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  1. Hello again, all 'Kerbonauts'! A very special thanks to @Janus92, who created a stock design of the Hail Mary's centrifuge configuration and an accurately sized (relatively) hull. To clarify, I believe 47m is only the length of the ship in the thrust configuration. The centrifuge separation between the crew module's nose and fuel tanks is quoted as 104 meters. I unfortunately have run into a small issue; the centrifuge configuration is not entirely stable (i.e. while there is any fuel at all onboard, it Krakens itself apart - the telescopic pistons were at one point during tested ext
  2. Hello everyone, Thank you for all the views and support. I have some more updates on my progress. I was able to actually get in touch with Mr. Weir (!!!), who informed me that I had been miscalculating the density of Astrophage when I input it as a resource. It is actually 6 g/cc as opposed to the 1.125 g/cc I had presumed (probably has to do with the fact that Astrophage is a bacterium that has evolved completely separately from Earth life). I also had to make some adjustments to the adapter connecting the habitable section to the fuel tank section, which took an annoyingly long time bec
  3. As promised, more details. The Hail Mary (Weir's version) is 47 meters long, and the modules are, from fore to aft: nosecone, command/control (with attached airlock), laboratory, dormitory (for induced coma sleep during transit), storage, cable mounting, fuel tanks. Aside from the nosecone, the base of the control room is 4 meters in diameter, and all modules down to fuel tanks are the same. It then fans out in a similar way to a bicoupler in KSP with tanks attached below, but with an additional central mounted tank. All of the three fuel tanks are side by side, divided into nine total su
  4. Hello all! I have just completed building the ship Hail Mary from Mr. Weir's latest novel. Now, obviously there are some inaccuracies, one of the most glaring of which I will detail below. (!SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!) The ship in the novel was powered by an alien micro-organism called Astrophage, emitting infrared light at the 25.984 micron frequency. To simulate this I have simply included a transmission module from KSP's interstellar extended mod (henceforth referred to as KSP I-E) in my engine module which was incorporated in the config file of one of their lasers. Then, I added in a n
  5. Well, the theme has always to explore far alien worlds... Because I'm excited to see new planets and environments.
  6. what if we circumnavit everything?


  7. Please don't stick to Kerbin! C'mon! Go to Urlum and beyond for the next Circus!
  8. Hey Just Jim, could you consider a table of contents? Your story has an epic length and I'm having trouble keeping up! Happy launches! Kekkie
  9. Pics for Ch.1 will be up soon, But in the meantime a little teaser... "Jeb, what are you doing?" Launching to Minmus, that's what! And we'll colonize Mun for the very first time in Chapter 2.
  10. Please continue InterSolar

  11. Quick update: Will continue, sorry but RL getting in the way. Also no one has told me about pics.
  12. And then you'll probably build another giant lagbeast of a ship that'll make your komputer turn into a pile of molten silicon!
  13. For some reason the VAB is limiting me to 18 tons at level 2. Why?
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