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  1. Hiya I've got an issue where I start it up, and the KSP screen goes blank. It doesn't freeze, but it's black. I can see the KSP cursor on the screen and it's responsive it's just the screen is completely black. All I have installed is BDAc, PRE and North Kerbin Dynamics.
  2. Hang on I don't have a brain, I'm a pota... planet

  3. What's on my mind? I don't know... brain cells and stuff?

  4. Err.. what happened is I created a new account with a new email, and I didn't realise I already had an account, can you merge my old account (DylanTheMinerBoy) into this one? Can you keep the name of this account too, I don't want to be lost in the space time continuum like Eeloo, Yours Planetarily, Dres
  5. Hello, my name is The Honourable Dres, The Space Potato, but people just call me Dres! I have technically been a member since 2013... but.. I need to make a new account so, here I am. I hope you all have a good day today, I'm having a good day today. Now, I have a poll for you guys. Is Dres an interesting pota... I mean interesting planet. Hope ya have a good day, if you want to see me, I am just out past Duna, try using the nuclear engine to get here.
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