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  1. @Hyperspace Industries Have you tried using Persistent Thrust? I have personally found it to be consistent at high accelerations - just turn on non physical time-warp with the period key and it should work, though I do not know how well your prototype holds together rigidly. However, all your bases should be covered if you combine it with the auto strut feature and/or Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. Hope this helps! Kekkie
  2. Hello again Kerbonauts! @Hyperspace Industries and @Janus92, congratulations on an amazing continuation of my efforts. Also, to @Single stage to ocean & @Flying dutchman, glad you liked the work. All of your thanks and effort mean a lot to me, and I truly appreciate all the replies and activity that have gone on in my absence. I am still planning on flying the Hail Mary (preferably with the beetles) in a mission report, but haven't yet begun the project due to its size. If it isn't too much trouble, I would be interested in any of your inputs on how to construct the beetles; they need to be small but also have a relatively complex shape. Special thanks again to @Hyperspace Industries, who kindly uploaded their files for a smaller, probe-sized tank as well as the larger fuel bays. Then, to take it a step further, they even made the whole thing compatible with CTT; now I could potentially even simulate the book and research leading up to launch in a career game. Impressive! I would like to discuss some next steps for this endeavour: first, I already have the Astrophage resource incorporated into my game as far as Interstellar Fuel Switch is concerned, and created some spin drives based on a model I acquired from KSP Interstellar, also in my game. However, I will give your mod a try to see if I can create a better aesthetically looking model of the engine. Also, your work solves several problems I have had incorporating the tanks into IFS; for some reason that mod stubbornly refuses to allow me to add an entirely new tank texture with Astrophage exclusively, always maintaining the original resource that it was coded to store. This is clearly just a programming difficulty on my part; thank you for simplifying the process so that now all I have to do is swap textures and part name references (I only need to do this so I don't have to recreate the entire model of the ship from scratch.) So, I'll give your modification a try, maybe rework the ship a little bit with some minor tweaks if needed, and then... we can see about getting this project on the road! (The road to Tau Ceti with RealExoplanets, that is.) If you have P. S. A Jool atmosphere-based lifeform? Probably closer to Eve, as compared to the book where it breeds on Venus. Also as it is closer to Kerbol, more energy would be available. Then again, maybe it feeds off of Jool's energy and gets its nutrients from Laythe's atmosphere. You could get both tidal energy from the interaction or exploit Jool's magnetic field in a similar way. (Yes, I am going way deeper into the lore than I should and nit-picking to try and find equivalents of Kerbol system to Weir's book). Sincerely, Kekkie
  3. Hello again, all 'Kerbonauts'! A very special thanks to @Janus92, who created a stock design of the Hail Mary's centrifuge configuration and an accurately sized (relatively) hull. To clarify, I believe 47m is only the length of the ship in the thrust configuration. The centrifuge separation between the crew module's nose and fuel tanks is quoted as 104 meters. I unfortunately have run into a small issue; the centrifuge configuration is not entirely stable (i.e. while there is any fuel at all onboard, it Krakens itself apart - the telescopic pistons were at one point during tested extended to 500 meters - in the opposite direction! ) I wonder if there is any way to resolve this. Also, thanks to @Janus92's fairing technique to improve aesthetics and make the ship look like the sleek vessel Weir describes it to be, the final version of the Hail Mary is complete. It has centrifuge and coma capability, as well as functional spin drives (I only had 3 in order to reduce part count, but the model I used for the engine includes many smaller patterns of diamonds/squares that represent the individual revolvers.) 3 crew are onboard. Unfortunately, similar to @Janus92, I had to settle for an approximate length of 31 meters - I built my ship roughly based on his dimensions. It actually ended up a little lighter than Mr. Weir's ship - 70 tons dry mass, 2081 tons wet mass - but I believe that after the numerous changes I made, this is still an acceptable discrepancy (within 1% of the described wet mass). The nine fuel bays are each independently covered by silver (aluminum) fairings, but the bottom 3, those directly connected to the spin drives, have a slightly larger radius of 4 meters versus the 3.9 meters I settled on for the rest of the ship to prevent poking through the sleek hull. Clarification: fuel bays now have a diameter of 4 meters, but the tanks themselves are 3.9 meters wide. Also, it is diameter, not radius. Picture here: https://ibb.co/dQsSgLv Thank you all for your support! EDIT: two new pictures, showing the new and improved (tm) command, hab and lab hull, because I am a sucker for consistency and I just HAD to go back. Also, for some reason I made an error; the length of the Kerbal Hail Mary is actually closer to 37 meters long. Or KSP's Engineer Report is lying to me. EDIT 2: Thanks to @Janus92 's advice, I now have an accurate length measurement of the Hail Mary. I had to deconstruct and reconstruct the ship to fix whatever mysterious fairing bug was occurring to give inaccurate measurements, but: it is, indeed, around 34 meters long, very similarly to the Reddit image in the post below. https://ibb.co/cQtps5n https://ibb.co/y0pWhvG
  4. Hello everyone, Thank you for all the views and support. I have some more updates on my progress. I was able to actually get in touch with Mr. Weir (!!!), who informed me that I had been miscalculating the density of Astrophage when I input it as a resource. It is actually 6 g/cc as opposed to the 1.125 g/cc I had presumed (probably has to do with the fact that Astrophage is a bacterium that has evolved completely separately from Earth life). I also had to make some adjustments to the adapter connecting the habitable section to the fuel tank section, which took an annoyingly long time because the volume of the tanks that I had estimated was also incorrect (far too large, over 500 m^3 as opposed to 340 m^3). (Note: I decided to just put the crew in "DeepFreeze" cryogenic chambers because I had already fiddled a bunch with the design and it's the closest mod I could find to what I want. I just pretend that the necessary Glykerol is equivalent to the coma slurry the crew receive during their voyage to Tau Ceti.) However, after those improvements and tweaks, the Hail Mary is 2124 tons with a 211 ton dry mass (but discounting the ridiculous tank and engine mass, the practical payload is 93 tons). Close enough to Weir's 2100 tons wet/100 tons dry for me. 3 crew and Glykerol for the one way trip there? Check! Lab and dormitory, all with the equipment specified in the book? Check! Functional spin drives? Check! (Images here: Fuel section: https://ibb.co/zn1ppCg Habitable section: https://ibb.co/XJpMzBP) Now all I need to do... is fly it. Yes, I said fly it. I didn't realize this was going to be a mission report, but I do kind of want to see how it handles, perform an interstellar flight (which I have never done before in KSP), and do it all... with Kerbalism. I'm probably in over my head, but I want to see my creation outside of the VAB, and I want to replicate the Hail Mary's mission in the book. Let's do this.
