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  1. Interesting... Would that affect how the game runs, especially if somebody didn't use any of the mods? I feel like it'd slow down startup with having to load all those extra resources.
  2. 1: Get rid of the monopropellant. 2: Get rid of 1 of those batteries. They store a lot, and with the panels, you'll be fine. 3: Is that a drill I see? That's not necessary. You have no isru or ore tanks, and you don't really need them anyways.
  3. While I don't think I like those explosions, I do agree the current ones are pretty underwhelming.
  4. So is what you're saying is that you want parachutes to be outside staging because you don't know when you'd need them? I can relate. Generally what I do is just put it at the very end of the list, so everything else will deploy before it.
  5. Oh boy, the tankbutt debate again. I remember when this was a hot topic on the forums... that take me back. While I wouldn't mind it, it's never really been a problem for me. I've never had to build a rocket with tanks too big for their engines.
  6. Nice job. I really enjoy docking, it's one of my favorite parts of the game. (I don't like launching station module after module UP there, but docking them is fun). My first docking was between two identical probes. It was kinda weird due to RCS placement, but it worked out. I'd recommend you only have 1 set of RCS thrusters, around the center of mass, or 2 sets equidistant from it. That'll normally work with ships like those, cylindrical and the like. Spaceplane thruster placement is... weird. I've never figured it out.
  7. So how's this all going? It seems like it's thriving. Any noteworthy missions?
  8. Not hard, but tedious, especially in career.
  9. Hm... On one hand, that seems fine, and would probably work well. On the other hand, I've seen games where modders can change character models... *shudders*
  10. I made it to 600 hours a few weeks ago, but my motivation has kinda petered out. I started a new career a few days ago, so that could get me jump-started again. I'm kinda in the awkward area where I don't have the time or patience to get a whole game running, with test missions and coms satellites and all that, but if I just get into Sandbox and build a Mun mission, it feels like I'm skipping ahead. Idk.
  11. Don't forget, the moon really doesn't seem that big in the sky. You couldn't really project words or lots of colors.
  12. Pretty cool idea! You could even add things like VanAllen belts at certain heights that act as another biome.
  13. I don't think procedural planets is too useful, if only for the community's sake. We have so many challenges and tutorials and stuff, having new solar systems each time would invalidate all of them
  14. I should've clarified. I meant KSP planets, not real ones. If there were a black hole a little ways below me, that would be terrifying.
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