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  1. I just got back on playing Kerbal again and this mod interests me. I kinda did a quick rough PBR texture in Substance painter of the mainsail engine without disturbing it's geometry and UVs. I ripped it using the mu to blender tool then export as fbx to 3ds Max I don't really know how to do all this stuff. If anyone want to experiment with it, I've attached the TGAs. It is using Unity Standard shader, the smoothness is embedded in the metallic map alpha channel. NOTE: That the normal map may not work correctly as I modified the smoothing group for the map baking. I have a modif
  2. @Kartoffelkuchen There's like a successor(kinda) to old school fairings, it works differently. It's called Simple adjustable fairings Maybe you can take a look at it for implementation in the future.
  3. Jeorge


    I told unity it was a normal map. I think it was an issue with compression quality, billinear/trillinear, that stuff. I haven't really pinpointed the problem because I re-imported my model and texture without touching any other setting. I learned not to touch some other settings now lol, it makes the eliminating process of problems much easier.
  4. Jeorge


    I've confirmed it. It is a normal map issue. It was gone when I removed it. Might be a mismatch from the unity 5 export preset in substance painter. There are many kinds of normal map. Edit:Fixed it. It was a texture import issue inside unity.
  5. Jeorge


    Nope. it's a proper normal map projected from a high resolution mesh using Substance painter. I don't see this issue in unity though. Just to add, my texture is in tga at the moment. I'll try changing graphical settings inside ksp
  6. Jeorge


    I just tried and it's still there. It might be an issue with the normal map
  7. Jeorge


    Just an update. I'll try to iron out any issue with this model so that I can learn how things go and finish the other "static" models. I'm a little bit off with the attachment nodes. I still don't know how Max > Unity > KSP handle rotation. What faces what. Also I'm having trouble with jagged shadows and weird highlighting I don't know if that's a ksp issue or it's from me. I'll work on this.
  8. Jeorge


    I mistook radius for the diameter that's why it's 2x the size lol. Good thing it will be easy to rescale.
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