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  1. That's actually a neat idea, thanks!
  2. Of course, if you're interested. PM me and we can discuss the details No problem for me. We could integrate it into a future full release as optional texture pack or something as well. Meanwhile I'm happy if people are willing to try out your work.
  3. There are a couple of ideas I want to implement/working on/"would be great to have no idea how to make it work yet", so I decided to share them with you and ask about what you guys think would be neat to have. There are: 1. A cycle airlock animation. Instead of open door 1 or 2, it would be a single animation for going inside or outside, opening doors for you (easy) 2. A door animation that plays automatically when a Kerbal is close (feasible, but technical details escape me - help highly welcome. Part triggers and stuff, custom unity layers, just how to make it actually work) 3
  4. Hello, after quite some time I present you with a beta version of PD working with the current version of (KSP 1.7.x). So far there is only one dome (new type and functionality) new airlock (new animations and functionality) and an updated tunnel. In this pre-release dome(s) are equipped with lights and active nodes (bits appear or disappear as a function of stuff attached to nodes - designed to work with airlocks). Airlocks now have animated doors and your Kerbals can walk through them, so it no longer works as a part with crew capacity. Enjoy: https://drive.google.com
  5. I am quite surprised by the amount of people missing this mod and the traffic this thread experiences recently. I'll do my best to update this mod to work with the latest KSP version AND include recent, work-in-progress changes I wanted to include a long time ago. Stay tuned friends.
  6. As you might now, SpaceX has significantly changed their design for ITS (now called BFR) and therefore all the updates I've been working on, like the modular system, cargo bay and general vehicle shape as well as all the aerodynamic calculations I've done are pretty much redundant. This is good and bad news at the same time, as now the vehicle will be much more controllable thanks to a large delta wing built into the fuselage, which can also be integrated in KSP more easily. Docking system has also changed significantly, as well as engine layout so some part require complete remodeling, some a
  7. There is a Transparent shader under Legacy Shaders that you can use. It works with KSP, you're not limited to predefined KSP shaders actually. I hope that helps!
  8. Yes the mod works with the latest version of KSP. Just install it and enjoy The update will drop when everything is ready, there are a number of changes to be made.
  9. Thanks for this great mod! I love the idea and so far I had great fun using it, but I have some questions Having read through this thread the best I could I still have some questions regarding Karbonite and Karborundum fueled engines. If those questions have been answered please excuse me. So the questions are: 1. Is this intended that Karbonite fueled propfan engines (except for radial ones) have such high demand of IntakeAtm? Namely, both front and aft mounted KAE-UHB propfans require 275+ Intake Atm and cannot in fact run on its own. Radial mounted engine has both its thrust and p
  10. @Galileo thank you for this amazing mod, it's a very needed refreshment from the stock Kerbol system and the planets look stunning! I have a stupid question though, is there any "easy" way that this could be incorporated to the stock game as an extra star system instead of replacing it? I know there are mods that add multiple star systems but I'm unfamiliar with the details on how it's done exactly. I'd love to be able to explore both systems simultaneously though!
  11. Thank you a lot for your reply @PrivateFlip. The station has a slightly eccentric orbit with periapsis of 77,793m and apoapsis of 95,313m, so it is well above the atmosphere (well, maybe not 'well' but still). I'll try docking to something that is in higher orbit and see if the problem persists. You're doing an amazing job with a much needed mod so there is no need to apologize for anything . Actually the entire trip for the SSTO was documented in a video that I will publish today - I'm not sure if there are any additional info you can get from that, but I'll be happy to do more testing
  12. I seem to have some issues with the mod and so far I was unable to determine where the problem comes from. I've tried tracking a resupply mission and a return mission with an SSTO and a simple resupply mission with a regular rocket, without a return mission. In both cases tracking ended normally, but once I order any of those two missions, after the required time has passed, ordered vessel is completely gone (it is actually destroyed by the game, see log file). I have a number of mods installed, so I'm yet to replicate this in a fully stock game, although I kind of need this mod to resupply mo
  13. @PrivateFlip Thank you for this mod, it just turned my KSP from tedious to fun again! Stellar idea and awesome implementation!
  14. @theJesuit I have new dome type ready but I wanted to add a bit more before actually releasing the beta. The domes are moving from being merely structural parts to parts with active nodes that will react whether an airlock is attached to a node or not, built in lights and also I want to add some functionality in USI-LS, turning them into efficiency parts. That requires more tweaking than I expected and I also had to completely rework colliders, which was painful. @NNYGamer Once the new functionality is in place the next thing I want to add are plant pods that go with those and even mor
  15. @JadeOfMaar That's a good suggestion, I just didn't expect anyone to install USI-LS patch without having the mod installed in the first place, but I guess one can never been too sure. I'll add it.
  16. @The-Doctor, as @theJesuit said, for now you have to edit TR config files if you want to be able to remove helmets/suits outside of Kerbin. I can't write plugins and I have no idea if such feature can be implemented. It seems to me that it might be possible, but I lack the skill to do it for now. Regarding the airlocks, just left-click on the side you want to exit. It has automated EVA disabled so you have to pick the hatch manually, just like you would normally do for any other pod. Regarding the compatibility, I'm working on a patch for USI-LS and I see @Gordon Dry here is working
  17. The domes are rather an eye candy and do not serve a particular purpose on their own. If you want to achieve the same suitless look inside the base you need to edit configs for texture replacer. I have no idea how, or even if it's possible to create a plugin that would detect that a Kerbal is inside a dome and remove the suit for that particular Kerbal. That said, adding some inherent purpose to the domes that would simulate positive impact if any life support mods are present is an idea I'm working on. I'm testing this with USI-LS made by @RoverDude and apart from having arguably cool lo
  18. This is a dependency update only but more just over the corner. A beta will be probably released tomorrow
  19. I'm reworking the assets currently. Apart from new airlock type (that you can have a sneak peek of on my channel) all domes have to be reworked to be compatible and all new dome types I made too. But, you can still use this mod in 1.3, I've just tested it, it works. Just install it manually. Good luck!
  20. Domes are going to be one of the main focus point of all the bases I'll build but there will be some videos dedicated to the mod specifically. Oh and the update is rather sooner than later - I'm excited myself about it!
  21. Sure! It's still WIP but if you want to try it out and share your thoughts, please do! Download Link
  22. It's not abandoned, there is actually a discussion going on in the development thread about what is currently happening and where we are headed, so check that out
  23. Yes I am. The actual problem that I am facing right now are not the aerodynamics calculations itself as this is rather straightforward, but rather implementing realistic aero behaviour in somewhat simplified model we have in KSP. You see the thing is that you can have a relatively accurate representation of a spacecraft in a numerical environment using complex numerical models and derive some sort of behaviour patterns from it and then you want to implement those patterns in much less sophisticated model that is represented in game, without the loss of generality. This is problematic, because
  24. I think that Ground Construction can be used already, it's just not a requirement for the mod to function - I will think about adding a dedicated "construction module" part that will serve as a basis for your base building. USI-LS is currently in testing and I think looks promising so that will be implemented in upcoming patch. I have no idea about CKAN, I've never used it. I can ask CKAN moderator to add this mod however. I'm glad you like PD!
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