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  1. CLS v1.5.0 is now available on Github. Make sure to remove old versions of CLS before installing v1.5.0 Changelog - Ship will now throttle down as its apoapsis approaches the target to ensure better orbit accuracy. Note: there are conditions under which this will not happen. - Altered the way CLS detects thrust curves for SRBs. The old method was more accurate but the performance hit was huge. The new method is less accurate but much more compatible and performs much faster. - Moved to my own method of fine tuning inclination. The old method was math heavy, difficult to tweak and there was a specific condition under which it would mistakenly force a launch abort. As a result lib_instaz.ks is now obsolete. - The new method of tweaking inclination is way more simple and compares inclination with target inclination to adjust the heading accordingly. - SRBs will now jettison when thrust curves dip below 15% instead of 25%. - The HUD readout for throttling down the upper stage now doesn't occur until the vehicle has a high enough twr for throttling to be necessary. - Default liftoffTWR changed to 1.4 for better ship design compatibility following some feedback. - Steering tweak to avoid a 'kick' at the start of the gravity turn. - The CLS menu for choosing orbital parameters now has an 'Instantaneous' launch window option. If provided with the inclination & longitude of the ascending node, CLS will calculate the instantaneous launch window needed to reach this orbit. - New library (CLS_window.ks) included to calculate the instantaneous launch window. Thanks to u/ElWanderer_KSP on reddit and u/Rybec as the library is just a slight tweak to their work from reddit. - When using the instantaneous feature, the HUD will show whether the launch is scheduled for the ascending node or descending node. - Fixed an error during orbital insertion where CLS may incorrectly calculate whether to burn at apoapsis or periapsis. - CLS will now perform a quicksave on the pad prior to launch. - More accurate calculation of the maximum possible apoapsis that is compatible to any planet pack or rescale mod. - User can now define the launch time as a countdown in minutes, seconds or a combination of both. - Fixed bug where CLS does not jettison fairings / LES if orbital insertion occurs on the first stage. - Fixed multiple bugs with the HUD. NOTE: The instantaneous launch window feature has been tested heavily and works as it is supposed to. However, I am not 100% confident in its compatibility with other people's game setup. If you find it is launching against the target orbit direction, please let me know.
  2. Thank you! This has been bugging me for ages, appreciate the help!
  3. Hi all, looking for some help. I created my own contract pack & contract group to do space station missions such as crew rotation, re-supply or evacuation. I know a mod for this already exists but i wanted to make my own. However, only one contract is ever offered from the multiple contract types available, despite all contracts having their pre-requisites met. Can you have multiple contracts all targeting the same vessel? Thanks for any help. If it would help for me to post the contracts, let me know and i will do so later - Im not home currently.
  4. Is there a manual or explanation for this mod? I cant find any explanation for the vessel safety rating, how many levels it has , how each flight increases reliability or the point at which too many uses will start to decrease reliability? Thank you.
  5. This has been a fun problem to solve! It seems the method implemented in v1.4.4 improved reliability but reduced compatibility. No problem though, v1.4.5 adds a check to ensure the parts it is attempting to activate hibernation mode on actually have the necessary modules and goes back to using an action rather than a field. This *should* solve the problem. I also found an issue where CLS was overloading the command part while it was in hibernation mode and it wasn't reliably running all instructions. This has been fixed by bringing the vessel out of hibernation mode earlier prior to circularisation burns.
  6. I have just released v1.4.4 which uses a different method to activate and deactivate hibernation mode, try this with Kerbalism and see if you have any luck.
  7. Good to know, I appreciate your testing for this. Next release I will include options to disable this feature and a disclaimer for Kerbalism users. Thank you!
  8. This suggests it may be a mod / difficulty setting causing it. If you launch a vehicle without using CLS, do you have full capability of toggling hibernation on and off? This was basically my idea for a solution. In future releases, I can add options into the configuration area at the top of the main CLS.ks file which would allow users to stop CLS doing certain things, such as hibernating. That way people who experience these issues which aren't 'terminal' can simply deactivate the CLS feature causing the issue.
  9. Interesting - are you confident this is a CLS related issue, or are there difficulty settings/mods that are potentially not allowing you to bring the probe out of hibernation mode? Can you take it out of hibernation mode if you force CLS to stop running? Can you post a screenshot of your gamedata folder or a modlist?
  10. I've looked into this and I think you're right. When CLS checks for launch clamps, it simply checks for any parts with the 'LaunchClamp' module. I've just downloaded Restock and looked through its patches and it seems restock replaces the stock launchclamp module with the 'ModuleRestockLaunchClamp' module. I've made a slight tweak and released version 1.4.3 which should fix this for restock. Thank you for bringing this to my attention .
  11. Thank you for this - immensely helpful. CLS v1.4.2 is now live! Only two changes - one to address the Linux issue discussed by u/ruiluth and u/jwbase - thank you both for your help. The other is that CLS will now prevent SAS activation while it is running - SAS does not play nicely with its steering commands. Enjoy!
  12. Thanks for the feedback - manually staging your craft while CLS is running is a deal breaker and will always cause errors. From the kOS output, it looks like by staging the vehicle, the part CLS was monitoring fuel levels for was jettisoned and it threw an error. Is the script working as normal when you dont stage? As for the Linux file system, im on windows so I cant test or change this - can you tell me which files Linux drops into those two folders?
  13. Nothing to do with the paths, just a complete oversight on my behalf. CLS presumed that all engine parts have the module 'ModuleEnginesFX' and this isn't the case. I've corrected it in CLS v1.4.1 now available to download. Thank you for the feedback and providing me with the screenshot.
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