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  1. T'was a glider tester scheduled to be space-fitted, but never was. Much more advanced than a pure mock-up.
  2. Um... Dint sts-1 have missing OMS POD tiles? The two pilots also reported falling debris rushing past during launch, so paint could have been an additional hazard..
  3. It also gives us a sense of progress and development.
  4. Hello people, While playing career mode, you take the helm of a space-venture a bit like SpaceX, with no guaranteed income. But in science mode, we can presume that it is a government-funded agency. But still, pilots and other kerbal do need training, even in national agencies! The LLRV, the countless sims and 'all-up tests', etc. So it got me thinking, "It would be nice totally awesome to include the experience system into science mode!" So forumnauts, please give me some feedback!
  5. You'll fry your poor kerbs! At those speeds, the atmosphere should act like a brick wall. So burnt, squashed and generally unhappy kerbonauts would be the outcome.
  6. When your CPU can ignite a thermonuclear fusion reaction, despite using quantum processors.
  7. Banned for being too modern ('swag').
  8. (-71)+(-1)=(-72) Goin' down in a blaze of glory!
  9. Upon realising that the rocket's control systems failed, the beurocrats ordered the termination of the mission and the removal of all mentions of the crew from the archives. just kidding, I would...... IVA USE THE ÜBER-COOL JOYSTICK THING THROTTLE TO ZERO EJECT COMMAND POD MANUAL PARACHUTE DEPLOYMENT SURVIVAL If the craft was unmanned, then I would have some fun seeing what happen to it.
  10. Banned for the addition. Why not multiplication?
  11. Do you know that in real life, this thing was deadly? Neil Armstrong had to actually eject out of one! Please try not to kill your kerbonauts.
  12. Banned for banning 65536 people just because you can could.
  13. Banned for your unnecessary capitalizations!
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