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  1. Ares I-X, October 28th, 2009.

    Utilizing the existing Shuttle pad, the prototype LV lifts off from pad 39B. Testing the feasibility of using a shuttle SRB as a first stage and the overall areodynamics of the vehicle.





    With a nonfunctional second stage and payload the primary mission is complete.

    Fun fact: On the IRL mission, the first stage suffered issues, first it recontacted the dummy second stage and then with the parachutes, one failed to open, while another only opened part way causing the SRB to hit the ocean way faster than intended.

  2. Introduction:

    In 2010 the Constellation program was cancelled with the only things to show for it was a prototype of the Ares I launch vehicle and a semi developed crew capsule, the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle. The program had a quite a bit of lofty goals, having to develop new large launch vehicles using the knowlege gained from the Shuttle and Apollo programs as well as creating new crew exploration vehicles that could be used for LEO, the Moon and eventually Mars. It became an extremely costly effort leading to it's eventual demise. Thanks to KSP and a variety of totally rad mods from around the community, here is a somewhat Kerbalized set of events if the Constellation program continued into the next decade and beyond.


    Mods and stuff:


    KSP 1.7.3 
    2.5x Rescale

    Main Mods:

    B9 Partswitch
    Bluedog Design Bureau
    Blackheart's Decals
    Kerbal Atomics
    Kerbal Konstructs
    KSC Extended
    Making Alternate History
    Modular Launchpads
    Near Future Construction
    Near Future Electrical
    Near Future Exploration
    Near Future Launch Vehicles
    Near Future Solar
    Procedural Fairings
    Rescale + Sigma Dimensions
    Kerbal Alarm Clock

    Enviromental Visual Enhancements - Default config
    KS3P - Zorg's config
    Light Fixer


  3. Congrats on release @CobaltWolf, I've followed this mod since late 2015 back when you first added Atlas V and I've loved every release since. Your work has vastly improved since then and with every update I always say "Lol why are they revamping this, there's no way they can make it better." And I always get proven wrong. I'm going to have tons of fun with the new parts and I'm very excited to see how your work continues to progress in the future


  4. 5 hours ago, JediRangerkendor said:

    i would love to start using my 1.7.3 (with both DLC!) of KSP, but I have been so in love with BDB that i refuse to play the game without it. When is the next update due out? 

    In my experience, BDB works fine in 1.7.3. Haven't had any issues yet

    5 hours ago, Jall said:

    @CobaltWolf has made the main focus of this update surround Gemini, and I think he’s nearing completion on it for now (feel free to yell at me if I’m totally wrong here).

    Moreso titan than anything else

    Screenie tiem from my recent Mun mission.




  5. 21 hours ago, CobaltWolf said:

    I believe the plans for upgraded boosters in general have been dropped. I am fairly certain that the Pyrios boosters in particular aren't in the running anymore if upgraded boosters are still being studied.


    That's probably true, I was thinking optimistacally as nothing has been announced as far as ik.

    In an alternate timeline however...


    Block I upper stage but with Pyrios boosters lmao


  6. On 6/20/2019 at 7:31 AM, DriftedCougar said:

    Those look more plain-er :P The only advanced booster i remember wil be added for certain is the pyrios LFB.

    They look plain and generic because NASA has not decided on which advanced booster to go with for block II. There's the Dark Knight SRB's, an upgraded SRB. An LRB powered by 3 AJ1E6 engines, and ofc the Pyrios boosters.

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