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  1. Well to be fair.... our Moon is a Super Kerbin.
  2. Well yah I was trying to emulate part of our reality by modding in Konsumables. it got to the point where you kind of needed to use onion staged Orion drives as boosters just to get the entire ship to get out of a 250km orbit to Jool , so yah, it got kind of ridiculous. And even then they used up all the onboard Konsumables a couple of weeks before they got home.
  3. The basic reality is. 1 coms delay is a thing. It’s not a fun thing. Adding coms delay to anything remote controlled really is not that Much fun, and often seems to be agrivating for the sake of frustrating people. 2 Kerbals are far more amusing than probes and sounding rockets unless you have a payload that’s interesting. And even then that payload + Kerbal = interesting and amusing. 3 talking about Signal delay, KSP 2 is launching .... when? it’s already overdue. in fact they recently admitted its being pushed back again. And even then it’s not going to
  4. Ok, someone other has blatantly not been paying attention to my comments here and elsewhere or something. when they, as in the people over at take two, are the ones making puff statments to there shareholders on the one hand about getting more and more aggressive about monitization. At the same time many of the same people talk about the need to cultivate there IPs, both new and ongoing, and matching them to the monitization scheme that makes the most sense for them from one time sales, to regular sequels / dlc / micro transactions / loot boxes / collectible “ card “ sets, and th
  5. I know all of this. Hell one of the worst offenders with loot boxes and monetization has released multiple games that did not have any level of monetization beyond the box price. that does not stop people from having what is basically a well founded fear that someone is going to find a way to shove in abusive monetization. After all gaming corporations do have owners who want there “ 14 % “ profits and ceos who are blatantly CEOs because they think or say they can make money and have repeatedly promised to deliver more money than the other guy even if the other guy is himself.
  6. The problem is ranting about how they plan to monitize the game is kind of pointless at this point. The game will not even be out for just over a year, they have said nothing about it at this point, if they Cary out there commitment to are the game modifiable, whell Nexus and the creation club somehow manage to exist side by side. granted Bethesda keeps making noises about modding 76. Aparently they don’t seem to realize your not suposed to talk out of that hole, because that’s also not where you inset pie.
  7. The problem is if we are talking about some of the more outlandish monitization crap out there, and realize we’re talking about a game who’s top guy is Mr https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strauss_Zelnick, the guy who was on record as saying there’s basicaly nothing wrong with pay per fight mechanics that The Culling tried to introduce, it’s just needed a more realistic price point, and defended -Loot-box mechanics saying there’s basicaly nothing wrong with them, and were less likely to be abused than other in game item acquisition methods. and to be fair I’ve seen stamina mechanics
  8. That’s kind of an exaggeration. Both city skylines and survive shipped as complete games. Skylines to be honest has turned into bloat ware, and to be honest surviving Mars is starting to tun into that, but they seem to be less greedy on the price for some reason, although that may be partly due to smaller teamsize .
  9. Forget to check my staging. probably the most honest post on this thread
  10. Ive tried the mod that. Does this, the problem was i found it agrivating to click though time to get anything built to the point it was literaly the first and last time I stoped playing ksp prior to landing on the mun. I’ve not reloaded the mon since. that said I’m not innately against a mod that properly integrates time constraints. But it sounds like KSP 2 is going for more of a reputation based system.
  11. There’s a couple of sci fi stories about similar world. Rocheworld aka flight of the Dragonfly is one of them. There’s also a Japanese story about a similar situation where someone decided that destabilizing a stable binary planet was the fastest way to strip mine the 2 super earths down to roughly one earth mass each.
  12. No problem. Not sure how extensive ship stores are on other Navy’s. the ones in the us navy evolved in part from the navy wanting to eliminate Bumboats ( small harbor boats that would show up that were basicaly floating “independent”, “convenience”stores on a small boat selling overpriced items to crewmen, not the Singapore tourist boats of the same name, although those appear to have originated from bumboats durring and or shortly after WW2. The US. Navy started selling items like Tobaco and eventually small items and personal grooming items onboard ship. The Gedunk and snack b
  13. Don’t be so sure about that..... It’s not unusual More detail? And no the sale of electronics is not unusual.
  14. I don’t realy have a problem with the science and career mode but more of its a got a lot of weirdness. Space tourism.... um yah in reality a lot of its been subsidized by the ultra Rich, and the rest bluntly being a handful of individuals who basicaly make a living out of selling people dreams and Jpegs who have FAR less to show for there collective efforts than a certain ex developer from Digital anvil, ( note for the record I’m still supporting Star citizen, and unlike some of the guys I’m referring to at least they not sitting on a series of trusts and escrows that let him skim the
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