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  1. Use msi afterburner to see your TOTAL ram usage, because I have 16 gigs and I easily surpass 4 gigs of total RAM usage
  2. Well, taken from wikipedia: Thrust: 2300 kN ISP: 321 at sea level and 363 in vacuum
  3. Can you please do a Raptor engine from space X?
  4. So well, I went to the IRC channel and I still didn't get any download link
  5. Is it compatible with realism overhaul?
  6. Where can I download it? Why don't you just put one link?
  7. So, I installed RO through CKAN yesterday and when I opened the game, this happened http://i.imgur.com/MxQ0zXH.jpg There is no fuel in tanks neither the engines consume any kind of fuel
  8. Hello, I was about to launch a rocket to the moon and back, but when I was in the launchpad, I noticed that some of my stages disappeared, anyone knows what´s the problem? I hope you can help me Picture of the problem: http://imgur.com/5AYeAeB
  9. Is this compatible with realism overhaul?
  10. Help! I can´t dock any rover to a ship because this always happens, anyone knows what am I doing wrong? this is an example http://imgur.com/2JUyIvJ So, basically, the wheels sink into the cargo bay and no matter what I do, this always happens
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