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  1. (Explosion in the distance destroying the diverter)
  2. Floor 4997 is a dimly lit room with a console showing a city on the screen above and a moderately sized red button in the centre of said console.
  3. 5/10 Seen you in a few places here.
  4. Banned for announcing the amount required for that colony.
  5. I decided to do some more artwork: These two I decided to see if I could do atmospheric styles and I'm actually quite proud of these two. This was my attempt at trying to make a realistic looking... Pan. I don't think I did badly but you can decide on that. This one is my latest. This one pretty much got me thinking to start looking up Digital Painting and techniques. I plan on getting a Wacom Tablet and will move from GIMP to Photoshop CC. I like the clouds and the sunset portion of it as well as certain aspects of the shading (Shadows) but I am not so fon
  6. To change speed, simply use the mouse scroll wheel. you can go from 0.10 cm per second to 327 Million light years per second and also press w,a,s or d for forward, left, backward, right movement.
  7. 0.990 Really will have decent graphics but I think its more Decent graphics of it's type. It's not a game, it's an engine or more broadly, a simulation.
  8. I know spaceships do but that isn't the main part of the program. I was more talking about astronomical objects like stars and planets not having N-body.
  9. I guess I'll show off my own artwork: This was my first piece I made and I liked it so much, I decided to just trial and error with ways to make something look like a planet. The fact this that even if it looks like it, I used no external textures for any of these. Here's some more of my artwork: This one has a place in my heart for just being... an inspiration even though I made it. This one was special because I deliberately used bump map to make the cracks actually look somewhat like cracks. This one was the pinnacle of my first batch of artwork type
  10. Damn these are beautiful! I do similar art and I self-taught myself using GIMP but these... these are inspirational! Very Impressive!
  11. Space Engine doesn't currently have n-body simulation yet. It will be worked on in the future but for now, all planets are generated on rails using various formulas to make it as realistic as possible. Other than that, it is one of the best space simulation programs I have ever come across. The fact that one person, Vlad aka the Space Engineer, has done this pretty much by himself bar a few contributions over 17 years in his free time is absolutely amazing and he relies almost solely on donations (Overview was a major success and won an award pretty much apoun release so now he is getting re
  12. I wish I found this mod earlier! This is like finding a 99.99% Pure 1 kg antimatter nugget in an earth-sized planet at the core... It's just... amazing. I'll be watching it closely for it to update to 1.4.1 so I can immediately add it to my playthrough.
  13. In our universe, gravitons do not exist as gravity is not a force but rather a property of the geometry of spacetime.
  14. As much as I don't want to because of the age of this thread, I also don't wanna see a mod like this go away especially since it sounds like the project took a bit to create. The last comment on this was 10 months ago so I'm going to assume you @The White Guardian haven't had time to work and release something like this. Understandly, asking someone when a release date on the ksp forums is frowned apoun so I'm going to ask a different question. Will this mod be continued to work on or is it an abandoned project?
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