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  1. Will HOTAS support for spaceplane flight be introduced during any part of the EA? With the CBT system revamp - will the towering mountain spires near KSP 's KSC be reintroduced? (They were fun to fly around!) Mortoc's Dev Diary 18 was very interesting. Any chance we can get a second installment where he goes into more detail about the CBT system and what it's like to port the existing work over to that? We'd love to see some updates on the HDRP portion as well!
  2. I'm not a huge fan of us putting loitering weapons in space... But I've also read several times that the efficacy of doing something like that isn't great. (c.f. "Rods from God" project). I.e. an unlikely 'first strike' weapon platform. What's more likely behind this is 'persistence' in an anti-satellite warfare scenario. RU, CN and US all have the ability to spy on and damage each other's satellites - and to one degree or another rely upon their satellite networks for ground combat operations. So in any peer conflict involving these three (and yes it could go any direction, despite RU/CN's current declarations of love and support) - I suspect one of the first targets is each other's satellite networks. So this step - far from being a likely 'lets weaponize space and have a first strike capability' is more probably a 'lets build something that is persistent and able to avoid anti-satellite / recon satellites and retain the advantage of high-ground information warfare capability'.
  3. Headslap. Was looking for an Icon or something. Well Played, @Dakota Verrry subtle. Almost like an intelligence test. Thankfully, 18Watt took pity on this here Neanderthal!
  4. What kind of magic are you using to reveal this "Dark Mode"?
  5. I'm not sure about that. I think we gamers are very forgiving of small studios doing quirky things. OTOH - when you have a big publisher behind you and promise great things... we expect a certain level of polish. Let's presume that KSP2 had released in an actual Big Studio EA state - with the basics functioning as expected. About the only complaints you'd hear are those about how slow the Roadmap was going. We would be Wowzers about all the new content, the graphics, the lore, everything. Instead?
  6. Back when he did it - EA was where small studios could release a quirky indy game and get some funding to continue. Now?
  7. I have the same concern when I look at the forums these last few days. Yep. But an informed one - from someone who wants the game to succeed.
  8. Is certainly weird. I found that changes to the name of the craft activated the thrusters. Hitting the Shift key to capitalize or using a z or x in the name = random direction firing. People have tried naming ships in the VAB only to have typing m send them to the map. Like, huh? No. It's not a game that can be played or enjoyed at this time. Fantastic, unrealized potential. Aziz's response is dead on. My thought was based on something Nate said about people who are not involved in the bug repair continuing to work on their part of the game. But yeah - they have to get the game performant first.
  9. I've said it before - but I'm bored with the bug hunt. Likely because the communication strategy is very much 'Everything is Fine - Let's do a Challenge!' and 'Tell your friends!' It's like they don't know they released a pay-Alpha that is now in pay-Beta territory. Yes, Nate has written a few things on the big picture stuff but it's infrequent. I'm actually OK with that. But the CMs should be in a totally different, realistic role with us. And that is because every time you fire up KSP2 - you are in bughunt mode. The way you keep up the engagement in an Alpha or Beta is by communication with your playing testors. Where is the CM feedback? Where is the 'current bug tracking list' or the 'priority list' or other things I've seen done successfully in other pre release games? Absent. ... Nerdy Mike and Dakota need to call up Coffee Stain and ask for a class on running an EA, btw. Because eventually we will be there - in an EA state and moving onto the Roadmap features. Coffee Stain has had great success with Satisfactory. Intercept might want to take a page from their book. 1.3 million copies sold. Still in EA. Feature rich. Largely bug free. This, too. Which brings me back to 'What the hell is up with the communication strategy'? Even if they are mostly going off of telemetry - data needs inputs. Engagement (willingness to test) is dropping like a stone
  10. Is it reopened? I took my son to DC last May and it was under renovation
  11. Man, I'm in the wrong business. Getting a chance to go to sea, work with deep diving rovers and trying to find that needle in the haystack? Plus, no one is shooting at you and you don't have to spend time practicing invading dictatorships? Liberty in port is truly time off for R&R? I can only dream.
  12. We know that about 25,000 bought through Steam and some number more purchased through other means... But it's a good starting point for the discussion even if it fails to capture the whole picture. I doubt another 25,000 bought into EA via the other places and think it could be as low as 7-10,000. So we can guess that there's only 30-50k copies in the wild? SteamDB reports concurrent players. You get a higher concurrent player count with greater engagement - people's playtime overlap. So the really low concurrency numbers says a lot about the amount of time people are playing - which looks dramatically short - as much as giving us a picture of how many people are playing at all. Since we don't have the data all we can do is infer - and I think it's a fair inference that engagement is low. The spike after the patch was nice - but continued bugginess and lack of content made the numbers drop fast. ... All of which suggests they should be pushing hard on the Roadmap features if they hope to sell more copies.
  13. Gotcha - googled a bit and found a Crysis story of a guy who hadn't upgraded his PSU and the power demand from the GPU made the PSU pop. Similar story to my several times upgraded comp with the original Dell PSU that fried my Mobo and Proc. But mine is not a Crysis story - it's an underpowered PSU story pushing something AAA back in the day. Edit - the whole thing is just weird.
  14. Check out @Nuke's problem with a 750W Corsair. Sounds like either 750 really isn't enough for this generation, or Corsair might have a problem with their 750s. His is a headscratcher. I'm still thinking it is a problem with properly seated cables... which should not really be a problem. The user should have relative confidence that plug-n-play parts plug in well - and the only way we really have to determine that is the Mark 1 Eyeball. If it looks good, it should BE good. FWIW - I generally like overhead in the PSU department after frying a system with an underpowered one.
  15. Just so long as they have someone on site to record both landings!
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