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  1. I'm having some trouble with communication between processors. I'm working on a Falcon Heavy recreation and i have multiple CPUs on the rocket (One on each side booster, One in the core, one in the second stage). I'm trying to get the second stage CPU to send a message to the side boosters right before staging to have the script get ready to set some variables after staging to receive the message properly from the second stage to start their boostback. I'll include both the side booster script along with the core script. Parts of the script pertaining to the problem are bolded. UPDA
  2. Hey, why don't you add ablative material to the Ares Capsule itself instead of having a different size heatshield on the bottom. Not going to lie, it looks pretty funny/weird. Just a thought i had.
  3. You should think about adding the Electron by Rocket Labs. Webite: https://www.rocketlabusa.com/ It's a pretty cool rocket.
  4. Ok, Thanks. Do you know why my vessels keep exploding on certain pads i.e: LC40 EDIT: Nevermind! the spawnmarkers fixed it!
  5. any time i switch to a launch site, my vessel spawns upside down and will explode. Do you know why this is? Also the Atlas pad doesn't show up as a launch site for me in the VAB. When i created it, i did make it a launch site.
  6. Did you design the capsule to have the same type of lift the real soyuz capsule has? The ability to turn so you either fall faster or slower?
  7. I will try to make a video and i will link it when i do. Video Link: The Launch doesn't go according to plan but the "Glitch" still happens.
  8. When doing some testing with the Soyuz, it seemed to have some weird aerodynamic issues when the parachutes deployed.
  9. Nice Mod! Hope you find a fix for the 64 Bit soon! Really enjoy using it.
  10. Hey, I'm having a weird rendering glitch when using the Tarsier Space Tech mod for 1.1.3. When i reach an altitude of about 2 KM, this rendering glitch happens. I will include a link to my dropbox with the output file. I will also include some pictures of what the glitch looks like when it happens.

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    2. Basedoesgames


      I have launched rockets without TST have not had this glitch but i can see if removing EVE fixes it. The reason i put it here was because i forgot how to make posts on threads, but next time i will.

    3. Basedoesgames


      OK, i found the problem/bug. I had a probe that i placed on the roof of the VAB with one of the telescopes from the TST mod (to track my flights). I removed EVE, still happened. Removed Toolbar (someone else suggested it may have been the problem), still happened. Then i thought, maybe its the probe. I removed it and used a test vehicle and it didn't occur. So idk if you will count this as a bug or whatever.

    4. JPLRepo


      Nope I don't count this as a TST bug, as you have not indicate what probe, and I can't see how it's a TST error. There is nothing I am going to do about it.

  11. Hey, can you help me? I have this render error that i get during a flight. Here's the launch part of the log. Please let me now if you need the full log. Made the error code red. Also will include pictures of what it looks like.


    [LOG 22:14:01.693] [F: 19465]: [00:00:00]: Liftoff!!
    [LOG 22:14:07.074] RCS lock/unlock
    [LOG 22:14:31.168] Camera Unloaded
    [LOG 22:14:31.201] Packing Camera for orbit
    [LOG 22:14:31.203] ScaleModList: listSize 205 maxListSize 608
    [LOG 22:14:31.204] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Ascent_Guidance
    [LOG 22:14:31.205] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Attitude_Adjustment
    [LOG 22:14:31.206] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Custom_Window_Editor
    [LOG 22:14:31.207] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Docking_Autopilot
    [LOG 22:14:31.207] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Flight_Recorder
    [LOG 22:14:31.208] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Landing_Guidance
    [LOG 22:14:31.209] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Maneuver_Node_Editor
    [LOG 22:14:31.210] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Maneuver_Planner
    [LOG 22:14:31.210] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.RCS_Balancer
    [LOG 22:14:31.211] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Rendezvous_Autopilot
    [LOG 22:14:31.212] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Rendezvous_Planner
    [LOG 22:14:31.213] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Rover_Autopilot
    [LOG 22:14:31.213] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Settings
    [LOG 22:14:31.214] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Smart_A_S_S_
    [LOG 22:14:31.215] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.SmartRcs
    [LOG 22:14:31.216] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Spaceplane_Guidance
    [LOG 22:14:31.216] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Translatron
    [LOG 22:14:31.217] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Utilities
    [LOG 22:14:31.218] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Warp_Helper
    [LOG 22:14:31.219] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Delta-V_Stats
    [LOG 22:14:31.219] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Orbit_Info
    [LOG 22:14:31.220] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Surface_Info
    [LOG 22:14:31.221] [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: MechJeb2.Vessel_Info
    [ERR 22:14:31.222] Releasing render texture that is set as Camera.targetTexture!

