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  1. Well Hogwarts is skewing the numbers. Given that of the 5 games coming out this month it’s in third place, while still good, it’s honestly closer to where it should be.
  2. Aww come join us in the rude side! We have Oreo stuffed Oreos!
  3. Let’s see 1949 V2 WAC/Corporal active 5x speed of sound. 1969 Mariner 6 launches 1995 Corona declassified. 2011 Last launch of Discovery. I think they just picked a date to be honest.
  4. Oh by the way. That gets you a almost pure CO2 atmosphere. Because you kind of need that much CO2 to trigger enough of a greenhouse effect to help warm up the planet. that’s going to cause issues. One creating a breathable atmosphere using photosynthesis is going to be a pain, and that’s assuming you actually want one to start with. Remember Mars gets a fraction of the sunlight that earth gets. So photosynthesis will be slow. And to sustain enough of a greenhouse effect you have to balance CO2 and 02 levels. Also compared to Earth (78.1%) Mars(2.6%) (at a fraction of earth atmospheric pressure), functionally has almost No Nitrogen in the atmosphere. So it may be necessary to also start importing Nitrogen along with the CO2 …
  5. The only thing is terraforming is, quite seriously, a ridiculously massive long term endeavor. Mars for example needs almost 250 mb of atmosphere. That’s 1015 tons….or roughly 1 million 1 km comets.
  6. Didn’t yhe stage recovery mod do that …? Give me a tick Not exactly see following posts.
  7. So it’s something that EA, the people behind Fallout 76, Cyberpunk, Anthem, Marvel Avengers, Madden……I could go on but yah the list of Special Kind of Stupid when it comes to the Games industry is fairly large.
  8. Ok guys, trying to solve KSP 2 s “problems” by complaining about problems from KSP 1 and proposing solutions when we don’t know what they are going to do in KSP 2 is kind of a total waste of time at this point. There not going to go ZOMG THAT PERSON IR RIGHT!!! CANCEL EARLY RELEASE FOR THREE MONTH AS WE NEED TO REDO EVERYTHING! . . . Unless you already have a copy of KSP2, in which case post it on you tube, link it, and then we can discuss it.
  9. I think someone made a mod parthats basicaly a glass casket you could mount a probe core battery antena and solar panels to.
  10. I think it’s a nod to That one concept of Jeff C.(NovaSilisko) that never fully made it into KSP. I suspect that if anything planet ???O? May be that world. And Putt putt may be the engine that lets us get there.
  11. Well there’s also the bwhooop of the turbo pump on Titan 2.
  12. Usualy early access means you get the game early up to and including 1.0 often at a discount.
  13. Oh who peaked instead of peeking?
  14. The only thing is Musks not the first one to advocated colonizing Mars. Ray Bradbury wrote about it in the Martian chronicles,(written before Musk was even born and the idea of traveling to mars goes back to the 1800s.
  15. Seriously wish I could just put entire threads on ignore.
  16. In an industry as leaky as video games? Even Bethesda which untill that point we’re notorious for not leaking sprung a leak. Heck never mind that, I know my dads old workplace bought out a warehouse to put staff in so they had decent distancing, and finally rebuilt his floor to eliminate all cubicles and replaced them with full floor to ceiling quasi offices, including doors, on a one “office” per three former cubicles basis, before they shifted to a more normal work from home hybrid set up. strange to think of that as a more normal setup.
  17. You have to realise that what’s going to be in game is going to be what you see in the roadmap. They can’t just sit down and code in something in less than 6 weeks, ( assuming a 6 week dev cycle) or even longer given that they already have roadmap that covers the next 36- 96 weeks before they can really get around to adding anything new.
  18. - Ara was out of focus on camera. - early access now for ksp was partly because of what happened in KSP 1 so no interstellar in part one of early access. But it’s part of the roadmap to KSP 1,
  19. And aparently forgot to quick save in case they overshoot…
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