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  1. Hi all, Forgive me if it has already been mentioned but I'd like to see: a few of prop engines, starting with some anemic .625 m one to ultra powerful 2.5 meter, in between a couple of 1 m engines. Large fuel carrying wings that are not swept. Cylindrical or semi-cylindrical 2.5 meter aircraft fuselage and fuel tank parts, And a 2.5 m aircraft glass cockpit (yes I want to build a B-29 Superfortress and do a Bell X-1 supersonic flight). (I know most of this is covered in the Airplane Mod) A Klockwork Kerbal, an early pre-Mk1 Capsule 'probe core' that allows you to launch staged rokkets using the Flea and Hammer engines, before you risk your pilots. Each Klockwork Kerbal would be able to manage three staging events, and the Player would set the time for each event before the vehicle leaves the VAB. Given the limited amount of control options available at such a low tech level the KK is not expected to actually fly the rokket in any meaningful direction except, hopefully, up. A pure eye-candy addition would be a Memorial Garden at KSC, where a little (Kerbal Heght) Black Obelisk for each fallen (permanently dead) Kerbal appears. Back in Version 1.0 when all (AFAIK) Kerbal deaths were permanent I used to get his comrades to plant a flag at the Astronaut center or Admin building with the fallen Kerbal's name, date and mission on it. But if you still have to upgrade the facility you have to remove the flags. Another eye-candy feature that I would not mind seeing are landing lights for the runway and 'search light'' style beam lighting for the launch pad, to make your night time launches and landing more visually dramatic. I expect there probably is already a mod for this. Anyway, happy launches all, Regards Orc
  2. Orc


    Hi all I still have Version 1.0 on my laptop, as well as the demo. I don't run it very often because (a) I don't use the laptop nearly as much as I used to and (b) KSP doesn't run very well on the laptop limited resources. About 5 to 10 minutes between crashes, much less if I try to launch a 600 part mega-dreadnought SSTO. This is better than the desktop system I was using at the time, which crashed after almost every mission. The demo was LOTS of FUN, it completely sold me on the idea of spending real money on getting the full game, something that hasn't really happened since... maybe the late 90s. As I didn't have disposable income at the time I had to wait six months and ask family not to give me Christmas and birthday presents, to give me the cash instead. Anyway, Regards Orc
  3. Orc

    Anyone else play Oolite?

