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  1. So I was browsing the internet and I found this: This is an ejection seat from the B-58 Hustler, it was designed to withstand forces up to Mach 2 and at 40,000 feet. The egg-shaped shell you see actually folded down over the seat itself during an emergency, and it came with survival kits, flotation devices, and several over neat stuff built into it. Anyway, I just thought it was a neat part of history and wanted to upload it to see if anyone was interested in re-creating it. Here's a document link providing specifications for anyone interested:
  2. I'm loving the new update! The M65 has very beautiful animations, and the new German "what-if" bombs are really cool!
  3. I already have it downloaded. Can't wait to test the parts when I get home from school!
  4. Nice! I'm going to Italy next week over spring break so this update will keep me pre-occupied for the 9 hour trip to and fro. I love the work you've done!
  5. This is just a random question: Since Kerbal Stuff is down, when the time comes what other website will you use to allow us to install the mod?
  6. Oh no it isn't necessary, I more or less thought the look of it and the fact it was a nuclear depth charge was neat. If you already have an underwater nuclear weapon than there is no need to create another.
  7. You sir have outdone yourself! Also, may I add a recommendation? The Mk 101 Lulu air dropped nuclear depth charge, which used a W34 nuclear warhead (11 kilotons).
  8. So will the M-65 artillery gun, Katyusha rocket, Uranprojekt-3 bomb, and Heisenberg-Gerat bomb be released in one update or several updates?
  9. Just a thought for after our next update: the AGM-69 SRAM (Short-range attack missile). This was a nuclear air to surface missile that carried a W69 warhead with a 170 to 200 kiloton yield. It had an operational range of roughly 110 nautical miles and was intended to be launched from a B-52. The missile also used an inertial navigation system and radar altimeter for semi-ballistic or terrain following flight paths. While it was eventually replaced by the AGM-86 in the early 1990s due to safety cautions, I believe it would be a neat, but powerful add on for the mod. AGM-69 In flight AGM-69 SRAM's on rotary launcher in B-52
  10. Hey Themorris, do you ever believe you will revive your old ICBM pack you did back in late 2013? I loved using your R-36M warheads like lawn darts.
  11. Could we even make these a possibility XD Japanese balloon bombs, first intercontinental weapons. Carried one 15kg anti-personal bomb, an 11 kg incendiary bomb, and four 5kg other incendiary devices in different variations. Never caused much much danger except for the deaths of 6 people in one accident. Roughly 9300 built. Or even these??? (British version) Carried trailing steel wire for damaging high voltage power lines or incendiary bombs for starting fires, was a nuisance for the Germany in WW2. It costed 83£ in 2015, with over 99,000 being produced, compared to the Japanese Fire Balloons which costed roughly 2,300 USD in 2015.
  12. Well, it was surprisingly easy for me to do, I just added the castle bravo modules to the PotatoRoid.cfg file, then I created an effects folder to the squad folder for the mushroom cloud, finally, I just added the MOAB sound file to the sounds folder in the squad folder. It probably took me less than 5 to 10 minutes.
  13. I decided to try and edit the .cfg file for the asteroids. I gave it the explosive size of Castle Bravo and used Hyperedit to grapple a vehicle to it and launch it at kerbin. In order to actually fire the asteroid you right click it and click "launch missile", the ending result is either the asteroid air-bursting due to the atmospheric re-entry heat or hitting the ground and then detonating. But either way I managed to have it successfully work.
  14. Is it possible that you could actually edit asteroids and base their explosion blast radius on their size? (Type A being something like a 15kt nuclear weapon and Type E being something greater than Tsar)
  15. Just out of curiosity, with the state the BD Armory is in right now, would it be plausible to weaponize an asteroid that could provide an extremely large blast radius possibly 5 times the size of the Tsar in North Kerbin Dynamics right now?