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  1. Thank you. So I followed your link, downloaded the new ckan.exe, run it. Now I can refresh ckan repositories again.
  2. It would be nice to add the actual link to this thread.
  3. Hi, I have a similar request and found another similar post already. Maybe the answer there interests you. Here is the link:
  4. I am having almost the identical question myself. Just with the addition of using kOS. I did a little forum research (the last 6 pages of add-on release). And only one mod or post seems relevant: Reading some posts in it, it talks about what other mods to keep alongside the "career evolution contract pack" mod for good gameplay. Remark: Needs another research tree. AFAIK. I am considering just trying those packs myself now.. =) After some more research you might want to look at this post for working mods:
  5. I have KSP on steam. I do run KSP form a steam KPS copy with my mods. Like you described. Could you give any advice on how you then proceed updating the steam copy, since only the vanilla KPS get the auto update via steam directly. What would be the best solution? I went for: do a backup of the copy I play with. Then deleting the steam version, copy the copy into the steam Version and then update it via steam ksp > local files > verify integrity of local files to update my copy. How do you guys do it. If there is a better way please do tell. Thanks in advance.
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