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  1. Well hello there! This is just another one of those "I'm Back" posts if that wasn't obvious from the title. So since school started I've been playing less and less of KSP and stopped going on the forums for a few months and I started playing other games. Though I stopped playing KSP I couldn't help but think "Dayum I wonder what KSP's like now" Since I left before the 1.1 update, but I had deleted my KSP copy, or so I thought. I was browsing my hard drive for any form of entertainment when I stumbled upon a hidden copy of KSP on it with mods on it and I was like "Ey it's dat game dat I used to play, Lets play it again". And it really felt good to be playing KSP again and so I decided to go back on the forums and get addicted to it again. If anyone recognizes me HI!
  2. Just wondering if anyone heard the news about the solar eclipse that happened today as i am writing this. Also wondering if there are Filipinos here that saw the eclipse.
  3. I feel guilty for avoding this post, well... Actually, I've been avoiding the whole forums mainly because of this post. Don't get me wrong, this story is amazing, I've just been focusing more on school and real life so I've been resisting the urge to return here. The fact that you see this post means I couldn't hold it anymore, screw my grades, im getting back to KSP. Anyways, loving the direction the story is taking and I'm having a bit of trouble understanding it so I'm going to have to read the few chapters again until I get it. Also congrats on the TOTM thing, was a bit surprised to not find it at the bottom of the list but instead at the top. Definitely staying on the forums a bit longer now because of this amazing piece of writing.
  4. I move my Pokemon trainer to C-5 and challenge your cook to a battle!
  5. The True Realism Overhaul Mod When you run KSP this mod will delete the game and will prevent you from every playing KSP AGAIN. It also includes a pop-up saying "Stop playing games, get out, get a life." Features: - You must now go to school and graduate so that your parents will become proud. - You will be able to get a job and earn money for a living. - Stops you from playing KSP in order for you to focus on your life. - Have a family and have kids.
  6. Then suddenly..... A wild MoHoChu appeared! definitely a pokemon What will you do?
  7. This would be better with pictures since im more of a visual guy. Also.. It's a bit hard to process because as I said, no pictures , by that I meant that the events in the story are a bit unclear because the transitions between places and such are not obvious. And you are not a bad writer, the story is good, it just needs more "refining" <--- I despise this word a bit because our school principal keeps repeating this whenever we make too much noise during an assembly and it gets really annoying.
  8. Thanks to @Just Jim and @KSK for dem tips and link, will try to start my own story this Saturday when I get the chance to. You promised no Kerbal-killing. As long as you keep that promise then I don't care what happens.
  9. Would be great for you to join the Kerbfleet-Kappa crossover since this is a great story to have around the forums. Also, I thought this story would end once Thompberry was defeated buuut.... I wonder how part 3 will turn out, but for now I'll pray that you'll join in on the best crossover this forum has ever seen. I'd also like to ask some tips for story writing from one of the masters if you wouldn't mind because I'm thinking of starting a story on the forums too.
  10. I'm not an expert on this but it seems like RAM crashes. I've read some of the threads here on crashes and it seems like no matter how high your RAM is, KSP only uses 4GB of RAM. So either reduce your mods or turn on opengl Or if you're right then it could be conflicting mods, but I think CKAN should actually check for that kind of problem. I might be REALLY wrong though so wait until someone comes along with more knowledge on this. Atleast I tried to help
  11. Take revenge on the robots, but first, he had to collect.....
  12. The pictures.... why I can't believe I actually read the whole thing, I would like to open the page but ATM my internet hates me. I am definitely supporting this.
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