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  1. This is about as close as I've gotten to that... I'm trying to do an Ares-ish style mission that I'm still in the middle of doing.
  2. Make sure to put the engine on the service module first then, place the antenna, and finally make sure to rotate it into the correct position. Does this one also suffer from O-ring failure.
  3. Paying my screenshot tax of my manned Eve mission, to god emperor @CobaltWolf Leaving home. Arrival at Eve. Periapsis Arrival at Kerbin Any chance on us getting ejectable SLA panels?
  4. *dies from excessive crying* If you're taking any more suggestions on probe stuff I'd like to recommend the structural piece that separates the omni antenna and the main spacecraft on Mariner 2. s/o to my terrible handwriting.... I think It'd make replicas more accurate and it'd be easier to not have to tweakscale ugly structural girders anymore.
  5. Saw the opportunity and the wasted fuel and had to take it! Edit: @griml0ck122 does that include stock fuel tanks or BDB tanks only? Tbh it's prolly as simple as you didn't install community resource pack.
  6. I know this sounds really lame for asking this but, does anyone want to explain what Eyes Turned Skyward is? Also the S-IE engine mount description says to "mount two 'Finch' verniers'" but the 'Finch' is the inline version of the 'Crow'.
  7. I tried using the latest dev release on github and I noticed midway through a mission that the SIVB tanks don't have liquid fuel but liquid hydrogen instead. Are you going to make a version of the tanks that use normal liquid fuel.
  8. Man this is such a great mod, I wish you or someone else luck in finding out what to do to get it working again.
  9. Picture overload time! Here's the inside of the F-1 There's also this cool in-depth documentary about the Saturn V. Hope it helps.
  10. Command: - A non shuttle mk 3 cockpit specifically for airliners. Engines: - 2.5 meter solid rocket boosters. (Moar boosters! ) -Some sort of 1.25 meter engine to fill the gap between the Reliant and the Vector in terms of thrust. -Another fill in the gap 1.25 meter engine between the Terrier and the Nerv in terms of efficiency. -Linear areospike engines. Structural: -2.5 meter version of the structural fuselage (hollowness included) -Bigger launch clamps -A shorter version of the Rockomax Brand Decoupler that detaches from one side. Aerodynamics: - A 3.75 meter no
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