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  1. Already am. The design uses both to achieve the interstage fairing shape I want. I know I could use two ISDC's but then you have the engines there for no reason. Besides, with this patch it gives me more flexibility with interstage fairing designs, which is quite handy with some of the engine part packs i use.
  2. Essentially I have a fleet of Lifters which use the built-in bottom fairing from the MUS tank and it's pretty essential to their design. It also requires using the MUS as a common bulkhead rather than a split tank, so the upper part needs to be taller. The MFT-A tanks dont have a bottom fairing (last time I checked) so they cant be used in this specific design. I appreciate that I want a taller MUS tank for a very very specific reason, hence why Im happy to patch the part for myself.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Im pretty new to MM patches so it took me a lot longer than it probably should have, but I managed to get it working with the MFT-C tank definition as you suggested. Here's the patch i used: It works, but are there any improvements i could make?
  4. This slider is limited to a max of 1.75, is there any way to increase this limit? I'd like to have much taller upper stages if possible. Great work with the mod btw, just updated to 1.3 and having a blast recolouring everything I can get my hands on
  5. I've been playing around with this mod recently and noticed that payload in the mod's fairings still has drag. This means that for more complicated payloads with 100+ parts, my upper stage will either flip or deccelerate rapidly on stage seperation due to all the drag. Any suggestions?
  6. On the topic of KCT and time, Im using your 'Editor Time' modlet, but noticed that while time continues in the VAB, KCT doesn't. This kinda screws up the ETA predictions from KCT depending on how much time i spend in the VAB/SPH. Is there potential to make these mods compatible? Perhaps an option for KCT to have the build times run down while in the VAB/SPH? Edit: Just seen that once I leave the VAB/SPH, KCT auto-updates the build times to account for time spent in the VAB. Forget I said anything.
  7. Nope, I dont use either.
  8. Hi Linux, I too am having an engine fail every single launch. But yesterday I had an engine failure during a burn at geostationary altitude, as far as I'm aware this mod limits failures to take place within the atmosphere? I will edit this post to include an output log when I am home.
  9. Using SSRSS, a 'day' is 8 hours long. Is there a way to adjust KCT so that it will be compatible?
  10. Are the days in SSRSS supposed to be 8 hours long?
  11. There's this thing you can do with a Sharpie pen, baby oil and talcum powder which makes anything you draw on yourself last for around a month. I forget how it's done now but I'm sure a quick google would tell you. I had a pretty simple tattoo idea a while back so this ^ is what I did to test it. 3 weeks in, I hated it and all the questions people asked about it (it was a symbol from an unknown book so no-one recognised it). Dodged a bullet there.
  12. Is there a place where handy info such as DeltaV requirments / solar panel efficiency / synchronous orbit heights / distance from Earth to each planet is?? Thanks.
  13. Hi guys, looking at finally investing in a gaming computer so i can actually launch rockets without watching a slideshow. Trouble is, I know very little about PC components. Some quick background: KSP is the main game I play, and i want the PC to run a heavily modded save and launch 200+ part rockets without breaking sweat. I also want the pc to be pretty quiet. Audio quality isn't a priority. Budget is around £700 for just the PC. I'll purchase the monitor/keyboard later. I'm currently building my own pc on PCSpecialist.co.uk (is this recommended, or should I be buying a ready made PC for my first time?) and have the following set up of components: Intel i5-6500 (3.2Ghz) quad core processor ASUS H110M-R motherboard (the motherboard is the thing i know least about) 8GB Kingston dual DDR4 RAM 2GB Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card 1TB WD SATA harddrive 450 W power supply (will this be enough to power it all?) Corsair H60 Hydro liquid CPU cooler (liquid cooling is quiet right?) Standard thermal paste (never even heard of thermal paste) Standard audo/wi-fi/usb options no operating system Logitech speakers All comes to around £700. Is there anything i'm missing? And are any of these components too powerful / not powerful enough for this setup? Appreciate the feedback / recommendations.
  14. Are there any tutorials for using the SRB thrust-curve GUI? I'm struggling to get my head round it. I'm looking to make my SRB's produce close to full thrust for around 80% of their burn, but then lose thrust over the remaining 20%. So far the thrust begins to fall away too early with any curves I've made. Appreciate the help.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion - I'll give it a go