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  1. Heck yeah! That sounds sick! I might try that myself!
  2. Id gladly use this if it was stock alike.
  3. Fellas i've made a grand accomplishment for myself tonight, Vanilla folding wings! Looks ugly as hell but I'm so happy with them! Aircraft carrier here I come! I must stress its ugly, and I dont like the awkward angle the wings sit at while up, but it works! Good ol vernor engines in the little pods on the wingtips, then under the wing part on the fuselage I made a little hinge that the wing uses to rotate up! Hardest part was getting the docking ports lined up, but trial and error does the job! http://i.imgur.com/FiNxvr8.jpg Ok how the hecc do I insert pictures into my post? I really wan
  4. DAMN MAN! SICK AS KRAKEN JUICE! Impressive work, i've never gotten a stock prop plane past like 30 m/s LOL Oooh! That sounds like a neat idea! might give that a shot
  5. Ive been working on a little project, pathetic compared to all yours but im pleased with it so far. Its called the F-a Flamingo, designed and produced by HaardFalle Corporation. http://imgur.com/a/r5kMM
  6. It only took me 500 hours to "git gud" Id like to think that im pretty good at planes now but boi have i got a lot to learn (1,200 hours as of now)
  7. This is personally super helpful for me, lots of good tips in here thanks everyone. After just 400 hours with far i might be considered a noob! This one too, explained a lot i had no idea about!
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