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  1. There was a big article about the Thwaites Glacier in the local press last week. It's very well written, but it's behind a paywall and not in English, anyway. I was looking for more sources and found a related article in Nature. It's not encouraging
  2. Because they didn't have [insert your name here]'s parents.
  3. Have you tried Avira? It's pretty lightweight, however the free version doesn't include web protection.
  4. fixed that for you Edit: I'm a few degrees north, so maybe we get lucky. It's overcast though. Thanks for the heads-up @JoeSchmuckatelli!
  5. Gene became a bionic man. He expects the Cybermen to appear before dark. The Doctor thought that massive jello shots might counter the lack of superior thrusters on brooms. The mission would gradually devolve into something revolutionary to Kerbal cranes and rainbows. How extraordinary that is, considering the effort required to make big ol'
  6. I was about to comment in the "Kerbalisms" thread that you should post that as a suggestion. Glad to see that you already did!
  7. Not an issue here: the buses are electric. https://www.bernmobil.ch/file/Unternehmen/Portrait/Fahrzeugpark/SwissTrolley5-DGTB.PDF
  8. Can't be that. The SpaceX thread for has been locked several times (here for example) but I can see the newer posts just fine.
  9. In my screenshot, do you see the line under Ted's post? The one that says that the thread is closed? I don't see Matuchkin's post, nor any other. Maybe you live in some kind of parallel universe? I don't see any other way to explain this...
  10. To start your way to the stars, you need to get off Earth first. Ignition! by John D. Clark might be a good place to start. I found it a very entertaining read.
  11. Somebody reinvented the wheel:
  12. Chemp


    I'll show myself out
  13. You could make some yourself, it's pretty easy. Google Doppelkeks or Prinzenrolle. Here's a promising recipe (haven't tried it myself though).
  14. It's available on Steam with a discount ending 21 September. @Moach Is there a difference between the playtest and the bought version right now?
  15. Chemp


    What? A whole month already? 4759
  16. I'm having a lot of fun in the editor, KSP players will feel right at home. I'm still missing a COM and COL indicator, that would help a lot. But if you enjoy flying planes in KSP, go get it! Edit: Found it!
  17. I first read: "don't know how a map works", and immediately thought of about half the people I know. Read your sentence again, and still couldn't agree more.
  18. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Version_history
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