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  1. That's great, thank you for creating this! I hope you'll have time to keep it updated (compatible mods, ckan etc), the old OP wasn't much useful anymore.
  2. @NathanKell would you consider recreating the RO thread? And is the work on RO still going?
  3. I solved the issue by reinstalling everything and cleaning my savefile with KML (below).
  4. This has happened to me too, my lander was sliding on a ground that looked flat enough in my opinion. But it was a single landing simulation and I just thought "ok, next time I'll choose a flatter ground". I haven't tried another landing since...
  5. Hi everyone, I have a RO/RSS installation. After updating some mods with CKAN, my tracking station is now unusable. Upon entering it, I can select 1 vessel to focus on. Then, I cannot switch vessel (clicking on it changes nothing). Plus, fly/delete/recover buttons are all greyed out. What should I do? I found that in output_log there's this: Here's my complete output_log (loaded savefile, entered tracking station and that's it): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56763587/output_log.txt And here's my mod list:
  6. @Mo3pp3l @damerell Indeed there are a lot of variables, but imho it would be enough to calculate just the amount of time with batteries. And that is a fixed value. Often I can calculate the solar panels or FCs needed, but I'd like to know how much time my vessel can survive without input (e.g. for a lander, for reentry, for dark side of planets...)
  7. @Starwaster Awesome, your answers are very interesting! Even though in RL boiloff is used (and encouraged with fans and heaters, as far as I understood), I think the simplest way to simulate it it's just as it is now, using lh2 and lox as the primary resources. That's because in-game boiloff itself probably is too low for the fuel cell, so some code should be written to make the fc increase the boiloff of that specific tank... unless you make it necessary to attach the fc onto the tank... maybe make it heat the tank... well, too complicated in my opinion! A compromise could be that "in-game fc consumption" = ("fc fixed RL-based consumption" - "in-game boiloff"), although this would probably mean a dynamic consumption rate and more cpu work to calculate it. Universal storage's approach is more realistic, there's an LH2->H2 and LOX->O2 converter and the fuel cell uses these gaseous end-products. But in their tanks there is little to no boiloff at all. Therefore another solution would be to eliminate boiloff, and use a converter (conceptually it could represent those fans and heaters). But a new type of tank should be added, cause SM tanks are also used for pressure-fed engines and they should have boiloff. LOX->O2 conversion could be useful to store breathing oxygen... It has actually happened to me to have the oxygen running out quickly, and a big fat tank of LqdOxygen underneath, completely useless ^^ That still doesn't explain why my FCs didn't last long enough though
  8. So you're saying that SM tanks are better than cryogenic ones? Is this true in RL? And can this be applied even to big tanks like 1st/2nd stage tanks? Btw, your suggestion worked! I've used SM and boiloff was muuuch better now, although with resources calculated for 3 weeks of working fuel cells, they only lasted 10 days (due to LH2 in particular, obviously). Here are some screenshots... LH2 is 371L (41x3weeksx3FC) and LOX is 87Lx3Tanks(=261L, 29x3weeksx3FC). Only one LOX tanks in monitored here but the other are the same. LH2 and LOX after 24h (fuel cells not active) After 7d (6d of active FCs) After 11d (10d of active FCs) And these are my tanks and equipment (the gold ones are LOX, the central orange one is LH2) As you can see they drain way too quickly. My only guess is that it would be better to use spherical tanks (lowest surface/volume ratio)?
  9. @danfarnsy @Phineas Freak I've rerun the mission and Kerbal die correctly When oxygen runs out, one kerbal dies... then after 3 minutes the next one goes. After that, the last one has about 8 minutes of ox left, thanks to the other two not consuming it anymore I guess ^^ Thank you for your support!
  10. Hi everyone! I've designed a manned lunar mission in RSS/RO and have decided to use fuel cells instead of solar panels. The smaller FC (750W) says in the description that it uses something like "41 liters of LH2 and 29 of LOX per week, including boiloff". I only needed two weeks but to be sure, I had decided to include enough fuel for three weeks... Well it didn't last even close to that. I think it lasted three or four days. Can anyone explain me why? And yes, I've used cryogenic tanks.
  11. @danfarnsy @Phineas Freak Thank you so much for your support! Argh, no more emergency batteries then I also tried activating them during and EVA but no luck! This may be a "cheat" with an umanned probe, but I think a manned capsule would be realistic to have a manual switch to activate/deactivate a battery. Since TAC-LS is the major LS mod support by RO, is there any chance it will be updated to correctly calculate EC? It'd be useful to have an estimate in the VAB. My three kerbals remained in orbit without water nor EC for about 7 days so there definitely is something wrong. In what situation should I provide the output_log.txt (or is it the KSP.log?): while the ship is in orbit? Or after >3 days without water and EC?
  12. Hi everyone! How long can a kerbal survive without resources? I play RO/RSS and they don't seem to die at all... Also, why is electricity always displayed as "infinite"? And if I "deactivate" a battery to preserve its charge, why can't I unlock it later after I've finished electricity? (this one may not be TACLS-related)