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  1. dang you right, I mean I knew that I just mean it works well with it in combination. @Orbital_phoenix IMO instead of balancing for that, it should be balanced against BDB (since this mod is sort of meant to be used with it) (Which btw is balanced for 2.5x scale)) In that case, I think your tanks need a lot more LH2 as BDB's Centaur tanks greatly outperform. The large propellant tank: Note the delta V difference. BDB's tanks at roughly the same size The BDB's tanks in this image hold about 2625 units of LH2 each, which with 5 tanks hold about 13125 units whereas your
  2. Maybe a suggestion to reduce the SOI of valentine, it just feels a little large as it almost reaches the orbit of plock when OPM is installed.
  3. Straight up loving this mod btw, very accessible for a star system! I feel like it's the perfect distance from Kerbol to be somewhat realistic but not absurdly far away!
  4. I am interested to see if there's been any progress to this so far in the past month, especially the nerva . But as always, no rush to these things since modding takes time and stuff.
  5. Trying this mod out for the first time in like a few years and it works and looks better than ever!
  6. Are you sure it was 4? Most of the pics ive seen were either 2 engines or 1 2 Engine Config (can't really see the engines in this one but there only seems to be 2 plumes.) Then there's this, which only appears to show a single engine on the primary propulsion module.
  7. hOLY THIS LOOKS AWESOME!! Definitely going to end up being one of my 'must have mods'. I've been interested in this architecture for quite a long time and have waited for someone to acknowledge its existence in ksp much less make a stockalike mod out of it. Keep up the amazing work!
  8. As someone who cant run a ton of mods, it'd be nice not to have to use RPM for the IVA. That crew cabin looks hella dope, cant wait to see the other redone parts. I have to ask though, is the texture on the ascent stage the finished product? I feel the color contrasts too much from the crew cabin. But here's a screenie:
  9. Ngl but pictures would probably help... Speaking of pictures... Will post more when I bother to actually finish the mission...
  10. Much like with the real Apollo missions that used the Saturn IB, you have to empty out about 3/4 of the service module's fuel tank. If you do that it'll make it significantly easier to get into orbit. @CobaltWolf Found a bug with the ranger solar panels where they don't want to properly attach to surfaces... The other parts are also radially attached just to verify that it is indeed a problem with the solar panels and not the probe core itself. Tried with a different proper core just in case
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