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  1. Is the patch 1.11.0 --> 1.11.1 enough or is it necessary to redownload the DLCs, too?
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum! Same setup here, but with Making History instead of Braking Ground. I've reproduced the issue. Although my game won't crash, it throws a Stack Overflow Exception. Flipping the tank is not necessary, and it also happens with other tanks and structural parts. Have you considered filing a bug report?
  3. Well, there's this little gem
  4. Yes, you can. One time only though: The Name Change Thread
  5. To be honest, my first reaction was to give the it a few days. It's not the first time the UI changes, and it has always led to complaints. Eventually, everybody gets used to it and moves on. That worked fine during the day but now it's too harsh on my eyes and I have a headache. What were they thinking? Thank you for the dark theme!
  6. It should, but it's a bit tight for my taste. You can plug in the details here: https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator
  7. That's Go Quest and JRTI. Without having counted the pixels, it looks like 6 km to me.
  8. Props to you for repairing a phone these days! Most people just throw them away
  9. We have at least 6 months, that's doable. Too bad I had to leave most of the books behind when I moved.
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