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  1. Hi, I searched the topics but didn't find what I was looking for. So I ask directly now. 1. I have some kraken issues 1. a) When I try to enter the road leading to tunnel at the KSP The kraken appears and takes my world away. 1. b) I had a contract to land at old KSP. I landed besides the runway and tried to move on it from the side. It has the same effect then entering the tunnel road --> kraken. 2. I had to land on the old KSP. But the slightest touchdown caused the runway to collapse. Is there a way to set the buildings to indestructible? I read that there is a config-File but I didn’t find it. I neither found an option within the game. Pardon me, if you already answered the question.
  2. thanks @linuxgurugamer, your advice solved not only the problem with this mod.
  3. I have a problem: the Icon don't show up in 1.4.1 neiter in stock-toolbar nor in blizzy's toolbar.
  4. I installed the visual pack stand alone. Sadly it doesn't work. Using a fresh 1.4. Which conifg do you mean @Waz?
  5. I always delete the folder and copy the new one.
  6. @ShotgunNinja Nice work man, like always. Thanks for the hotfix! <-> to fast the hotfix doesn't work for me.
  7. Hello long time no see @ShotgunNinja, I have encountered a new problem. Right now I have a contract to lunch a sience Lab to Mün. I sent a stock Sience lab and a Since lab frome the Sience mod to that. I was shocked when the contract wasn't fulfilled. Now I traced back every mod that modifies the stock sience and removed only one at a time. - removal of Extraplanetary Launchpads: the stock lab doesn't fulfill the lab-request of the contract. - removal of Station Sience: the stock lab doesn't fulfill the lab-request of the contract. - removal of Kerbalism: the stock lab fullfill the lab request of the contract. So in conclusion Kerbalism seems to modify sience in a way that it influences stock contract fullfillment. My question is, has somebody else these problems? @ShotgunNinja could you please check it out? Right now my solution is to deactivate your sience, gladly you have an option in the settings good job
  8. I compared both config.cfg files. All you changed is @ multiPartAttachNodeReinforcement. As I stated when this solution came up plenty of pages before, this is no solution. But everyone can test it for ones self. After test I think others will agree that this file of yours is no solution of IR vs. KJR. To performe the test please switch: @ Kerbal Space Program\GameData\KerbalJointReinforcement\Plugin\PluginData\KerbalJointReinforcement\config.xml <bool name="multiPartAttachNodeReinforcement">0</bool> to <bool name="multiPartAttachNodeReinforcement">1</bool> and run it without KJR at last. One will see what this changes or do not change. I saw at a test that a crane I used became gum after appling this change (manualy). A solution would be to get the exempts made in that file to work right.
  9. Beware this is no solution at all, in my oppinion. The reason is that it mostly disables Kerbal Joint Reinforcment Mod! Rockets will mostly behave like stock. This means it behaves like gum (again). It is said you can avoid that by more struts, but if I want to go this way I won't have to use KJR anymore. I'd like someone comes with a true solution. You may encountered auto-struts when adding the wheels. There is a way to show, but I don't right now. But it is mentioned in this thread.
  10. @Jacke is right, I propose the same. There are many 'continue'-mods/threads. I for myself have removed IR for now, because KJR is more important to me.
  11. Now I tried it in 'Sand Box'. At the module stands: inactive (even after bohai). When I go to Bon-Voyage-overview in KSP-Window there stands: idle. So not working.
  12. Found a issue with the new system. Food, Water,... at EVA makes the kerbal so heavy that it sinks at sea. Worse, it geht crushed at ~-160m. I solved the problem by adding Bounce to the kerbals and it works. @ShotgunNinja May be you can adept the solution to whole Kerbalism. I changed @profiles\default.cfg following entry: To This prevent Kerbals from sinking with extra weight.