    Hi all I've played a bit, perhaps hoping to recapture the glorious memories of Elite on SpectraVideo 328. I don't know if it is the different between being 14 and ... er much, much older than 14, but I really suck at OOlite. Is it much harder than the original or am I just so much slower. Flip side: I still rock at docking with the space stations. That skill set hasn't gone away. Regards Orc
  4. For a limited definition of fun. Confession time: I have NEVER managed to land anything on the runway at KSC without it turning into a fireworks display. The flat area around KSC is much better. Heck the not so flat desert to the south western edge of the same continent as KSC is easier to land on. I've botched a couple of landings following extremely long (atmospheric) flights because of sheer physical fatigue (me, personally, not the Kerbals). And you can't (AFAIK) save during in-atmosphere flights. The botched landings tend to lead to a total loss of the vehicle and usually the crew as well. Since these are typically long range science gathering missions, coupled with multiple contract missions on the opposite side of Kerban the flight is long, the science is valuable and the aircraft is expensive. Maybe now that Kerbals have parachutes, and all Science onboard can be stored in a couple of the science containers (can't remember what they're called) I could build the plane so that I can jettison the Science for a safe parachute landing and then abandon the aircraft and let the pilot float down on his / her chute. Failing that, pack enough chutes on the actual aircraft to do a parachute landing. Cut the engines over KSC, circle a bit until your velocity is below 250 m/s and then pop open a dozen Radial mounted Mk16s. If that can't get you safely on the ground then your airframe was too big to start with. Anyway, most of the time I'd rather be landing on Minmus. Or salvaging some abandoned part in Munar orbit. Regards Orc
  5. Greets all, Re: Math Teachers, there are definitely the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but there are a precious few who teach Math for the Love of the Subject. I was blessed with one such teacher who began every lesson with the Phrase: "Maths is Beautiful." Often wrote it on the chalk board in big letters. He was an awesome Physics and Chemistry teacher too but his Passion was Math, and maybe theater, but Math always took first place. Anyway, Regards Orc
  6. Hi all As someone who has: (a) a Clinical psychological disorder (or disease or condition or whatever you want to call it, just don't call it a disability), (b) someone who suffered with multiple difficulties during my education. (c) Is now working in a post semi-related to education I not so humbly suggest that ""learning difficulties'" are largely the result of low quality teaching. Either they're just lousy teachers, or they're passing time until their dream job becomes available, or they're filling a teaching post so that they can work at their real passion which is coaching sport (very few professional school coaches in ZA - my experience with teacher/coaches is that they are poor teachers and even poorer coaches). OR they got an otherwise useless degree at University and have taken a teaching post to make payments on their student loans. Or they're just complete, utter psychopaths who have no business being outside of a padded cell, let alone being responsible for the education of vulnerable, impressionable children. I had a couple of those during my time at Primary School (first seven years). If I had let their expressed opinions of me dictate the course my life was to take I would have ended up as a human crash test dummy, or a yard technician, or hobo. Fortunately I had some teachers who were really just Angels in Disguise and managed to instill different values in me. As for the OP's question / comment about learning Python: I would not say its an easy language to learn, but it is certainly easier than some of the offerings out there. I had a lot of fun with: https://inventwithpython.com/#invent Learning to use any programming language is an exercise in patience (with yourself and with the compiler or interpreter) and curiosity. If you lack those then you will struggle, and even fail. Anyway, Regards Orc
  7. Hi again Re: Harry Rhodan: I'm pretty sure its 64-bit but I would be lying if I said I was definitely sure. I got the computer and the OS (the most expensive part) right before Microsoft stopped supplying new licenses for Windows 7. Re: steve_v: I definitely don't have any HD that are in sub GB range. The oldest processor I still have is probably an early Athlon from AMD (a 300 mhz I think). I had a 286, 386, 486SX and a 90mhz Pentium at various times but I gave them all away to people who needed a working computer more than I needed more junk cluttering up my limited space. Somewhere I do have the Corpse of a 40MB old Western Digital MFM hard drive, but it is a corpse and the data is long gone due to head crash. I kept it around because it was heavier than any other HD I ever bought. Heck today it might even be heavier than whole notebooks. Thank you both for your input. Take care, Regards Ork
  8. Greetings steve_v Thanks for the speedy reply. Wow! 32 GB of RAM. I still have functioning hard drives that are smaller than that. I might even have a HD with only 10% of that capacity. I'd have to check my stockpile of old parts. I also have a still functioning Motherboard that only has 128 MB on it, if anyone cares. How cheap is "cheap RAM"? Got a quote in December for 4 GB of DDR 3 that came in at R 500. $1 = +- R 14 so roughly $ 35.7. That is at a leading (translation: only) IT retailer. I could probably shave a few Rands off by going to the wholesale suppliers or to a small company that isn't really interested in gouging customers on hardware (the big money is in CCTV installations and the MAINTENANCE thereof!) New graphic cards are crazy stupid expensive. Like multiple thousands of Rands. The only new game I'm likely to be interested in for 2019/2020 is Anno 1800, which will probably cost more than my new RAM and any theoretical new Video Card. Thanks and regards Orc
  9. Orc

    Minmus basics

    Hi MPDerksen You wrote: This is very helpful. But a clarification: I thought that inclination changes were most effective when you were halfway to the target. Or am I thinking of something different? AFAIK any change in DeltaV (which is what a inclination change is) are most effective at either the Apiapsis or Periapsis. Since your As and Ds nodes are not at your Apiapsis or Periapsis you need to pick the pick the one closest to your current position. Veterans and Those with the Know-how of the Math are welcome to correct me. Regards Ork
  10. Greets My slightly old Windows 7 Professional edition PC claims to be: Intel Core i3-4170 3.7 GHz 4 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT710 2GB Windows Experience Index 5.4 I am using an older LCD monitor that maxes out at 1280 X 1024. The video card's software claims it can support much, much more. I have been completely satisfied with KSP performance since upgrading from 1.0 to (I think) 1.3. But what about going forward? KSP seems to have handled the transition to 64bit only OK, and even looks better than it did before. I still get the occasional crash, but that is probably par for the course, when running any PC game on Windows. Will adding an extra 4 GB of RAM make a significant difference to performance or graphical prettiness? Any help or advice welcome. Orc
  11. Orc

