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  1. @TheKurgan When you say "Source files" are you referring to simply the mod folders and data therewithin? If so I might be able to send you a copy.
  2. Of note for those of you trying out the latest KSP version using the 1.3.0 version of this mod: When using the GN Drive, GN Drive Tau, and Condenser Frame a very bright and flashing light object will pop into existence in the builder and then proceed to flicker like a mofo. I don't know if/when the creator will be back, nor how to fix this problem, but we can hold out hope. He's come back miraculously when I've posted before, so I'm certain he'll come back and deliver us from this possible seizure inducing problem.
  3. I also crash on load. It seems to be something to do with how some of the parts are interacting with something I can't comprehend.
  4. And idea has struck me: Perhaps a small change to the hover function of the GN Drive to make it behave more like the Kerbal Foundries hover pads, with adjustable hover strength, allowing for fewer parts and enabling use to hover safely across landscapes. This might require separating hover from anti-gravity, as the anti-gravity tends to shoot you upward from a body as it doesn't seem to be adjusting to the body's gravity but rather applying a particular thrust upward relative to the vessel's orientation.
  5. A possible suggestion: While operational, perhaps include some kind of mode switch that will flip around some of the RCS controls of the drives. For instance, while messing around with a plane design using GN drives the RCS buttons will behave as though the plane were merely a flipped onto its side rocket with H and N being forward and back, and I and K being up and down (All respectively). Edit: I feel it's best to point out the behaviour detailed is normal in the game, which makes the controls awkward to use when one is used to starting from rockets normally when using the RCS controls
  6. Since you say the 00 is useless, does that mean a TweakScale config has been written? Or is there something else you've got in mind?
  7. As always, love this mod, bit of an issue in the latest update for it: The GN Tau drive is missing. I've found the reason for this being that it is missing its cfg file. Transplanting one from an earlier version of the mod solves the issue and puts the Tau Drive back into the game. Also, the 00 GN Drive is still listed as a "Pod."
  9. I'm certain the author will return triumphantly to declare he's updated it to 1.2, and we shall all rejoice on that day. In the meantime, we'll just have to sit and wait patiently.
  10. Which engine are you using? Edit: Also, which version of both KSP and the mod are you using? The latest version of the mod is for KSP 1.1.2.
  11. Because I'm dumb, how do I increase Hab and Home times? Edit: Perhaps an additional question would also be, how might I, during a flight, restore Hab and Home?
  12. Sorry for barging in, I just love seeing other people's ships ans stations, but I can't see that picture. It looks like a broken link.
  13. An idea for a possible future update to this mod: Instead of adding, essentially, copies of the drives and parts for each size, why not try and add a Tweak Scale config so anyone who has Tweak Scale can make the drives whatever size they need? I was wondering if, perhaps, someone currently active could perhaps explain the relationship between ship mass, drive overload, and increase in velocity? I've been working on a quad Tau setup using the drives as landing gear, and I'd like to be able to have finer control over my velocity.
  14. Tried out the part pack you suggested, and while the leaps aren't as powerful as they were before, the vessel is still flipped over. Tried looking at the debug menu, but I'm not certain if it is too helpful. Think I'll wait on resuming my particular rover centric experiments until the issue is fixed.
  15. Indeed I did, then. I apologize. Thank you for the swift reply.
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