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  1. Hypothetically speaking, if some miracle let the star pass.
  2. If a star somehow survived the iron fusion stage, than what would happen next? What stage would kill the star? Would anti-matter form in its core? What would a cutaway model look like? How much radiation would it emit? (you get the point, just whats the answer to ALL the questions that come with overcoming iron in a star be?) My theory about what the death of such a star be, would be when it fused so many atoms together, that the density of the atoms is that of a black hole, obveusly then eating itself.
  3. You need to update the main one, If 0.1 is realeased, than why is there still "not available yet" tags on the main post download links? Also, Is it up-to-date?
  4. I find plock and karen, But wheres the anologue for the rest of plutos moons? Also, Urlum and Neiden need more moons, As to give them a better purpose to go to in carreer mode.
  5. I was wandering if, when i finish goliox (i havnt even started it yet, but i have a good idea of what it will be), I was wandering if it could be the closest object to the galactic core, Why do i ask this even if its a PLANET pack? Well, Goliox will live up to its name - A planet the size of jool, but its rocky, and has the same density of kerbin Why around the galactic core? Long story short: Goliox should be star Long story long: Kerbin is the kerbal anologue of earth (obveusly) and jool is the kerbal anologue of jupitar. When i looked into what it would be like in universe sandbox 2, i desided to go full scale - I took jupitar, Locked its size, Gave it the density of earth, And what do you know? The size changes. I did copy jupitars original size, and pasted it on, Eventully, once it got properly scaled - it wasnt a planet, IT WAS A F***ING STAR!!!
  6. More planets. Maby around nibiru, have a full on solar system, And perhaps put it on the outer edge of the oort cloud, as to prevent as much disturbance, Also doing this would allow it to have its own mini asteroid belt of captured oort cloud objects, Perhapse give it a 7 planet system, and have one of the planets have a moon of a moon.
  7. This hypothesis is how the universe began, And will most likly end. Be warned, This has little, But existing and convincing evidence for it, This is why im keeping it a hypothesis, insted of a theory. (note, unless you give credit, if you mention lots of things from this, it will technically be plagurism.) The beggining: Before the beggining (yes, before), there was dark matter, and dark energy, The dark matter was evenly split into matter dark matter, and anti-matter dark matter. (think of it as little packets that only interact gravitationally of matter/anti-matter) When enough dark matter is in one place, and is stimulated by dark energy, the dark matter will turn into matter/anti-matter based of weather its an anti-matter packet or matter packet. When this happens, a white hole spawns, than spews out that matter/anti-matter. Luckily for us, Most of the anti-matter packets hasnt been spewed up, but enough matter packets spewed out for galaxies, stars, planets, moons, asteroids, dust, etc. The first white hole was the one that caused the big bang, It was ALOT of matter-dark matter in one place stimulated by a load of dark-energy. This was the beggining. The end: Because white holes have spewed out most of the matter dark matter, there is only anti-matter dark matter left. This stuff. Will be the stuff transformed into anti-matter when white holes spawn. Eventully, once ALL the dark matter has spewed out via white holes, there will be an equal number of anti-matter and matter particles left in the universe. Eventullly these will annihalate and spell E N D for the cosmos. An addon to this hypothesis is that when matter and anti matter annihalate, they simply go back into there dark matter form, ready to be stimulated again and restart existance.
  8. Heres an idea: Insted of replaceing spaces with question marks, How about underscores ( _ )
  9. Remember, it doenst have to be exactly the same, This is kerbal space program after all, that being said, The idea cant be completly taken out of the picture.
  10. How would you land on it then? The poles would even be hard rotating this fast. Heres an idea: Maby make it actully several asteroids orbiting a single barycenter-point thing, Those asteroids are tidally locked and represent hydra as spinning so fast it broke apart.
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