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  1. That may be interested situation, when 100 begin vomiting without experience how to use vomit bag in zero-g. I hope they take corrosive stomach acids into account when choose stainless steel type (fortunately many of them can handle mild acids pretty well). I would not like to be there (actually I would very probably vomit, my stomach is quite sensitive for even moderate g-forces in amusement parks).
  2. I hope they make it possible to model solar system properly by allowing axial tilting of bodies. It would be interesting mod also in stock size solar system to add more inclination and give axial tilts for planets. I usually triple Outer Planet mod's inclinations to get more interesting trajectories.
  3. Exactly. I love realism in games, often over entertainment, but I abandoned real solar system after first Moon trip because maneuvers were too long. Ascent took 10 minutes and was guessing how to steer rocket. In KSP you can fly however you want and get to orbit, but real ascent is more complicated and depends on TWR of stages. Typically first stage or solid boosters have high TWR and they throw ship to high arc. Upper stage has much lower TWR than typical KSP rockets (about 0.5) and need time to accelerate to orbital speed before falling down. For example Mechjeb's ascent autopilot can not handle it properly. I would like very much real solar system if there were proper tools to plan and execute maneuvers with high enough time acceleration. But without proper tools it is too tedious. There is also problems with limited accuracy of doubles (internal floating point numbers). If you model Solar system up to Pluto resolution of place is on the order of millimeters. It is significant problem for example if you try to dock with very slow speed. There is ways to overcome it by math (which is certainly used in KSP if it still uses 32 bit float numbers) but it takes time to program and time to execute code and add possibility of errors.
  4. I agree. Mechjeb functionality and porkchop plotting (which works also with inclined coast orbits) should be part of KSP. At least I do not see any fun or educational value to be forced to make calculations separately ans then execute tedious operations by hand using eyeball measurements instead of exact data. With Mechjeb I can manage more interesting missions in my limited freetime instead of use my time for tedious manual maneuvers.
  5. It is very possible. SpaceX's publicity makes fair estimation difficult compared to companies which makes development hidden. It is difficult to know for example how Blue Origin proceeds, probably they announce ready New Glenn few months before launch. And of course traditional operators have economically huge programs too, but they have too many rent seekers and results are very small compared to costs. OK, thanks for the information.
  6. Is there really significant difference with rocket fuel tanks? It is certainly beneficial in this kind of tests, but if a big hole appears during launch pad operations violent fire which bursts the whole rocket may be hard to avoid. And during ascent such a leak means certainly mission failure and immediate RUD. Maybe they can get some tenths of seconds for aborting capsule but not much more.
  7. I am quite sure that in both coasts of Atlantic important companies will be subsidized long time. Europeans want to have "own" rocket and Americans want to keep traditional military companies running. Probably they lose commercial launches but states continue to buy launches and fund companies. I do not also believe that billionaires use their own "unlimited" money to develop space tech for science and humankind. They think always profits, they would not be billionaires otherwise. I believe that also Musk have thought billions from global satellite net when he has given PR talks about colonizing Mars or other bulls... er.. aspirational visions. Strange people, they think money even they have found a bit which gives "unlimited money" from save file. I would certainly think only consuming of money, for example in crazy science projects. But that's why I am middle class nobody and they are billionaires.
  8. SpaceX's PR is based on publicity. I am sure that other companies make tests too, and fail sometimes, but behind fences without cameras. SpaceX's development pace is also probably more than all other combined in the world. Their advances in last decade are exceptional. They began from nothing and have taken largest share of world's satellite launches, their reusable rocket is overwhelmingly more advanced and economical than any other manufacturer's products and next they will begin crew transports for NASA. If they get Starship operational for heavy satellite launches in next few years they even increase their distance to others. I hope that Blue Origin can challenge them very soon, because monopoly situation is never good in long run. I do not believe that traditional big companies in USA or Europe can do it without massive political subsidizing.
