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  1. Honestly I don't know enough about the mechanics of the game to make the real dV show based on the pilot skill or whether it stacks. I believe it doesn't because it is a modification of a built-in stat that I statically overwrite. If I was to venture an uneducated guess, things like Strategia must delve deeper into all the readouts. I wasn't really troubled to find a way, because I move kerbals around a lot and role played that the efficiency was more like "making the Kessel run" than actually adding dV to the craft. Hope that makes sense @Stratickus.
  2. Here's my go at adding some additional love for Pilots. This will decrease fuel usage with more experience. I have tested that the extra delta-V does not show up on KER or MJ, so you will have to do the maths in your head, etc.... So without affecting Thrust or Specific Impulse, this reduces the fuel flow and increases delta-v by up to 15% for fully experienced pilots. // Give pilots fuel efficency as a skill // Author: theshepherd @EXPERIENCE_TRAIT[Pilot]:Needs[SQUAD]:Final { %EFFECT[FuelUsage] { %modifiers = 0.99, 0.97, 0.94, 0.90, 0.85 } } It seems balanced but if you think it is OP, adjust the numbers accordingly.
  3. I am! I bring a bit of roleplay into my game, and the historical contracts bring depth to that. Much appreciation for the quick response and code change!
  4. Thanks for an awesome mod. I am using both your Historical Progression mods and I noticed something that may be a bug or (more likely) my misunderstanding. On the Vostok 6 mission, I need to keep a Kerbal in orbit for three days. After I do this (contract line goes green), I start my re-entry. When I do my last decouple, the line goes back to incomplete. I think it may have to do with the root part of my ship being a Probodobodyne HECS which I decouple from my capsule. My focus after separation stays with the capsule but when I quickly selected the probe, I saw it had green for the time. My question is, do I need to make sure my root part is my capsule or should the time component follow the kerbal? BTW, the texts about the missions in the completed contract window is a real nice touch. Edit: I may have posted this in the wrong sub. I can repost in the CECP forum if so.
  5. Don't know if this is the intended use, but I use them to gently push vessels apart right after they undock.
  6. I am teaching myself how to write for MM. I wrote this real quick to add a "glovebox" of four slots and 10L for every seat in a capsule. I am fairly confident this works but YMMV. Feel free to offer suggestions. @PART[*]:NEEDS[KIS]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[1]]]:Final { MODULE { name = ModuleKISInventory maxVolume = #$/CrewCapacity$ @maxVolume *= 10 externalAccess = false internalAccess = true slotsX = #$/CrewCapacity$ slotsY = 4 slotSize = 50 itemIconResolution = 128 selfIconResolution = 128 openSndPath = KIS/Sounds/containerOpen closeSndPath = KIS/Sounds/containerClose defaultMoveSndPath = KIS/Sounds/itemMove } }