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  1. Testing other uses for the Gemini lander parts (and the helios probe core), came up with this cutie Fits perfectly with a 2.5m heatshield One test got me next to this rocky boi. Another broke an antennae...
  2. In my experience, BDB works fine in 1.7.3. Haven't had any issues yet Moreso titan than anything else Screenie tiem from my recent Mun mission.
  3. That's probably true, I was thinking optimistacally as nothing has been announced as far as ik. In an alternate timeline however... Block I upper stage but with Pyrios boosters lmao
  4. They look plain and generic because NASA has not decided on which advanced booster to go with for block II. There's the Dark Knight SRB's, an upgraded SRB. An LRB powered by 3 AJ1E6 engines, and ofc the Pyrios boosters.
  5. Can't wait to see the release of this, truly an amazing vehicle to fly!
  6. Loving the Candarm, would it be possible for those with the DLC to be able to choose between Breaking Grounds robotics or IR Next's robotics?
  7. Wow, I love this new LK. This is a great improvement over the original! Any way we could get these variants btw, those shades of green are absolutely beautiful and really scream "Soviet Spacecraft".
  8. Just droppin some screenies to show some appreciation for the release!
  9. Just gonna show some appreciation to @Orbital_phoenix's config by showing some of the moments I've come somewhat close to emulating similar visuals.
  10. Dang dude this is looking amazing, can't wait to yeet this boi towards Duna. Can't wait to see how this turns out!
  11. I hope development is going well, I have run into a certain conflict, however. When paired with cryo engines/tanks the mod seems to conflict with the configs it has set up when bdb is installed as well, so cryotanks overrides the current values the bdb patch has for LH2 with its own set of values. I wonder if there is/will be a fix for this.
  12. I like the look of this suit, it looks rad, the shoulder and arm bits are an interesting look, and the gloves look really nice as well. @SQUAD Perhaps at some point, we can get something akin to the old cinematic suits. It'd be neato to have this suit be implemented in some form. It looks amazing and it's a shame we don't have something akin to it in game.
  13. Real talk this is amazing, best shuttle yet! I’m going to fly the hell out of it once I get the chance.
  14. Currently testing out a restock version with some LH2 patches for the nerv engine of the nerva shuttle in the meantime...
  15. @Pak Unfortunately, I don't believe it made it into any release beyond a beta version hidden on his forum page. Luckily though it can be found here! https://github.com/MrMeeb/Shuttle-Payload-Technologies Some other parts that aren't included are the larger wing pieces that are better scaled to the 150 version of the cargo bay, it would be cool if those were included as well. PS. It'd also be cool to get some variants of the wing strake that resembled Columbia's.
  16. This is lookin rad!!! Hopefully, we get some Soviet NTR at some point to throw a Polyus-like station at Duna or Eve.
  17. It's from the Cormorant Areonology dev version but it does require kerbal actuators to work.
  18. Yup KS3P does the post-processing in game, really improving the overall look of gameplay and most importantly, screenshots! I've been using OrbitalPheonix's configs along with it.
  19. Both space programs decided to take their efforts in cooperation a step further by creating the Vega-Hokulani space station. Pretty sure the forums downgraded the size of these images, so if you want the full wallpaper sized images hmu ig lol
  20. Did someone say Apollo-Soyuz Test Project? No, not really but this looks rad!
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