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  1. So, I haven't posted here in a long time, but since I recently succesfully circumnavigated Minmus, what better way to return than with an Elcano, eh? Link to Imgur album of the trip, since posting imgur albums doesn't seem to be working for some reason.
  2. Luckily, the Horus Heresy occurs, and everyone is too busy fighting each other to bother finding me. I throw the next poster into the atmosphere of Venus.
  3. Granted, but it can only be started by giving it a dead kitten. I wish for a wish.
  4. Banned for banning Russian websites.
  5. I'm going to go as a lazy nerd who spends the day playing multiplayer horror games and stuff with his friends, simply terrifying, right?
  6. Year 1 BK: the last flight launched from the Northern KSC, an orbital flight intended to study the effects of Zero-G on snacks, lands in the ocean, marking the end of the Northern Space Program. Early Year 1 BK: the treaty to establish the international Kerbal Space Program at a space center near the equator is signed by many of the major world powers.
  7. Gregbald Kerman riding the BoosterPlane Mk1™ (Jeb is on a space station around Minmus and therefore wasn't available to pilot the BoosterPlane, but luckily Gregbald is equally insane.)
  8. Yes. If you press the button, there's a 50% chance that NASA's funding will be increased, cancer, malaria, AIDs, and all other deadly diseases will be cured, and world peace will be achieved, but a 50% chance that a 10km wide asteroid will hit the Earth, destroying civilization.
  9. Nope. Press the button and you'll receive a free copy of every game you want, but you have to punch a kitten in the face daily, failure to do so will result in being thrown into a Black Hole.
  10. Currently sitting around on the MIOS. (Minmus International Orbital Station) Once he returns I'm probably going to use him for aircraft testing or perhaps use him on the crew of a different station.