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  1. Hey all! I'm just going to leave this here as a discussion over SpaceX and its recent launch (and successful return) of the falcon 9. I'd just like to start it off by congratulating SpaceX on this tremendous feat, and wishing luck in the future. -Barrrrry
  2. 1343:You stop to eat some donuts, but get whisked away by the Kraken, and then you land on floor 1344.
  3. Barrrrry


    Thanks, I appreciate it!
  4. Barrrrry


    Hi all! I've been creating rover designs recently. I have made a few, but my main problem is the lack of ability to go up steep inclines. Any tips? Thanks in advance! -Barrrrry
  5. Just adding on to this, there are some parts (like structural fuselages) that are hollow but DO NOT have any storage. They are just there to decrease weight, but not to store things Hope this helps! -Barrrrry
  6. I just wanted to say that I love the crafts on this page, and I'm going to copy these designs ;D
  7. Yeah its way easier to land on the grass, but were assuming that if we land on the grass, we will die. So we're just hypothesizing about if it is possible or not.
  8. In my experience, it depends on 3 factors: aircraft stability, landing speed, and wheel positioning. I have personally landed some of my more stable planes on a broken runway, but when I start to use large planes with less stability, I get explosions. Also, I think of it a lot like landing in the rockier areas of Kerbin. When I land in rocky areas, I need to land slow, so my breaks can kick in and I stop quickly. That is the same with landing on a broken runway. Also, as is true for any landing, wheel positioning is important, and wider wheels near COM really help. To paraphrase, I have landed on the KSP runway when it was broken, but only with a slow landing speed, and a stable plane Hope this helps!
  9. I believe that the "panel" radiators are passive. (The ones that stick out, but don't move). I also think that the skins of most objects can cool in different environments (like Space), which cool internal temps. I could totally be wrong though
  10. It helps a lot, thank you so much!
  11. Thanks, I'll probably use GPOSpeed Fuel Pumps since our recommended it!
  12. I will give a picture when I get the chance (I'm away from my home computer right now).
  13. Currently, I'm attempting to build and VTOL, and I've gotten some crafts that work. However, once I fly them for a while my center of mass shifts making them impossible to land in VTOL mode. So, to fix this I've been fuel balancing manually. Does anyone know a mod for fuel balancing automatically? Thanks
  14. Hello all! I am new to the Kerbal forums, but have been crashing rockets since April 2015. I have recently been working on flying a SSTO, and have been having problems. I generally will get to a 70-80km orbit with no fuel left over. I use either RAPIER engines or a mixture of Ramjets and aerospikes. I generally fly a flight profile with a 30-40 degree climb to 10km, then I throttle up to full and go at about a 2 degree AoA. Once I hit about 1km/s speeds I pitch up to about 30 degrees, raising apoapsis. Can you guys/gals help? I don't know what I can do to save more fuel. Thank you in advance!