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  1. So it was for me. -Anonymous
  2. Yay! Yay!
  3. My mother.
  4. It was horrible.
  5. alletob Rocket.
  6. Submit a payload! Must specify all criteria and give a craft file. Include payload propulsion or an extra stage Rockets: Daleth 2 6000 Daleth 2 7000 Daleth 2 7000H Prometheus 2 Belle Prometheus 3 Prometheus 4 Muo Muo Belle A Muo Belle B Muo Belle D Muo Inon Muo 2.5m Fenris Alpha Fenris Alphastar (w/wo Aquilae) Sarnus S1 Sarnus S1B Sarnus S5 (for massive payloads) Sarnus Multibody Payload Submission Example: Name Manufacturer Launcher 3rd Stage (do include, or launch will be postponed until you do) Craft File Launch Date
  7. Alright. Expect it to be up soon.
  8. Yes there is. It's just this, in the stock system, no RO, RSS, or RP-0
  9. How about I do a Stock System version?
  10. @Souper is the magic boulder.
  11. It may be that the engines are not strong enough.