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  1. Guys, Please make texture settings not affect graphics in KSPedia. On a poor PC you get terrible (realy, teriible) quality of those nice pictures. These aren't rendered by player's computer, so it doesn't need graphical settings.
  2. monstah, this is exactly what it could look like.
  3. Once I was flying around in 1.2 prerelase and I have witnessed a bug that was in fact very useful. My computer is very old and I usually play on lowest textures quality - having 256MB's of VRAM is a terrible thing. Everything was normal until i went IVA - textures of Artificial Horizon and all the other gauges were set to maximum and I havent noticed any performance losses. Usually I can't enjoy flying from FPP because I am unable to read my instruments - on lowest settings textures are very blurry. I have double-checked my settings and there were as usual - texture quality was set to one-eight. Since it worked this way I would like to ask Devs to either split texture settings for internals and externals, or to always force maxmimal quality for instruments - if my computer can run it, every single one should be able to. I think this small change would be appriceated by many owners of low-end computers. I hope to see something like this in upcoming update. Sorry for my English
  4. Hmm, I don't know if there is a mod wich allows you to do so, but I would like to have an possibility of non-permiting my SAS to use RCS while it's on - It would be nice if it could be using only torque and/or control surffaces. I need this for docking - I want to have possibility of using RCS translation, not letting SAS to use Monopropelant... Sorry for my English
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