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  1. Apollo-Skylab Rescue Yes the last one I launched a different one and switched the texture for reentry effect, sue me
  2. I ask for the thread to please consider the following... Extend! Capable of 33tons of hydrolox to LEO in KSRSS.
  3. Oh yea, its screenie hours! A bit late but celebrating the anniversary of Sputnik. "Soviets artificial moon" vs the moon. Vostok hours
  4. First Also this is brilliant! Amazing looking screenies u got going on here.
  5. Nope not abandoned! Just taken a break from KSP burnout for a bit but I will return in due time. Some mods have popped into existence since I started this whole thing so I have to decide whether or not to use those as well as whether or not I feel like updating my KSP Ares install. So a lot to consider and not enough brain energy at the moment!
  6. Crazy that this is the first I'm seeing this thread, good stuff, I'm following immediatley.
  7. So I mentioned in one of my previous posts that there would be surprises, without further ado I would like to give a little sneak peak at some of what is to come. Orbital MMSEV 2028 NTR Asteroid Survey Mission Lunar MMSEV Lunar Outpost (final version may look slightly different from this) Inspired by NASA's Constellation Architecture Team Lunar Scenario 12.0 detailed here; (https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/20100003415) All of this has been thanks to @benjee10's amazing new part mod which allows for easy surface base construction and provides the MMSEV rover. The next decade will be dedicated to lunar surface missions and surface base construction leading up to an eventual Mars/Duna mission. Stay tuned and check out Benjee's new mod!
  8. Since my last mission I have updated the Ares V first stage to utilize NFLV's orange tankage, I think it looks better than a tweakscaled Redirect tank. Tankage is still 6.25m
  9. Yes ofc! I've been caught up with IRL stuff like work and school but I have recently figured out the skills of time management. There will be some surprises coming soon!
  10. Orion 13, and Altair 2, 2020 - Crewed Landing on the Mun With all preparations that have taken place, it's finally time to land on the Mun The Altair does most of the legwork for the injection burn followed by Orion finishing it off The crew departs for the surface For the first time in decades crew have finally touched down on the surface of their nearest celestial neighbor The crew take a step out on the surface for the first time and probably say something poetic The rest of the crew join him to put up the flag After spending a couple days on the surface the crew return home On the way home, a deep space EVA is conducted It feels good to finally reach this place in the timeline, thank you to everyone who has stuck with this several month long project. Stay tuned there's a lot more to come!
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