  13. Hello, I have a little big problem with BonVoyage. An unmanned solar powered test probe with wheels (modded-ones) is on idle for the whole time (even if sun is avaible). I think the mistake is on my side. The testprobe stands besides the runway. It should travel at day time with a speed ov at least 4,5 m/s (Average calculated by 'Calculate average speed' = 15. Factor of control: 70% Penalty for movement speed [according to message at 'Poehali']) - I set a target waypoint (with WaypointManager) and activate it. - I push 'Set to active waypoint' in BonVoyage-Menue. On map-view it plots the red line path. - I push 'Poehali' to start the BonVoyage-Mod. I tried imiditally when the red line is present and I tried afterwards. - I go to the trackingstation and open the BonVoyage-menue. Local time updates but the status is 'idle' for the whole day. Mods I've installed regarding rover-movement - 'Wheel Colection' I use the 'small rover wheels' on the test probe. - 'Wheel sounds' - 'KSP-Wheel' -'Kerbal Foundries' Mods installed reagerding rover-management - "Part Comander Continued" - "Kerbalism" - "Rover Sience" - "Waypoint Manager" There are other mods, but they shouldn't interfere with rover-movement or rover-management. Thanks for advice.
  14. As far as it is KJR still messes with IR. IR-Parts are not excluded from KJR-stiffening at all. Genereal solution is still tu deactivate the whole KJR-stiffening. This means KJR-Mod is mostly useless. MuMechToggle is told to exclude the IR-parts. Creater of IR confirms it, but as far as I see MuMechToggle-exclusion doesn't prevent stiffening of IR-parts. I wish someone with knowledge comes up with a solution. I myself lack knowledge, so I just can say the state of beeing (other see it as complaining). Maybe KJR-creators test it with the latest version of IR-Mod?
  15. I had a little talk within the KJR-Topic. They said KJR-usage for IR-Parts should be disabled by config) please see the qoute. So are there some changes made in the IR-Code? Better would be a compatibility-patch instead of deactivating KJR for IR. I had problems (in earlier Versions) with bad wobbling using IR-Parts.
  16. @blowfish looked into the config. There seems no line about Infernal Robotics in it. May I qoute you in the IR topic? Someone knows the syntax to kill settings of Infernal Robotics in that config? Thanks for an answer, sorry the bother.
  17. How do I disable KJR for parts of an other mod?
  18. Sorry don't find the option in menue. could you please be more exact. Where exactly do I find the option to vizual autostruts? A root or a picture would me nice. ---- Found the option...KSP don't show autostruts at the crane but at Fokker Dr.Is
  19. This is semi-working. With that set up your pistons work. Sadly all parts behave like bubblegum again. I will ask for compatibility at KJR too.
  20. Nice to see that there is a report. KJR seems to interfere with Infernal Robotics with very bad results, making usage of KJR and IR in common unusable. See the attached Video . I'd be glad if both modders could find a way to provide compatibility bekause IR has some usages. As long as there is no compatibility I won't use IR to give KJR favor, because quoted solution makes all parts to be gum again. IR-V: 2.0.2+Warp-Patch (couldn't find mentioned 2.0.5) KJR: 3.3.1 KSP: 1.2.2
  21. Hi everyone, after posting in the wrong thread Hello everyone. After posting in the wrong topic I try again. Using IR for a test I encountered some problems. Parts @pistons don't move right, like they do in editor. I made a little vid to explain my problems. IR-V: 2.0.2+Warp-Patch (couldn't find mentioned 2.0.5) KSP: 1.2.2 Also using Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. Please watch and come up with an idea, thanks.
  22. @RoverDude: I found the bug already reported. But didn't saw an Answer from you.
  23. I encountered an issue: During filming I made a simple plane for a rescue mission. I used the propeller engine you give at 'start'. They produce acceleration up to ~98m/s and work fine. Missing for me are sound and animation of the propeller. Any idea why the animation and sound are missing? Using KSP 1.2.1 SXT(Continine) 0.3.3