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  1. Ahhhh cant wait. But are Phobos and Deimos going to also be shrunk down or are they going to stay the same size? They're already super tiny.
  2. Dang it looks like using sleep to time travel to the release didn't work.
  3. Hmm...Looks familiar... It's nice to see how much its changed since then.
  4. Dang I was really looking forward to seeing your version of Surveyor. I hope you don't get rid all the probe stuff just to get to Apollo sooner.
  5. @Felbourn When you said "I guess we'll just have to make our own landing footage right now." I smiled wider than I have in my entire life. That episode was awesome.
  6. In the new dev release the zoid solar panels only get power when they're facing 90° towards the sun and when they face it directly they get no power at all.
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