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  1. Since my last mission I have updated the Ares V first stage to utilize NFLV's orange tankage, I think it looks better than a tweakscaled Redirect tank. Tankage is still 6.25m
  2. Yes ofc! I've been caught up with IRL stuff like work and school but I have recently figured out the skills of time management. There will be some surprises coming soon!
  3. Orion 13, and Altair 2, 2020 - Crewed Landing on the Mun With all preparations that have taken place, it's finally time to land on the Mun The Altair does most of the legwork for the injection burn followed by Orion finishing it off The crew departs for the surface For the first time in decades crew have finally touched down on the surface of their nearest celestial neighbor The crew take a step out on the surface for the first time and probably say something poetic The rest of the crew join him to put up the flag After spending a co
  4. Idk man I'm just going vaguely off the mission list which shows everything after Ares I-Y is crewed
  5. Orion 11 and Altair 1, 2020 Mission objective is to test the Altair in low orbit akin to how Apollo 9 tested the LM. New RS-68B engines from Bluedog Design Bureau to help alleviate the problems with having ablative nozzles alongside SRB's Also sporting new 5 segment SRB's from @DylanSemrau's Photon Corp Orion meets up with the Altair in low orbit Docking successful Relight of the J-2X while pushing the Altair and Orion like how it will on a trip beyond low orbit Now testing free flight of both craft where crew will enter the lander and test its capab
  6. As benjee said, make sure to see if you’re using the right engines as the shuttle runs on LH2/Oxidizer. I’d also add to double check the decoupler and see if crossfeed is enabled as well, I think i ran into that myself when first building out my shuttle stack.
  7. I finally can have some variation between my orbiters thanks to this mod! Space Shuttle Prototype Space Shuttle Champion
  8. Congrats on the new update! Even a year later I'm still enjoying the shuttle Here's some screenies from a couple of my shuttle flights.
  9. The version you linked is the one I've been using, but just to make sure I reinstalled it but unfortunatley I still have the same results. Not sure if this is just on my end but I don't seem to encounter this in stock Kerbin at 2.5x scale, but I do encounter this issue in normal RSS.
  10. Yea personally from my experience in regular RSS you just gotta get used to it and you'll become a better player as a result. Also ran into bit of lighting issues that I also get with regular RSS + Planetshine, idk if these can be fixed here but if so that'd be awesome. Chanding ambient light values while in atmosphere seems to have no affect regardless of its setting Ground and atmosphere ambient light doesnt seem to work either for brightening up the scene.
  11. I'm using Making Alternate History by @bcink (also try and cut the images out of the quotes so the thread isnt cluttered with repeat images) Update: I haven't forgotten about this project, I'll return to it as soon as I find the time/motivation, college and recent world events has been totally draining up my time and energy. I have the screenshots of the next mission so I'll upload those when I can.
  12. Howdy y'all, this planet pack looks hella rad and decided to try it out. I did run into an issue in the 2.5x rescale regarding the KK statics, some appear uhh a little out of place. LC-39A and B appear to be inside a hill Just reporting these here hoping to see if these can be fixed by next release, that'd be rad
  13. Ares V-Y, 2019 After years of development, the Ares V prototype vehicle sits on LC-39A. The largest rocket ever developed beating out the Sarnus V (Saturn V). Core stage 6.25m diameter also making it the widest tankage ever used. Kerbin Departure Stage The Ares carries a dummy descent stage as a test payload. With the succesful launch, final preparations begin with one final test flight taking place before the return to Kerbin's Moon.
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