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    Say a phrase, and complete it

    The Moon never shows it's emotionally supportive side. Jeb Kerman ______ his rocket to the _________
  2. Rocket In My Pocket

    The fuel highway rough idea (edit: more like hub)

    Something I like to do a lot is, to send the craft itself up to LKO empty of fuel on a launcher. This makes the most inefficient part of the trip easier, and then it's a simple matter of using a refueler in LKO to top it off, or just send a second launch with a fuel payload to dock and fill her up. They say once you are in LKO you are "half way to anywhere" so to me at least, it makes the most sense to refuel there and then head out to your destination. It's also easy and convenient, as setting up infrastructure there is simple and close.
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    How to launch large asymmetric space ships

    Reaction Wheels. All the reaction wheels. Like more than is reasonable.
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    Not entirely true actually. The last available version of the demo is still available on 3rd party "free download" sites like Softonic. Or at least it was last I checked. Update: Ok, so looks like that particular link is broken, you can try this though if you are on Steam.
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    I need help

    Not really, nor would it matter since it's single player. There is a building editor if that's what you are asking? Where you got o build the ships you will be using to complete your contracts.
  6. Rocket In My Pocket

    I need help

    Off topic, but man I kind of hate the whole answer voting thing, this conversation is almost impossible to follow because all the responses have been moved out of place.
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    Is there a point to closing intakes?

    I've heard several claims that it does reduce drag, but have never tested it conclusively myself.
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    How Low Into The Water Can You Go?

    350 meters? Pfft...I've been in lakes deeper than that!
  9. Rocket In My Pocket

    If there is music in the game, where are the music files?

    As I understand it, they are "packed" away, and without the proper "unpacking" tools you won't find them in any usable form.
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    Component Diameter?

    I mean this is gonna sound crazy, but hear me out. What if, stuff like decouplers and fuel tanks; what if they were all different colors for easy visual sorting? Maybe even a slightly different pattern or shape, or... Oh, wait. They used to be exactly like that, and then someone thought it was a good idea to make them all look the same and white.
  11. I've seen a bit of confusion on the subject, so I think it needs clarifying. The Munar launch site isn't a console exclusive, it's just coming to console first. "With the History and Parts Pack you will also have the ability to launch your crafts from 4 additional complexes: the Woomerang Launchsite, the Dessert Complex, the Island Runway and a brand new Mun Launchsite, not currently available on PC!"
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    High-Occupancy Mun Lander Challenge

    Haven't gotten around to actually flying the mission start to finish yet, but I've tested it at each stage (Launch to LKO-Mun Transfer-Mun landing-Return/Re-entry) and am confident it's fully capable. Still, wanted to share as I really liked how "kerbal" this rocket came out looking! (I hadn't played KSP in awhile and after underestimating the Dv demands at first, I started to take a "MOAR boosters approach lol.) Not sure if I'll get time to revisit this, run the whole mission, and take more screenshots, but I'd like to. Atm I just call it the "MunLiner." Seats 112 Kerbals. Again, I'm just sharing for fun, I haven't actually, technically completed the challenge in it's entirety yet.
  13. Rocket In My Pocket

    Random plane breakup

    Looks like a pretty bog-standard RUD. Have you tried autostrutting/regular strutting the plane some? Probable cause: The 13.5 G's you experienced at some point, most likely from a hard bank, ripped the plane apart.
  14. Rocket In My Pocket

    Re entry target KSC?

    I usually just eyeball it. Can heavily depend on the vehicle itself though, and your return profile amongst other things. Can you use the debug menu on console? I like to teleport my spaceplanes up and test them in a de-orbit a few times to get a feel for it. I don't typically concern myself with landing ballistic return vehicles like those commonly found on rockets near the KSC as they aren't worth recovering anyways given so little of the original vehicle (and thus cost) is left by the time it returns from space. SSTO's and/or spaceplanes are a different story though as you stand to gain a lot by recovering them closer, my rule of thumb is starting the burn 1/4 to a 1/5 of the total planets circumference before the KSC; when it comes to anything with wings. Then I drop the Pe to 0 right on top of the KSC. Atmo heating is fierce, but brief, and once you are done riding that out, you can start dialing in your approach to the KSC and refining it visually. (That it works for me and my designs is no guarantee it'll work for you and yours though. Lol.)
  15. Rocket In My Pocket

    One handed gaming

    I'm on my phone so I can't find the link, but I think it's better time control or time warping mod? It'll let you throw the game into slow motion whenever you want, you can make it super duper slow like almost standing still or anywhere in between. I assume that would be a big help, and give you all the time you need to access the controls with one hand. Hope you feel better soon! UPDATE: Home now, here's the link:
  16. Just use the in game version?
  17. Rocket In My Pocket

    Space station core unbalanced

    We'd need a pic prolly to do any real troubleshooting. However, I've moved off balance stuff before by reducing throttle and making sure SAS is at full strength. (Turn off caps lock mode.) Slowly increase throttle until you find the tipping point, then back off and keep it there.
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    I like it

    The thumbs up icon says "Like" when you mouse over it.
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    I like it

    Whilst I agree they are pointless, and I hate all things Facebook/Twitter/etc... I use them for; When I like what someone has said but having nothing substantial to add to the thread myself. So I "like" it but don't respond otherwise. When I really like something someone has said I both respond and "like" it so as to communicate that fact to them. It also sends the person a notification, so if you are going to respond to someone and not quote them; a "like" will get their attention so they might see your post. Other people use them and value them, so I take part in it as a sort of "social contract."
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    I like it

    I think you're right about that, it was just "reacts" for awhile wasn't it? Like "so and so reacted to this!" Well...actually it still says that but it also says "like" when you mouse over it so....I'm confused lol.
  21. Rocket In My Pocket

    Max Physics Delta Time

    To be honest, I'm not entirely sure myself after all these years. In my experience, it can be different for any given computer. I've had computers that liked it on the lowest setting, and computers that liked it on the highest. Your best bet is to test it yourself with the "space station scenario" as that's a pretty good number of parts for a benchmark; and see which way get's you more "green clock" and less yellow/red.
  22. Rocket In My Pocket

    It's been 5 years.. What's new?

    Welcome back! It'd be difficult so sum up everything that's changed since then; it's a lot! You can check out the KSP weeklies, or skim the patch notes to get a rough idea, or just play and learn as you go.
  23. Rocket In My Pocket

    What Career build are you most proud of?

    My first asteroid grabber; Ronin1. I really struggled with wrapping my head around asteroid interception at first, and made a thread here asking for help, which I received in abundance. Seeing my old pics of this ship always reminds me of how awesome the KSP community is, and makes me proud to be a part of it.
  24. Rocket In My Pocket

    Vanilla NO MOD maximum ship speed

    Neither KSP or Space Engineers is going to allow you to do what you are describing. KSP models one solar system, Space Engineers models like a few randomly generated planets and some asteroids. Neither game models anything past what you immediately see upon starting them. If you actually want to travel to Alpha Centauri in person the only game I know of where you can actually do that is Elite Dangerous, whose game world is basically a 1:1 recreation of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  25. Rocket In My Pocket

    So what is Serenity?