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  1. I have that glitch, where a phantom light appears on each solar panel, also illuminating its surroundings. Did anyone else encounter this, or does know, how to get rid of it?
  2. Well, that check engine light just deleted my space station, caused a excrements ton of null.pointer.exceptions and bricks the game everytime I try to load an Ortho part launched from before the update and an Ortho part launched after the update into the same scene.
  3. I think there seems to be a problem with NF Construction: I already reinstalled both B9 Switch and NF Construction, the issue remains. Any idea what's causing this?
  4. Update on my testing: I fully reverted to KAS 1.1 (I previously only copied extracts from 1.1 to 1.2) and the explosions are mostly gone. They can occur occasionally, but with enough quick saving you can manage to avoid them. Update: The exploding SEP-setup seems to be a stock behaviour and is linked to errors in terrain calculations. It also happens with flags and only occurs after reloading within physics distance of a ground-attached object.
  5. That's atleast what I observed yesterday. I'll further investigate the behaviour of the SEP parts today (especially this weird suborbital glitch, maybe some other mod is also acting up), but for now it seems mostly disfunctional.
  6. So replacing the .dll makes the menu dialogue reappear, but all ground-attached parts (including flags) seem to no-longer be able to "land", but are always registered as "suborbital" by the .sfs save file. So timewarp instantly kills your SEP setup. You CAN bypass this by quick saving and savegame editing after leaving the physics range of your landing zone, but it's not how it's supposed to work. Is there already a known way, how to consistently fix this bug?
  7. Does anyone know, how to reference the variable "DeployedCrewCapacity" from the inflatable habitats/centrifuges to use it for scaling with lifesupport? My last try looked like that: Any ideas?
  8. I just noticed, that of all the expandable habitats, only the two 3.75m "try" to add TACLS resources. But the MM script uses the "CrewCapacity" Variable as multiplier for adding the resources, which in turn is zero, as the actual capacity is defined through "DeployedCrewCapacity" from the modules "ModuleDeployableHabitat" or "ModuleDeployableCentrifuge". I tried to extract that value from the respective Module, but I can't figure it out entirely. I also made a script to add the Visual Scan experiment to the 2.5 cupola and some other cupolas from other mods: @PART[cupola]:FOR[zz
  9. Could you also please add a 5m heat shield for the large command pod, so we can use it to haul large numbers of Kerbals to orbit and back?
  10. Do you still have this file somewhere? The download link is broken, and I have the described issue of disappearing shrouds.
  11. Flying a research aircraft during an apocalyptic eclipse.
  12. Unless the part has the infernal robotics plugin, as far as I know, this is able to handle such kind of tasks.
  13. Well, I hoped to attach radiators to the orthogonal side of the truss very much like it's done on the ISS.
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