least pitch trim somewhere (e.g. in the D-pad), but I cannot find it in the Input settings area. Also, in KSP somehow the D-pad is identified as two axes instead of four buttons, which is a limitation. Can this be changed? Any help would be welcome!
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