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  1. The only out-of-place things I'm seeing in the mod is some z-fighting in the clouds in some select patches at high altitudes (below 100,000), city textures in the ocean, and a tiny bit of z fighting on the coastlines. Other than that, this mod looks stupendous on windows 64 bit workaround! Better than looking at cloud-less 'jelly-Earth'!
  2. Sorry if this had already been answered, but what day of the year does real solar system start on? I'd assume the equivalent of January 1st, but I just want to make sure.
  3. Any chance the linux-x64 release for 1.0.4 could work with the 64 bit community workaround on 1.0.5? After attempting an install and following the instructions and using EVE 1-05-3, everything above the horizon appears pitch black. And is using version 1.0.4 a better route to take?
  4. Hello, I am having a small issue with RO at the moment. I have built a Space Shuttle using Mk3 and procedural parts/wings. When attempting a reentry, at around 100 km/7.9 km/s a procedural nose cone, rcs thrusters, and all of the procedural control surfaces (spaceplane ones) all overheat and decintigrate before any serious acceleration or reentry effects appear. I have Deadly Reentry 7.3.1 installed, and the only non-suggested mod aside from what CKAN suggests I have is RVE for ksp 1.0.4. I can recreate the situation to obtain a log file if needed.