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  1. Orion 2 to the ISS, Late 2015 Following the events of the first mission, a second flight of the Orion and Ares takes off later that year. Among some of the upcoming improvements, I forgot that Tundra's launchpads have an option for the lightning masts and as such I've switched over to them for historical accuracy. After a couple of weeks, the crew departs the ISS and returns home. The flight proved the use of Orion for the second time and will now be considered an operational crew vehicle, continued flights will prove the further longevity of Orion for months
  2. Haha, thank you both! Still got plenty more coming down the road till we get to Duna. @Heliotrope Welcome to the forums
  3. Aww hell yea that's awesome thank you Luckily I still have a lot more missions to do
  4. Orion 1, First Crewed Orion flight to the ISS, 2015 After years of testing, the program is confident in crew launch capability. A flight will be conducted to the international space station to test crew operations for low orbit. 4 Kerbals embark on the voyage to the station for the first time since the retirement of the shuttle program. Always love having the VAB in the background First flight of the new J-2X engine Orbit Achieved Approach to the ISS After spending a couple days at the ISS, the crew departs having fully tested the new crew veh
  5. Ares I-Y High Altitude Abort, 2012 3 years after the launch of Ares I-X and 1 year after the retirement of the space shuttle, the launch tower was revamped to make way for the next crew LV. Launching from Pad 39B, Ares I-Y sports the first use of a 5 segment shuttle SRB. Along with that, it also carries a boilerplate Orion crew capsule to test for a high altitude abort scenario. After successfully not having the parachutes disintigrate from SRB exhaust, the program is ready for a crewed flight to the International Space Station.
  6. Higher than yours I think its like 40 prolly idk i dont keep track Departure:
  7. Still a huge fan of the integrated program plan but constellation is def top 2 for me.
  8. Taking inspiration from the constellation program's Copernicus Mars transfer vehicle I was able to make a pretty convincing version of it using your parts and it turned out hella good
  9. Ares I-X, October 28th, 2009. Utilizing the existing Shuttle pad, the prototype LV lifts off from pad 39B. Testing the feasibility of using a shuttle SRB as a first stage and the overall areodynamics of the vehicle. With a nonfunctional second stage and payload the primary mission is complete. Fun fact: On the IRL mission, the first stage suffered issues, first it recontacted the dummy second stage and then with the parachutes, one failed to open, while another only opened part way causing the SRB to hit the ocean way faster than intended.
  10. Introduction: In 2010 the Constellation program was cancelled with the only things to show for it was a prototype of the Ares I launch vehicle and a semi developed crew capsule, the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle. The program had a quite a bit of lofty goals, having to develop new large launch vehicles using the knowlege gained from the Shuttle and Apollo programs as well as creating new crew exploration vehicles that could be used for LEO, the Moon and eventually Mars. It became an extremely costly effort leading to it's eventual demise. Thanks to KSP and a variety of totally rad mods from
  11. First lmao. Hella glad to finally see a stockalike skylon and I hope to try this out soon!
  12. Ayy finally a release from ya, congrats buddy! Next time I start an early career game I'll be sure to install this first.
  13. I've started an Integrated Program Plan based playthrough in 2.5x and testing of the space tug segment has been going well Works well with Benjee's Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit mod. Testing has also gone well on the Munar side of things.
  14. Congrats on release @CobaltWolf, I've followed this mod since late 2015 back when you first added Atlas V and I've loved every release since. Your work has vastly improved since then and with every update I always say "Lol why are they revamping this, there's no way they can make it better." And I always get proven wrong. I'm going to have tons of fun with the new parts and I'm very excited to see how your work continues to progress in the future
  15. Loving the new LDC parts, there's plenty of lego-ability for me to create my own design. An entire LV based on J-2 technology (minus the booster ) First stage uses 3 J-2T's Second stage utilizes the inflatable J-2X with atlas roll control thrusters.
  16. Testing other uses for the Gemini lander parts (and the helios probe core), came up with this cutie Fits perfectly with a 2.5m heatshield One test got me next to this rocky boi. Another broke an antennae...
  17. In my experience, BDB works fine in 1.7.3. Haven't had any issues yet Moreso titan than anything else Screenie tiem from my recent Mun mission.
  18. That's probably true, I was thinking optimistacally as nothing has been announced as far as ik. In an alternate timeline however... Block I upper stage but with Pyrios boosters lmao
  19. They look plain and generic because NASA has not decided on which advanced booster to go with for block II. There's the Dark Knight SRB's, an upgraded SRB. An LRB powered by 3 AJ1E6 engines, and ofc the Pyrios boosters.
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