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  1. Hi my KSC is now underwater.... how can i fix it please? I even removed all others mods but it's still the same.
  2. I won't play the game until it's 1.8 it seems to be a big update! :)
  3. Stupid question. Does it work with 1.4.4 And is KSP 1.5 coming out soon? thanks lol
  4. hiya. May I ask how to get them inflated? I put them on the launch pad but they doesn't spin nor inflated at all
  5. X200-8 and X200-16. I want them to be "plain white" instead of the black and white lol
  6. Can I change those new tanks to those "old" textures? I miss my rockets in white
  7. Thanks lol. That was hard to find
  8. I just removed all other mods while only leaving "Squad", Module Manager and wildblue stuffs in the Gamedata folder And it happens: Once I simply removing wildblue stuffs from gamedata folder, it appears again
  9. So weird. But the RTG appeared again in tech tree when I "uninstall" buffalo and wild blue stuffs without doing other stuffs. I tested it mod by mod. And I am using a mac
  10. The RTG is missing from the tech tree in career mode
  11. hi! I found the stock RTG is being replaced by the S.A.F.E. after using this mod. I want to use both. How?
  12. It works somehow but it cannot find my KSP on my external HDD
  13. I have mono5 installed and it just bring me to this page: I tried installing mono 4 When I try to launch the application nothing happened. Like nothing was running at all. How do I fix it please?
  14. That would be nice with your help. Coz I tried for a couple of days during my free time. No luck
  15. I installed mono on a portable drive. Then putting the .app and ckan in it. Everything went well until I type mono ckan.exe then it said "-bash: mono: command not found" .What can I do?