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  1. FUNCTION D_MT { GLOBAL hpd IS 8. GLOBAL mt IS missiontime. GLOBAL d IS FLOOR(mt/(hpd*3600)). GLOBAL h IS FLOOR((mt-hpd*3600*d)/3600). GLOBAL m IS FLOOR((mt-3600*h-hpd*3600*d)/60). GLOBAL s IS ROUND(mt) - m*60 - h*3600 - hpd*3600*d. PRINT m + ":" + s. } I'm using this script to convert MissionTime into a minutes:seconds format. The script works perfectly and gives me the mission time as i want it, but it also gives me a random 0 on the line below. This happens even when im using the following basic script to test it: RUN YOURLIB. PRINT D_MT(). which returns: 1:54 0 Program ended. I have no idea why its returning that 0. Any help?
  2. I'm getting warning messages about low oxygen/water/food on one of my vessels despite there being enough resources for the crew to survive another 80 days in space. Only reason I can think for these warnings is that the life support container is now less than 10% full. These warnings are getting a tad annoying every screen change - Is there a way to change the alert system to warn me based on time remaining instead of this method?
  3. Sorry about that, uploaded the wrong file. Here's the output_log.
  4. Getting a repeated crash when using FMRS to try and land a separated first stage. I have a quicksave on the pad, and have tried this same mission 3 times now. Every time, the payload reaches orbit fine, i take control of the first stage using FMRS, and around 10/15 seconds into boostback, the game freezes and crashes. Here is the output_log Many thanks, Qwarkk
  5. I find the sliders for changing the thrust limit of an engine / amount of fuel in a tank very frustrating. I often calculate the exact amount of fuel i need to achieve a desired DV, but the chances of me finding this fuel level using the sliders is a million to one. I was wondering if there is a mod which would allow me to type directly into the game the thrust limit / fuel amount I want? Thanks, Qwarkk
  6. Hi Shadowmage, I love the parachutes from this mod that come built in to the pods, especially the auto-cut feature when switching from drogue to mains. Any plans to add a seperate radial parachute part with both drogue and main chutes, as well as the auto-cut feature? I'd much prefer them to the current stock radial parachutes, and it'd do wonders for my part count on some of my bigger crafts. Thanks, Qwarkk
  7. I'm looking for a mod that makes it so that science takes time to collect, instead of the immediate data collection in the stock game. I know that RealScience was a mod aiming to implement this, but that mod was never really finished. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Qwarkk
  8. Having an issue, Mission Control is sitting somewhere in Colombia, not where it should be. I'm using RemoteTech if that's relevant. Also, should the space center be sitting on top of a city texture? Appreciate any help.
  9. Already am. The design uses both to achieve the interstage fairing shape I want. I know I could use two ISDC's but then you have the engines there for no reason. Besides, with this patch it gives me more flexibility with interstage fairing designs, which is quite handy with some of the engine part packs i use.
  10. Essentially I have a fleet of Lifters which use the built-in bottom fairing from the MUS tank and it's pretty essential to their design. It also requires using the MUS as a common bulkhead rather than a split tank, so the upper part needs to be taller. The MFT-A tanks dont have a bottom fairing (last time I checked) so they cant be used in this specific design. I appreciate that I want a taller MUS tank for a very very specific reason, hence why Im happy to patch the part for myself.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. Im pretty new to MM patches so it took me a lot longer than it probably should have, but I managed to get it working with the MFT-C tank definition as you suggested. Here's the patch i used: It works, but are there any improvements i could make?
  12. This slider is limited to a max of 1.75, is there any way to increase this limit? I'd like to have much taller upper stages if possible. Great work with the mod btw, just updated to 1.3 and having a blast recolouring everything I can get my hands on
  13. I've been playing around with this mod recently and noticed that payload in the mod's fairings still has drag. This means that for more complicated payloads with 100+ parts, my upper stage will either flip or deccelerate rapidly on stage seperation due to all the drag. Any suggestions?
  14. On the topic of KCT and time, Im using your 'Editor Time' modlet, but noticed that while time continues in the VAB, KCT doesn't. This kinda screws up the ETA predictions from KCT depending on how much time i spend in the VAB/SPH. Is there potential to make these mods compatible? Perhaps an option for KCT to have the build times run down while in the VAB/SPH? Edit: Just seen that once I leave the VAB/SPH, KCT auto-updates the build times to account for time spent in the VAB. Forget I said anything.
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    [1.4.1] Kerbal Launch Failure Revived

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