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  1. I am encountering a bug (I think) with every one of the thermal engines. I connect them directly to an antimatter initiated fusion reactor, and they have fuel, but they produce 0 thrust. The engine plumes still show up, but the thrust is set at 0 kn. Any tips?
  2. I have recently been making my own missile, but for some reason, it always tracks slightly behind the target and always ends up missing. Any suggestions? (I am assuming it is a config error.) You guys make it look so easy!
  3. So I was attempting to install the most recent (1.3) parttools, but when I unzip the file, all I get is an assetbundle folder. I do not get a unity package at all. I have tried redownloading parttools, but to no avail. I even tried dragging the asset bundle in, but of course, that didn't work. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Does the current BDA code support jettisonable nosecones and terminal maneuvering thrusters? (Im working on THAAD)
  5. So for a one stage missile, would I cut out the boosterTransform section? I assume FC1 and FC2 are the fins? Sorry, I'm a unity noob
  6. Hi all. I was wondering if it would be possible to allow the A.I. to execute pugachevs cobra, or any similar maneuver. Maybe this could be done by having a setting in the pilot guidance (Supermaneuverable true/false). This could amp up the steer damping and/or recduce control authority on control surfaces so that the unstable fighter does not lose control during turns, but when the AI thinks its necessary, it will lower steer damping and/or raise control authority, allowing it to pull a maneuver. I have no idea how hard this would be to implement, but it would be cool to finally give supe
  7. Anyone know any good missile unity guides? Do they require just a thrust transform, or something else?
  8. So, I tried to run this mod on a VERY non-recommended computer- a 12 inch macbook, just for fun. It actually almost worked, minus the fps of about 10. The only other problem was that the scatterer drew a non transparent shell around the earth, that covers it. Is there a setting I could change to get this working, or is it a downside of the macbook's abysmal performance.
  9. I agree. I tried to delete scatterer and the clouds in assets, but the effects simply didn"t show up, instead showing the standard rss textures. Any ideas?
  10. How would I go about writing an RO config for an engine I modded? And where would I put it in the folder structure. (sorry if this is the wrong place, tell me where it belongs and I'll ask there)
  11. Might I suggest the New Glenn? No one had done it yet, and it would be easy to add in the Vulcan afterwards because they both share the BE-4 engine.
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