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  1. Given that the moon was apparently impacted by a 1000 km object that may have basically just shed rock onto the surface in a long sequence of surprisingly gentile impacts....yes plural....you have a really rediculous range of possibility’s out there.
  2. Ok I think I fixed it, basicaly I re wrote it from scratch. My intention was to create a variant Hull that was more capable that could be left in orbit with a orbital station while reducing part count so you dont need a 1 man command pod + science lab. i think I may just kit bash a new model that has both without deleting seats. I found loosing one scientist not worth it since I end up adding hab space anyway for an engineer.
  3. The Soviets were also aware of the Orion drive, and Were aware that we had reportedly proven that we could build shaped charge nukes, and or had actualy tested them. Polyus vs buran was where the Soviet system started breaking down. The Soviet Union was large. They did not need the dead weight of the burans wings to let it land almost anywhere in the Soviet Union, and they became increasingly convinced that the shuttle we had was just freaking insain from a safety point of view.
  4. Ok ran into a weird one. I tried to clone rename and tweek a large lab pod to also work as a command by reducing max crew by one. Now in the vab I can go in and eddit the science pod parts like the crew and consumables and load the correct ( reduced ) number of crew. But if I launch it I can now tranfer up to one more crew into it. Otherwise it works fine. Is that because it's a cloned and renamed part.
  5. Does anyone still just have the stock lab? Because I have At least 9 from mods . Which is probably why he never did one.
  6. I have a monster truck at 250 parts and is nothing but mods......well technically the Kerbals are stock . . .
  7. OoohkAy....reading the headline and not reading the links for the in depth. He was clearly talking about mods....like the one that that had one you tuber build a 5 star hotel and casino on minmus. I'm trying to find back that coaster tycoon mod that replaced humans with kerbals but the point stands. Then expect us to come up with our own mods.
  8. I've always wondered why the camera suffers from the worst case of gimble lock imaginable but them a lot of games still suffer from it
  9. Given the INSAIN level of feature creep they displayed in yesterday's interview I think we can consider ourselves lucky if they remember it's Kerbalerbal Space Program and not Kerbal Sim Park. https://nordic.ign.com/kerbal-space-program-2-xbox-one/29231/interview/kerbal-space-program-2-interview-with-nate-simpson-creative-director-at-star-theory we fully expect to see everything from theme parks to race tracks to cliffside super-cities Ohhhh Kay. Now I want to build a clifside race track them park with roller coasters built into and through skyscrapers ! Yay for feature creap! No wait that's star Citizens problem...
  10. Used a separation to get rid of a tested river wheel on an escape trajectory from Duna because that was the contract. in ended up in a weird orbit towards Kerbin then the sun
  11. Well worst case there watching Rover dudes twitch channel and cribing notes from Wolf. best case, he’s cribing Wolf from Ksp2
  12. That was kind of my point. Monernised skyrim when worked on by largly unpayed modders many of whome dont actualy have the credetisls to get hiered by bethesds,*can make a old game engine look good....while payed profestional can only make a suposedly turbocharged updated and modernisef engine that they suposedly updated.....look like total crap.....never mind bugs that dated bact to Skyim and were fixed by comunity mods years ago. Often it turns out its not the tools used by dev teams that result in vrapy games..... And for thre ecord, one of the highest downloaded mods was created by someone who was 13 at the time. Another just got her GED this year.