    Minmus basics

    Greetings all. MPDerksen, I'm not exactly a newbie, but I'm no expert either BUT I have landed on Minmus enough times to think that I have a clue about what I'm doing. For Minmus fly by take the ship that you used to fly by the Mun. Add a little extra fuel (usually 1 FT 800 should be plenty). You will probably need to upgrade your launch pad to make room for the mass requirements. Add solar panels. You will definitely not be able to get there and back on the MK1 Capsule's batteries. If you are using SRBs to get the thing moving upgrade them. If you need to upgrade them passed Thumpers then you are doing something either very wrong or very different. My last Minmus fly by went up on three Thumpers almost all the way to orbit, two burning at 75% thuster limiter on a core burning at 50%. Launch and achieve orbit at your preferred altitude. I like anywhere between 80k and 95k. Go to the Map View. Select Minmus as your target. You should now see Ascending and Descending nodes on your orbit. Minmus is typically 7degrees or so out of alignment with you. Time warp till your ship is almost at one of the nodes and turn to Normal or anti-normal (depending on the node, I think its Normal at Descending, and Anti-Normal at Ascending). Burn slowly until your orbit lines with Minmus's orbit. It doesn't have to be exact within a degree or so is fine. Now do your burn to intercept Minmus, just like as if you were going to the Mun, or intercepting an object in LKO. Keep in mind that if you are doing a fly by the gravity of Minmus will twist up the return part of your trajectory. You need to keep your wits about you when you exit the flyby. If you prefer to orbit Kerbin before re-entry, then make sure you have enough propellant. If you like letting your kerbals live dangerously then reduce your Periapsis to around 45K and enjoy the bumpy, hot ride. Have fun. Minmus is just the beginning.... Oh and watch out for Minmus's terrain on your first landings there. That little green jewel can be a real meanie. Regards Orc
  12. Greetings Generally speaking in the Real World any time someone is speaking about any application for Florine it is time to leave the room (and probably the neighborhood, and perhaps even the city). Florine is horribly dangerous stuff, so reactive that it is found almost nowhere in the Natural Universe (the same place where hideously reactive stuff like hydrogen manages to exist in quantities that defy the common human imagination). Even hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric acid) is freaking dangerous. Even in a highly diluted state it will dissolve glass, the usual 'safe' goto for storing acids. At high concentrations it will literally eat your skin, lungs and corneas away faster than your nerves can transmit the pain signals to your brain. Only a human who is insanely insane Nutjob, or truly ignorant will voluntarily go anywhere near Florine or even concentrated HF. When triprop rocketry was discussed of sci.space.tech in the 90s several real rocket engineers all volunteered their opinion of what other obnoxious oxidizer they'd rather work with. Professionals who worked on the Apollo and Shuttle Program all felt that 99% hydrogen peroxide, fuming red nitric acid, and even the radioactive exhaust of a gas core nuclear engine (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_core_reactor_rocket) were a better option. So for the Kerbal-verse handling the stuff is probably a mandatory requirement. But even then only really stupid Kerbals will be happy about the job, and only if encouraged with the promise of lots of snacks. But seriously from a Game Play point of view what would the benefit be? Someone mentioned up-thread of adding LH-LO engines as a trade-off in performance versus the current LFO engines. Triprops add another fuel tank to the stack, and should for 'realism' purposes result in major damage to the launch pad (and possibly Crawler way) even when the launch goes well. Anyway, take care. Regards Orc
  13. Orc

    Mars Poster Fan Art

    Hi all The poor little rover looks lonely. We need to send him a friend, a human one, ASAP. REgards Orc
  14. Hi all Recently I've been playing some (near-)freebies I got off Steam: SpaceHack Star-Explorers Scraps Demo SpaceHack is an insane amount of fun, and very frustrating at times, just like a Rogue-like. Game play wise it is a nice mix of the original Diabilo and the Diabilo in Space game Harbinger. Star-Explorers is fun too, and equally frustrating at times, for different reasons. Running around on planets'surfaces (or below them) trying to find the loot before your oxygen supply expires, or your protective suit deteriorates is fun and frustrating at the same time. And despite the graphics (apparently) being low quality the individual worlds are beautiful. Scraps Demo is a demo and it is probably the most like KSP of the lot, in that you assemble vehicles from parts and then test them. The difference is in Scraps you are shooting stuff up. But I keep coming back to KSP. There is something relaxing and beautiful in flying a Flea-powered Mk1 Capsule over the eastern sea and splashing down to collect 12 Science Points and test a decoupler or a heat shield, or a rocket engine. KSP is my happy place. Regards Orc
  15. Greets all, My efforts to explore the Northern (and Southern) Ice shelf biomes have largely been restricted to two types of craft. Number one is a variation of the same rocket I use for early pre-orbital, and orbital science gathering. Launch it northward instead of eastward and cut the throttle when your trajectory hits the 'far-side' of the ice shelf you are aiming for. When you are over the ice shelf use any remaining propellant to slow down and make a landing. Alternatively I build a sturdy airplane with lots of science stuff attached and two J-33 Wheesleys. Its not Kerbin's fastest trip but you might be able to harvest a few temperature scans on the biomes you fly over on the way there. Typically I find that with the initial 30-part limit, and an un-upgraded runway, and sufficient science stuff to make the trip worth while that I'll run out of fuel on the way back, so I end up recovering the plane from a random piece of grassland. By the time better jet engines come along most of Kerbin's biomes have been thoroughly explored, and the more lucrative contracts are all off world, so it doesn't make sense wasting time chasing down anomalies or taking temperature readings on distant Kerbin biomes. YMMV. REgards Orc