    [ERR 22:14:31.223] Releasing render texture that is set as Camera.targetTexture!

    [LOG 22:14:31.248] ScaleModList: listSize 205 maxListSize 608
    [LOG 22:14:31.249] Create button for module Ascent Guidance
    [LOG 22:14:31.250] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Ascent_Guidance
    [LOG 22:14:31.251] Create button for module Attitude Adjustment
    [LOG 22:14:31.252] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Attitude_Adjustment
    [LOG 22:14:31.253] Create button for module Custom Window Editor
    [LOG 22:14:31.253] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Custom_Window_Editor
    [LOG 22:14:31.254] Create button for module Docking Autopilot
    [LOG 22:14:31.255] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Docking_Autopilot
    [LOG 22:14:31.256] Create button for module Flight Recorder
    [LOG 22:14:31.257] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Flight_Recorder
    [LOG 22:14:31.258] [MechJeb2] No icon for Flight_Recorder
    [LOG 22:14:31.258] Create button for module Landing Guidance
    [LOG 22:14:31.259] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Landing_Guidance
    [LOG 22:14:31.260] Create button for module Maneuver Node Editor
    [LOG 22:14:31.261] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Maneuver_Node_Editor
    [LOG 22:14:31.262] Create button for module Maneuver Planner
    [LOG 22:14:31.262] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Maneuver_Planner
    [LOG 22:14:31.263] Create button for module RCS Balancer
    [LOG 22:14:31.264] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.RCS_Balancer
    [LOG 22:14:31.265] Create button for module Rendezvous Autopilot
    [LOG 22:14:31.266] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Rendezvous_Autopilot
    [LOG 22:14:31.267] Create button for module Rendezvous Planner
    [LOG 22:14:31.267] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Rendezvous_Planner
    [LOG 22:14:31.268] Create button for module Rover Autopilot
    [LOG 22:14:31.269] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Rover_Autopilot
    [LOG 22:14:31.270] Create button for module Settings
    [LOG 22:14:31.271] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Settings
    [LOG 22:14:31.271] Create button for module Smart A.S.S.
    [LOG 22:14:31.272] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Smart_A_S_S_
    [LOG 22:14:31.273] Create button for module SmartRcs
    [LOG 22:14:31.274] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.SmartRcs
    [LOG 22:14:31.275] [MechJeb2] No icon for SmartRcs
    [LOG 22:14:31.275] Create button for module Spaceplane Guidance
    [LOG 22:14:31.276] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Spaceplane_Guidance
    [LOG 22:14:31.277] Create button for module Translatron
    [LOG 22:14:31.278] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Translatron
    [LOG 22:14:31.279] Create button for module Utilities
    [LOG 22:14:31.279] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Utilities
    [LOG 22:14:31.280] Create button for module Warp Helper
    [LOG 22:14:31.281] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Warp_Helper
    [LOG 22:14:31.282] Create button for module Delta-V Stats
    [LOG 22:14:31.283] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Delta-V_Stats
    [LOG 22:14:31.284] Create button for module Orbit Info
    [LOG 22:14:31.284] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Orbit_Info
    [LOG 22:14:31.285] Create button for module Surface Info
    [LOG 22:14:31.286] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Surface_Info
    [LOG 22:14:31.287] Create button for module Vessel Info
    [LOG 22:14:31.288] [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: MechJeb2.Vessel_Info


    1. NecroBones


      I don't think I can help with that one. It looks like the error is mixed in with Toolbar and Mechjeb messages, so it probably has something to do with one or both of those mods.

  12. This is my Imgur Album of pictures that I've taken with the Tarsier Space Tech Mod. I find these very nice to use as Wallpapers or Profile pictures . Follow me on Twitter: @baserunner0723. I've made a Weebly website for posting these pictures: http://tstspacepics.weebly.com/
  13. Nice. Working on making own launch clamps?
  14. Yay, it's fixed! http://imgur.com/SFLDHJr
  15. I reinstalled ksp, reinstalled RSB, tried both bits, still happened. Its not game breaking, still playable, just would be nicer to have a nicely textured rocket.
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