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  1. Don't get me wrong, I am super hyped about 1.1, but I'm wondering if it will solve the stability and bug issues. I think those two issues are the main problem in the fantastic game that is KSP, for example if you go to the negative reviews on Steam, (almost) the only thing you will see is that the game isn't stable, especially with mods. My question is will 1.1 make the performance of KSP significantly better? A read people saying that it the improvents will be huge and compare it with Besieged (that also recently updated to Unity 5 with a huge performance boost). And I also read about that you probably can't make bigger ships or that you barely get more FPS... Jonatan
  2. Hi, Sorry that I didn't answer, I didn't really had the time. But just before I saw your reply I uninstalled all my mods (a lot ) and then installed them by groups, it turned out that coherent contracts (possibly in combination with another mod) made the text disappear, because now I have all my mods, but coherent contracts and it works fine. But thanks for the reply anyways! Jonatan
  3. Hello everybody, Since yesterday in one of my savegames, a lot of text doesn't show up. It are mostly the grey buttons, like EVA and IVA, the delete, merge buttons in the VAB, flagtexts et cetera. Some of the buttons still work (for example the EVA and IVA buttons), but some of theme I can't press anymore. I hope someone can help me. Jonatan
  4. Wow, thanks for the quick response! Now it is time to mod the crap out of ksp
  5. Hi everybody, I am looking for a good modmanager for KSP. I am new with mods and KSP so I am sorry if I am asking a super dumb question... Jonatan