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  1. Merry Christmas from India....... Here's my Christmas Creation in KSP this year......
  2. Wow! this patch adds useful features and realism to the Space Shuttle. Thanks!!!
  3. DECQ, Can you add KM_PreLaunchEffects in SSME.... For the steam coming out before launch.........
  4. I am having a problem in the roll maneuver after clearing the tower. As soon as start rolling the whole craft starts wobbling.(SAS was 'on') Because of this I have to rotate the craft in VAB and then lauch it. Can anybody help?
  5. Nope!! It is not a Saturn V, it's a Sarnus V(Uses BDB's Parts only) Sorry for that. I could not find out where and how many antennas to put. I didn't found and nice photo of Service module in the internet. Please can you help m where to put the antennas.
  6. Thanks for this awesome mod. This is a tribute to this mod's developers. If you all like the cinematic please share it with others.
  7. I meant some real life space center and real looking buildings for the space center. I am talking about something like Real KSC http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/118340-real-ksc-in-ksp-dev-halted/
  8. If modders need some new ideas to work on... Here it is something that will take KSP to new realism..... See the picture below:- Just think if mooders can make some addons to add trees to the surface. I have one idea to make Kerbak Konstructs statics(trees) and add it to the shores. Just think about it....... It'll be fun......................
  9. Can somebody make statics for Kerbal Konstructs for making some real life space centers like Kennedy Space Center(NASA), Guiana Space Center(Arianespace), Satish Dhawan Space Center(ISRO) and Kosmodrome(Roscosmos) and many more. I'm not good in modelling but can help in the texturing part. This addon can be a great boon to Kerbal Space Program's Engineers and Rocket scientists........ After all - Conquering the Space was Never this easy................... We need this type of well established Space Center, custom launchpads, lightning protection towers and many more.....
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