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  1. It can load and those are flying can be used (or let's say still function) but when i want to load those old designs in VAB but there's a pop up saying "Vessel XXXX is missing part SCANsat Scanner 2" And it is unable to launch saying "This vessel contains experimental parts which are not available at the moment: 2x SCAN SCAN SAR Altimetry Sensor"
  2. Hmmm I have some old crafts missing SCANat.scanner2. Is there anyway I can fix it please?
  3. I know how to come back but my problem is to aim the landing spot. tried to aim 40km above ksc like in LKO but it would miss like crazy (because of the rotation and high orbit) Is there a better way to aim? I always want to aim the ocean between ksc and island airport
  4. Hi my KSC is now underwater.... how can i fix it please? I even removed all others mods but it's still the same.
  5. I won't play the game until it's 1.8 it seems to be a big update! :)
  6. Stupid question. Does it work with 1.4.4 And is KSP 1.5 coming out soon? thanks lol
  7. hiya. May I ask how to get them inflated? I put them on the launch pad but they doesn't spin nor inflated at all
  8. X200-8 and X200-16. I want them to be "plain white" instead of the black and white lol
  9. Can I change those new tanks to those "old" textures? I miss my rockets in white
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19HNObnBP9vBsAzZ1MOPhvFs6AWhm0VgD/view?usp=sharing Thanks lol. That was hard to find
  11. I just removed all other mods while only leaving "Squad", Module Manager and wildblue stuffs in the Gamedata folder And it happens: Once I simply removing wildblue stuffs from gamedata folder, it appears again
  12. So weird. But the RTG appeared again in tech tree when I "uninstall" buffalo and wild blue stuffs without doing other stuffs. I tested it mod by mod. And I am using a mac
  13. The RTG is missing from the tech tree in career mode
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