  5. As promised, more details. The Hail Mary (Weir's version) is 47 meters long, and the modules are, from fore to aft: nosecone, command/control (with attached airlock), laboratory, dormitory (for induced coma sleep during transit), storage, cable mounting, fuel tanks. Aside from the nosecone, the base of the control room is 4 meters in diameter, and all modules down to fuel tanks are the same. It then fans out in a similar way to a bicoupler in KSP with tanks attached below, but with an additional central mounted tank. All of the three fuel tanks are side by side, divided into nine total subcylinders (fuel bays). Each individual bay is, as always, 4 meters in diameter. Finally, below the tanks are attached 3 Astrophage-powered engines ("spin drives") composed of 1,009 individual revolving thrusters for redundancy. An image is attached below... or will be, when I figure out how to upload attachments to this forum, if that is even possible. Thank you again for your reading time! Update: Images added of my Hail Mary version, unfortunately not Weir's (there are diagrams at the beginning of the book, however, for reference). https://ibb.co/0trK0y5 Lower shot - fuel tanks and spin drives https://ibb.co/nRX1934 Upper shot - control, lab, dormitory modules (habitable ship section)
  6. Hello all! I have just completed building the ship Hail Mary from Mr. Weir's latest novel. Now, obviously there are some inaccuracies, one of the most glaring of which I will detail below. (!SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!) The ship in the novel was powered by an alien micro-organism called Astrophage, emitting infrared light at the 25.984 micron frequency. To simulate this I have simply included a transmission module from KSP's interstellar extended mod (henceforth referred to as KSP I-E) in my engine module which was incorporated in the config file of one of their lasers. Then, I added in a new resource labeled "Astrophage", with the approximate density of a cell (even more spoilers; in Weir's book a huge panspermia event occurred at Tau Ceti which means that all living organisms have the same rough properties and hence, same structures.) I then incorporated this new resource into the fuel tanks provided by KSP I-E, and voila! I now added the fuel tanks to fit the correct volume as specified by Weir. Except... not really. For some reason the fuel tanks only hold about 900 tons of fuel as opposed to the 2,000 they should. Despite following Weir's details as closely as I could ("largest diameter they could launch was about 4 meters... three fuel tanks side by side... estimate they take up about 75 percent of the ship's volume), I find that Astrophage has to be either too dense to be a reasonable cell or, more likely, I have messed the proportions up. With all that ranting out of the way, I will below post Mr. Weir's Hail Mary specifications as opposed to my vessel. Weir's ship specifications: Dry mass 100 tons, wet mass 2100 tons, delta-v 0.92c (acceleration to and deceleration from), 3 crew, induced comas, "a few months" of food supplies, 125m^3 internal habitable volume, ~500m^3 total volume My adaptation's specifications: Dry mass 104 tons, wet mass 1012 tons, delta-v not yet measured accurately due to time, DeepFreeze chambers (which Weir unfortunately explicitly said DO NOT EXIST on his ship.. grr.. are there any other mods that can simulate reduced consumption of resources while not eliminating it completely?), 70m^3 internal volume, 7 months of air and ~4 months of food/water for 3 crew. More details to follow on the layout shortly. Thank you all for your time reading this, and I welcome any feedback or input from any fellow readers to try to improve the design replication!
  7. Well, the theme has always to explore far alien worlds... Because I'm excited to see new planets and environments.
  8. what if we circumnavit everything?


  9. Please don't stick to Kerbin! C'mon! Go to Urlum and beyond for the next Circus!
  10. Hey Just Jim, could you consider a table of contents? Your story has an epic length and I'm having trouble keeping up! Happy launches! Kekkie
  11. Pics for Ch.1 will be up soon, But in the meantime a little teaser... "Jeb, what are you doing?" Launching to Minmus, that's what! And we'll colonize Mun for the very first time in Chapter 2.
  12. Please continue InterSolar

  13. Quick update: Will continue, sorry but RL getting in the way. Also no one has told me about pics.
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