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  1. Is sciencepanda alright? I mean he seems inactive

  2. More or less dead. I couldn't do the textures any justice, and couldn't find anyone to do the textures for me. I saw no point in releasing it if it looked like complete trash. If anyone wants to help with the textures, I can probably dig up the old files and get it working in-game again.
  3. Add the contents of the Gamedata to Gamedata. If you're using the rescaled version of KK's spacex pack, then also add the patch in the Rescale folder. Note: the 39A parts only fit the KSC Extended 39A pad when using the rescale.
  4. If you're using the rescaled version of KK's mod, make sure you have the rescale patch for this mod in your gamedata folder. If you're not using the rescaled version, then make sure you don't. The Falcon Heavy config on 39A requires B9PartSwitch in order for it to work. If you're using pre-1.7 then the Falcon heavy config is a separate part and B9PartSwitch is not required.
  5. Another update: It was bugging me to have rainbirds without any water effects, so I added some. I'm very much a novice with particle effects, so if anyone has more experience and wants to lend a hand, I'd appreciate it. In the meantime, 1.7.3 is now on SpaceDock
  6. Welp, that didn't take long: For those using the stock launch pad, I added a variant (accessible with B9 part switch) that will fill in the gaps. Just gonna kick one or two bugs and fix a mistake on the TE model, and I should be able to push the update tonight or tomorrow. All done. Version 1.7.1 is now live on SpaceDock
  7. Yep, those are to be expected. I was rushing to get the crew dragon related updates releassed before DM-2, so a few minor bugs/glitches are to be expected.The B9 error is because I left something out of the config. Wasn't required to get it working, but I should probably fix it to get rid of the error warning. The floating is caused by the collider of the FSS. When you send a craft to the launch pad, KSP makes sure that any collider is above or at least flush with the surface of the launch pad. If it doesn't have a collider KSP is okay with it being below. In the real world the lower end of the FSS is significantly below the Transporter Erector (white tower) and Reaction Frame (grey base platform), so that's how I modeled it. If you use the model of 39A from KSC extended, thing's will look a bit more normal. The FSS won't appear to be floating anymore, and the floating TE/RF won't be as obvios. I'll add KSC Extended as a recomended mod on the front page to address this. I'm planning to model the rest of SpaceX's infestructure at 39A, which should bridge the bap between the RF and pad surface. However good pictures of that infestructure are hard to find to that may take some time. Like I said earlier, my goal was to get the modfied TE/RF and addition of the FSS and CAA released before DM-2, so some other planned features were sidelined to save time. I should be able to get started on them soon.
  8. Version 1.7 Now on Spacedock with Pad 39A Note: this mod now requires B9PartSwtich
  9. Another quick update: Falcon and Dragon are from KK's SpaceX Pack
  10. Good New! I retrieved my files and have started reworking the pads. Here's a little sneak peak:
  11. I've got to say, seriously love this update. However, one small request: would it be possible to make the Dragon docking ring retractable?
  12. Funny you should ask: I did that yesterday! Just a simple patch file to rescale the parts. You can find it here. Indeed it does. I'll update the header and SpaceDock page. I'm also looking at reworking the towers in this pack. I've got a few ideas. Unfortunatly I don't currently have access to my original source files, so any rework will have to wait. Starting from scratch just wouldn't make sense.
  13. Would it be possible to add a SpaceX style view, like what's seen on Crew Dragon? Or does anyone know of another mod that already adds this?
  14. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I didn't know HabTech2 was 2.5m scale.
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