  9. Basically train driver should know, but this guy has probably have some kind of psychosis and his sense of reality (this has probably some other english word) has been decreased. Train engineer is historical name for profession. In previous decades steam and diesel locomotives needed much more service and repairs and driver had to fix damaged locomotives in line or temporary conditions to get them to workshop. They had much more responsibility in technical thing and had to know how locomotive works and how o find and fix problems or report them to workshop if needed. Modern locomotives are fully computerized with self diagnostic tools and very specialized tech which can not be repaired in railyard sidetrack or even railway company's workshops. They do not need much daily service and are extremely reliable compared to 50 years old locos. Also most of service is changing modules and send them to manufacturer's workshop. Engineering skills are not needed anymore for drivers as much and also in workshops. I know that in my country railway company have decreased demands in engineering background, part of engineering in driver education and also shut down many repair workshops during last few decades. On the other hand safety rules and equipment have become much more complex and need bigger part in education and practical work.
  10. As you see, chassis of locomotive has kept is shape. Nothing have compressed driver. Locomotive is very massive and deceleration is quite slow, if it does not hit to hard object, like another locomotive or hard buildings. Locomotive may have slided hundreds of meters before stopping if is has really ran at full speed, which is probably around 140 km/h with such heavy diesel freight locomotive. But I am quite sure, that safety system has allowed much lower speed, because locomotive body seems to be quite undamaged. It is strange that it has allowed loco to run pass red signals without automated emergency braking. I do not know what kind of safety system is used in USA, but if I remember correctly disabling of safety system (which may be done in special situations with special permission of traffic controllers, like carefully pushing damaged and stopped train to next station or passing track construction area without fully working safety system) limits top speed to 50 km/h in Finnish system. And as far as I know, driver has no simple way to override that.
  11. I do not expect it to be exact copy. But I hope it gives possibility to be somewhat realistic spaceflight simulator like current version is. Not necessarily stock version, also KSP needs mechjeb, prokchop mod, alarm clock, proper life support etc. to be interesting, but with suitable mods and personal restriction to not use overpowered scifi tech. If it is possible and it gives interesting procedurally generated worlds to explore, I will buy the game. But if for example scifi tech is needed to achieve most interesting planets or there is not technical mods which makes boring routine calculations and maneuvers, I continue to play KSP.
  12. This kind on information about materials are very interesting. Especially this, because at least my default thought is that spacecrafts are always made from super expensive alloys of exotic elements but 304L is very basic stainless steel which I have bought from my hardware shop at cost about 10 €/kg for hobby projects and even I can weld and machine it (it is actually 304, but as far as I know 304 fulfills usually 304L requirements too, only difference is carbon concentration limits). Actually it is the most fun and forgiving material to weld amateur weldings (professional special welding, like pressure vessels or aerospace applications, is another story and I am wrong person to write about it) but quite nasty stuff to machine with hobby level tools.
  13. You are not the only one. In my opinion KSP 2 seems not attractive at all and I am not sure if I will ever buy it. Certainly I do not run to shop immediately after publishing but if there are enough interesting exploration and science possibilities to do (and avoid dangerous things) on those gorgeous planets I consider buying. I have not followed news carefully but it seems that KSP 2 will be simpler and technically less realistic but just have fancy graphics and all those odd propulsion things from scifi literature. Of course it is also expected from game intended to very large player masses. I think I am some kind of exception with 10 Mechjeb data windows full of strange engineering parameters and do not expect any realism adding things, like axial tilts, many body gravitation, environmental physics, porkchop plotter and mechjeb -like versatile tools for trajectory planning and execution.
  14. When they began to plan JWST, they had no idea that such rockets would be available in next decades. It would have been impossible with NASA way, from which SLS is perfect example. It is typical that flagship probes take more than a decade to build and they are obsolete from hindsight perspective when they are finally launched.
  15. Those Mars schedules are extremely overoptimistic. Or given in Musk -time, which is about an order of magnitude slower than SI units. In real world it would be good work if they can launch first commercial satellites to orbit in 2022. To be honest there is quite huge step from simple hoppers to orbital class vehicle and it seems that development does not go as intended. If they have an anomaly with later orbital capable vehicle it takes easily more than half year to just make paperworks with authorities before they can continue experiments. After that it takes several years to get man rating to LEO. And probably more to get license to land crew on Moon.