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  1. 17 hours ago, Orbital_phoenix said:

    The work continues .... slowly but surely

    *Pic snip*

    I've tried to create an engine mount for the 4x engine config seen in some space tug pictures. The actual engines that could have been used with it was always vague, earlier studies said they would use the R-10 engines, but latter studies said a completely new cryogenic engine but with very little information about it, so I'll leave the engines up to the player choice, I might work on one in the future though.

    Are you sure it was 4? Most of the pics ive seen were either 2 engines or 1

    2 Engine Config
    Image result for integrated program plan space tug
    Image result for integrated program plan space tug
    Image result for integrated program plan space tug
    (can't really see the engines in this one but there only seems to be 2 plumes.)

    Then there's this, which only appears to show a single engine on the primary propulsion module.
    Image result for integrated program plan space tug

  2. 4 hours ago, TiktaalikDreaming said:

    IVA is underway.

    ~Snippity Snoop~

    I'll be using RPM props and marking it as a dependency going forward.  If anyone desperately wants the MEM without RPM props, let me know and I'll do a quick stock IVA, and call the rpm IVA using modulemanager code instead.  But, just look at those RCS/SAS switches.  You know you want RPM.  I know I don't want to do two IVAs. :D 

    As someone who cant run a ton of mods, it'd be nice not to have to use RPM for the IVA. That crew cabin looks hella dope, cant wait to see the other redone parts. I have to ask though, is the texture on the ascent stage the finished product? I feel the color contrasts too much from the crew cabin.

    But here's a screenie:


  3. 22 hours ago, Nibb31 said:

    Maybe I'm missing something, but when I assemble the LM this way (from bottom to top) DM engine, DM, AM engine, AM, I get a huge gap between the AM and the DM (and the AM cabin doesn't clear the SPS engine bell). I need to lower the AM engine so that it clips into the DM for it to look right, but this of course makes separation wonky.

    Ngl but pictures would probably help...

    Speaking of pictures...


    Will post more when I bother to actually finish the mission...

  4. 2 minutes ago, Jall said:

    Looking great! So.. will this be part of a new mod, or what?

    Nah fam, he's making it for a personal career save.

    But in all seriousness......

    7 hours ago, CobaltWolf said:

    As a reminder, these will not be part of BDB, but are a joint project between myself and @Beale (And we'll probably beg @Jso to balance it and make any configs we need). Visit his thread for ongoing updates on the Black Arrow parts - he's got some cool stuff coming down the line! The first release will focus exclusively on the British Blue Streak and Black Arrow, along with their variants. There may or may not be additional expansions made to cover the Europa rocket line, but the primary focus is just updating the old Tantares NLV parts.


  5. 14 hours ago, BNSF1995 said:

    I second this. The petal adapter also seems a bit wider than the Service Module. That, and I still can't find the sweet spot for getting a CSM to orbit atop a Saturn IB.

    Much like with the real Apollo missions that used the Saturn IB, you have to empty out about 3/4 of the service module's fuel tank. If you do that it'll make it significantly easier to get into orbit.

    @CobaltWolf Found a bug with the ranger solar panels where they don't want to properly attach to surfaces...

    The other parts are also radially attached just to verify that it is indeed a problem with the solar panels and not the probe core itself.


    Tried with a different proper core just in case

  6. 11 minutes ago, Plecy75 said:

    quick question: has anyone else had the idea to send a modified Sarnus-V with Kane CSM around Duna? i thought i would stick some solar panels to the side an add a lab module. please tell me i'm not crazy

    This is about as close as I've gotten to that...


    I'm trying to do an Ares-ish style mission that I'm still in the middle of doing.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Turk_WLF said:

    @CobaltWolf/ any user of this mod, Please bear with me, I just found this mod tonight....

    I have a question on the "Kane-11-CDA High Gain Antenna" I can't seem to get it to properly placed to the "Kane-11-MBM Service Module" by properly placed I mean according the picture in the manual on page 8. I'm sure it is just me not knowing the mod yet.


    Make sure to put the engine on the service module first then, place the antenna, and finally make sure to rotate it into the correct position.

    2 hours ago, cxg2827 said:


    Fixed that for you

    Does this one also suffer from O-ring failure.  Image result for kappa

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