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  1. Didn't know what could counter hazmat so here's a potato
  2. Hah. Nothing beats innovation. wait no wrong one
  3. To start, let me say that to USE a space station for something, one must HAVE a space station. Rendezvous/Docking, among other things, being a weak point for me in KSP really limits what I can do. If I did have a space station, I speculate that I would use said space station for refueling, looking out wondrously of that cupola module, or perhaps just for the sake of having one. They look pretty too! i want a space station
  4. Yes! I found it by chance on one of my old computers.... here's the link if anyone is interested!
  5. Hey everyone! For about the past year, I've been taking a break from KSP mainly because of work and interest in other games. Now that I'm playing again, I seem to remember an old Delta-v calculator website that fit all my needs. I remember it having an obscure and strange URL. On the site, you could click on a picture of one of the planets, and then another picture of a planet, indicate whether it was from the surface or low orbit, and then it would give you the Delta-v needed. There were also sliders. such as increasing the Delta-v needed by 15% to allow for error during a mission, etc... Does anyone know the URL? It would be incredibly useful. I know that there are other calculators out there, but for some reason, I really preferred this one. Thanks in advance, Snowstorm
  6. What about things like the New Horizons mission? Would you send it flying by Eeloo?
  7. I've thought about doing this too! I am, however, waaaaay too lazy to ever get anything done.
  8. The inflatable heat shield is not ablative, making it much less durable and tolerant than its ablative cousins- 20 km/s is just too fast, ESPECIALLY for the inflatable one. Nice idea though
  9. Here's a very comprehensive series of tutorials for beginners to Kerbal Space Program. I watched him and learned a lot. They should hopefully get you started on your KSP journey.
  10. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you just post on a year old thread?
  11. I understand. People can't happily do one thing for their entire life. I, personally, would encourage you to pursue whatever interests you. Best of luck!
  12. Fire extinguisher man to the rescue!
  13. I have a vague memory... Isn't it green?