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  1. Well, I have an update: this solution does not appear to work properly. The "build_external.sh" file does not open even after I follow the install instructions. Sorry Mac users, but just thought you guys might want the PSA. On the other hand, this might be me being technically inept, so don't take this as word of god.
  2. @Gameslinx Do you have any ideas about if using this to enable OpenGL and therefore Parallax would work on Mac? No pressure, just wondering.
  3. Hi @sturmhauke & @Artienia, I had a question about completing this challenge with RSS/RO. I know that, for example with @Entropian, you have allowed participants to use other planet packs, but as far as I am aware Realism Overhaul has never been covered. Since it affects aerodynamics, heating, part statistics, and a wide variety of relevant parameters for this challenge, do you have any strong opinions on using it for this? Thank you for your time. Best, Kekkie
  4. Hi people, A while back, I designed the Hail Mary ship from the book of the same name (with the help of @Hyperspace Industries and @Janus92, to name a few collaborators.) I then started working on a mission report to showcase the recreated flight of that ship. I am still working on that project, but in the process I was distracted by a new season of the alternate history show For All Mankind, currently on Apple TV. The premise is essentially that the Soviets' lead designer during the Space Race, Sergei Korolev, does not die during a surgical operation in 1966 and as a result leads their space program to a successful Moon landing ahead of the Americans. As a result, space development on both sides is radically accelerated and the race does not end. Among other things, this indirectly allows for the formation of private space companies and a space hotel, Polaris, is placed in LEO and commissioned in 1992... Here is my recreation of that hotel, based on schematics provided by the show's creators and appearances of the hotel in the first episode. Disclaimer: I do not own any of these schematics. https://imgur.com/a/wgNC28L I hope you all enjoy. Any feedback and suggestions for improvements are welcome!
  5. How exactly did this happen? You said that they were melted by tidal interactions with Kerbin but then how did they refreeze? Tidal forces are still acting on Minmus while it is in orbit, no?
  6. Wernher von Kerman screamed at the gigantic pile of moar boosters that went off course and started flying at him. However, before he could get away, his vocal cords gave out from the effort and he wasn't able to call for help. The boosters crashed into and killed him. Leroy Kerman - walking on Pluto
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbit_phasing This sounds like what you are doing - transferring to a more elliptical orbit so that you won't meet the target body, but adjusted so that when you come back around after an orbit or two, you can intercept.
  8. What about images? @Ghostii_SpaceAre screenshots allowed?
  9. This is an old thread, but I'd probably pick either Phobos (for the amazing views of Mars that no other moon in the solar system gets close to) or Pluto/Charon (the binary PLANET would be spectacular to see; Charon just hanging in the sky permanently.)
  10. Starliner separation has occurred!
  11. OFT-2 has LIFTOFF! (only 9 months late, but still...)
  12. The Go/No Go poll is complete, and countdown continues.
  13. Under 20 minutes to launch! Let's go! The access arm is being retracted.
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