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  1. Hello everyone! I came here because I wanted to spread the word about this game, please check it out if you like scientifically accurate space games. The game is being funded on kickstarter and there isn't much time left, please contribute if you can, thanks!
  2. So I recently got back into KSP after I noticed the recent update. After flying missions to and from both the mun and minmus I noticed this crazy terrain glitch that keeps happening. Random sections of every planet or moon will start lifting off into the sky leaving a square hole in their place. If you attempt to land or jump in these holes your craft/kerbal will instantly explode. I noticed the same thing was happening to Scott Manley in a video (Around 11:10) Two pictures of my own that I took while in game: I don't have any mods other than scatterer, and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem as well, any help would be appreciated.
  3. Is that a rocket powered plane? Inconceivable!
  4. CS GO, meaning we are going to have to take out some kerbal terrorists... IN SPACE
  5. Whats wrong with stock fairings? Edit: Nvm I saw your other post.
  6. Clipping 5 SRBs into a single, powerful engine. Five times the power, 1x the size.
  7. Thanks, although for me for some reason if I screw with KSP's files the game will stop working for a few weeks then magically opens up when I'm doing something else. Meaning that I cant use mods on the computer I have. Pretty weird, so for me new stock content is awesome (Despite the price which I really don't mind too much) The way I think about it is that the developers of KSP have been working for a long time on making this game fun for the players, there are problems here and there but for the most part I think the devs work as hard as they can to fix them. So in this case its the first DLC they have ever announced, it seems to have a neat concept and the money just goes towards the continued development of the game we all love. Frankly I like the idea, but I could understand why people could be cautious about paid content.
  8. I'm confused, has paid content been announced? If so could someone give me a link to the post?
  9. Ive been thinking about doing a frame by frame remake of 2001 A Space Odyssey but I still need to figure out how to do the scene with the apes.
  10. Although it doesn't directly affect the gameplay I really like the cricket sounds at night, its a nice change from the loud bird chirping of previous versions.
  11. Yea, It didn't seem to have any effect sadly. Idk what on earth happened, it was fully functional then boom gone.
  12. You there! Mr. Moderator, any ideas on how I could fix this? I feel like iv'e tried everything, it's not even the version the game launcher just wont open. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.