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  1. So, Dragon is in-game and working really well... or at least it was a few months ago last I tried it. Only delay in publishing it is the fact that I’m not very good with textures and have been waiting on a friend of mine to finish the textures. I’ll make sure to bug him about it.
  2. Make sure you have module manager installed. No, it’s my own mod. I’ve currently got it all set up in game, but I’m waiting on the textures (I’m terrible with photoshop so I usually hand off my textures to someone else).
  3. Update 1.6 is Live The new Pad 40 is finally finished, without any explosive glitches. You can download it here: Launch Towers
  4. I modeled a dragon and dragon 2 a few years ago. I’m working on getting the cargo dragon working in game and should be ready for release soon, I hope. I’ll do the same with the Dragon 2 whenever I figure out where I put the files from the original model.
  5. Now that finals are over and I have some actual free time, I've put some time into remodeling the entire LC40, and I'm happy with the results. Here's the progress so far: So I can see a few questions: 1) Where'd that Dragon come from? 2) That looks done, why haven't you published the update? Well, the answers are: 1) It's an old project that I've recently brought back to life. I hope to publish that in the near-ish future. 2) See for yourself: Yeah... That's not supposed to happen... I'll fix it... I hope.
  6. Hey, when is the LC-40 2.0 coming out. I'm not impatient I'm just curious. 

  7. Funny enough, I have a cargo dragon model that’s been gathering dust for the past 2 years or so because i gave up on trying to texture it.... perhaps it’s time to dig it out....
  8. The propellers are more for show than anything else. Use the RCS to move through the water. I made them ridiculously powerful so they could be used in water (water resitrcts motion a lot more than air).
  9. It should work as is. I do have an update in the works, but the update required a remodel of the ship, which then requires new textures. I’m terrible at textures, so that responsibility has been handed off to a friend of mine who has far more talent than I do. Unfortunately, real life tends to get in the way. Thus is why all of my mods have been more or less on pause.
  10. Check that you have the mod installed correctly, and make sure you have modulemanager. The mod includes a config file for MM that adds a node to the F9 octoweb for the pads to attach to. In the case of the F1 and F9 1.0, the M1C engines already have attach nodes.
  11. There should be an attatchent node.... key word being should.....
  12. Hmm, I'll play around with it an see how well it fits. If a simple config works, then yes. If it requires a new set of parts, then I'm afraid I simply don't have the time to remodel everything.
  13. Update 1.5.4 is Live!!! Yesterday, it was pointed out to me that my model of Falcon Heavy's launch pad was missing the compression bridges, so I spent an hour last night to model them. Just in time for Heavy's first flight on Tuesday!!! Launch Towers
  14. Ask and you shall recieve: via Imgflip GIF Maker
  15. Hmmm... odd. I’ll check it out. Plenty of things I could’ve messed up to cause that. Edit: Found the problem! Just a typo in the cfg. Here's a patch: