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  1. From the look of things it’s a successful failure. It failed to deploy all chutes, which is bad and will mKe them take at least another look. it Succeed in landing safety given it was an emergency abort. it that had been an actual abort, getting the crew back alive is always good enough. Since that was a test. Not good enough.
  2. Ok a couple of things. 1 I think the system was rated to safely land with 2 but if that behavior was not intended then yes. 2 The actual launch pad is actually on land. Not in the water. NASA KNOWS THIS. The reality is that NASA the Air Force , and the US Coast Guard actually has launch failure scenarios and drills through the year that include a launch abort dropping what’s left of a rocket inside Kenedy/Canaveral and or city’s/community’s around and in Brevard County. Because to them, Worst case scenario is that a rocket looses guidance control and flys over and into Titusville with range safety somehow disabled. They do not assume that because the launch is intended to cross over land and over water shortly after launch means worse case scenario the rocket always automagically lands in the ocean and everything will be hunky-dory. Ok why is automagically a word in autocorrect? I’m not changing it, because it fits better than Automatically In that sentence.
  3. I know. Like I said I don’t realy have that much of a problem with them. It’s like that explodatron gun someone modded for fallout.(one shot and instant rendering into chunky salsa of anything.)
  4. Well a few minor points one it’s a sci fantasy drive but beyond that not really bothered by it, secondly the closest anyone has gotten gotten to an actual electric drive is the Electrodynamic tether, variations on it have been or are being tested to assist in station keeping and In proposals for de orbiting orbital Debris.
  5. There’s already an alien civilization present in KSP. and I don’t mean the guys who put artifacts and monoliths all over the place.
  6. Oddly a graphic driver update cured the memory overflow. Thought I had those set to auto.
  7. I dont have one just an observation that my memory ussage on KSP starts ballooning like crazy but the ??? is from my confusion as to why it does not happen when I have two groups of mods installed. Im going through and cleaning out mods and reinstalling them one at a time tonight and seeing what happens. I may just straight up purge some older mods as well
  8. thats probably because the game is looking at the Kerbal and not the seat
  9. Im not really talking about those mods, the mod I had a problem with was my fault for somehow managing to get CKan to load an older mod. my current problem is Kop. but they are working on that.
  10. Apart from KSP ballooning its memory usage to fill all available memory for some unknown reason (my memory usage shot up to 3,3 terabytes but that may be because of windows 10s game record function not playing nicely with Kap installed, I need to run a clean with game record disabled to verify that though) I honestly don't know. I do know that when in sandbox mode with Tweek and interstellar disabled I was able to run it ok, but the same could be said with haveing this disabled and Tweek and interstellar running so ?????
  11. Now just one more mod... but I may try a duped save anyway.
  12. Actualy it was my fault, and already fixed. Now just need a couple more mod updates and I can stop useing sandbox.
  13. And boom goes the mods I updated yesterday! Oh well we all knew that was going to happen!
  14. The other theory I have seen is it’s based on the Hybrid Fusion Fission reactor the Russians are working on. IE it could be designed to work as either a Fusion jet or as a nuclear thermal rocket, or even as a basic metalic hydrogen rocket, which gives you three choices on how to use it based on what you need it to do. Ie metallic Hydrogen for launches and when you need to be environmentally friendly. Nuclear thermal rocket, when Radiation is not a problem and or The combo fusion Fission Hybrid for when you want to go full bore torch ship.
  15. NThey are being a bit vague about it for som reason. But he did mention that as of the day he recorded that video one engine that they had in that trailer has still not been identified. I think most people think it’s referring to the second “ compound” engine. Note I personally doubt it’s a Aeroplug engine, as that is a SSTO engine. That seemed to be in deep space and in use.